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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    100% Exhibitionist
    100% Submissive
    100% Degradee
    100% Voyeur
    100% Rope bunny
    100% Experimentalist
    100% Non-monogamist
    99% Primal (Prey)
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    Just a 100% sissy cumslut bottom boy that enjoys getting fucked and loaded. No load refused. Prefer poz loads. Bugchaser.
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    Wouldn't mind being video taped while getting fucked and bred
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    Verbal Tops, discreet fb in Phoenix, poz loads

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  1. Dee82

    Ass Surgery

    I'm going through the same issue... still recovering from the abcess. Had one last year too and I rushed back into it... big mistake... Now I'm taking the time for it to heal completely... I'm horny as hell and all my regular fuckbuddies been wondering what happened to me.... Bday is coming up and and I want to get cock in me, but my other side of me is telling me I need to heal back up again.
  2. Got curious about boys when I was around 13-14. Started inserting things in my ass. I didn't act on it until I was 17-18. Hooked up with a much older gentlemen. Started out as a top, but later on tried to bottom with several guys but since I didn't know what I was doing nor did the guys I hooked up with knew what they were doing, it hurt like hell... It wasn't until I was 32 when someone was gentle enough to show me how it feels to bottom. Later on hooked up with a very dominating top who showed me how to be a true faggot cumdump. So I became a no loads refused bottom.
  3. Definitely wasn't fun having it. Been out of commission for the past few months. Miss having a hard cock to ride on.
  4. Fuck this is super hot.
  5. Dee82

    Fickstutenmarkt (Horse Fair)

    This is definitely on my bucketlist. Would love to be a red hooded mare.
  6. Had major pains for the past week. Apparently along with a severe cold/fever, I had a infected hemorrhoid that swelled up to almost a size of a silver dollar abcess. Couldn't sleep for the past few days until last evening it popped. All the puss and blood from the infected hemorrhoid came gushing out the whole night. Went to see a colon specialist today and he said that I might have a fissure lock or a torn anal fissure somewhere deep in my ass that caused the hemorrhoid and made it get infected. Is that what all of you guys went through with the hemorrhoidectomy and splinctomy? The doctor ended up numbing and making the incision where the popped abcess was to make it drain faster. I'm in so much pain, can't sit, walk, or lay down without feeling pain.
  7. Dee82

    Phoenix bottoms

    Bottom here in Phoenix as well. Phoenix is the city of bottoms btw. There is probably like 5 tops in this entire city.
  8. Dee82

    Molested as a kid

    When I was 15, went to a high school party at some dude's house. It was a mix of girls and guys, but I was bullied and one guy jumped on top of me, thus knocking me down to the ground and started humping me. Strangely for me at the time, I got rock hard and started questioning my sexuality. When I was 17, met a guy off a chat room who I thought was a few years older than me, turns out he was 50+. He tried to fuck me, but I was way too tight and inexperienced at the time plus I was bigger than him so I was able to heave him off me and left. When I got home, I realized how turned on I was. That was when I realized I was 100% gay. Wasn't until a couple of bottoms encounters that I realized that I was 100% sissy cum dump bottom. Now I take any cock, no load refused. My cock is absolutely useless.
  9. I have gotten gono and clamidya at an all bareback party on bbrt. Been to this party several times, never once caught it before. Doesnt stop me from going.
  10. Dee82

    Craigslist meets?

    Craiglist is full of fakes, and some of the ones that aren't fake are plain creepy and dangerous. Had one guy try to rob me at a meetup, it didn't end well for him.
  11. Took like 5 loads at a bb party few hours ago. 3 from 2 fuckbuddies. Had a super hot silverdaddy pound me super hard. Almost came hands free. My ass pussy is still twitching and looking for more loads.
  12. This topic has crossed my mind lately, especially since my little cock doesnt function like it used to. I enjoy getting dominated by guys. Had a recent encounter where this guy made me wear panties while he was fuckin me. He treated me pretty roughly. I admit it turned me on alot. Been looking to dress up and look more like a true sissy but dont know where to start.
  13. Dee82


    Poppers do help a lot. Makes you super horny and helps relax your anal muscle. Just don't overdo it because it can give you headaches afterwards.
  14. Just got home from Flex Phoenix bathhouse. Took 4 loads there. 1 of the load was from a guy that was very wasting. While he was fucking me, he asked me where I wanted his toxic aids load... I shoved my ass back hard as he was cumming and reached back to pull him towards me... he got animalistic and fucked a second load into me afterwards. Made me cum without playing with myself on his second load.
  15. Dee82

    Getting Fucked by Someone Who Was Not My Type

    I get fucked by a lot of guys not my type all the time. Its in my cumslut nature not to refuse any cocks and loads.

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