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    Bottom as many guys as possible
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    bottom that only barebacks, tested regularly, on pophylactic truvada for barebacking protection. Addicted to ass to mouth bareback cumloads. believe all bottoms should be forced to be barebacked. love to workout and wear gstrings and slutty clothes to the beach, gym, in public
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    ass to mouth bareback cumloads... Sarting to chase off PreP again and still neg despite about 100 Bb unprotected loads in 2017. So begging more guys to cum in my ass, then I push it out and take it down my throat. Into ass to mouth and breath control anonymous loads mainly

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  1. Hit 100 and 101 tonight with a hot guy in my LA Fitness in Tampa. I actually wasn't ready for cock 100. I work out in basically nothing so the entire gym nows I'm a little gay slut. And when I went to the handicap stall to make sure I was looking my slutty self... A guy just followed me in... Totally wasnt ready for hos hand reaching around and grabbing my cock. I was a bit shocked but after my heartrate came down i turned around and just pulled down his shorts and started sucking him and he wanted me, so raw no lube I used my mouth to lube him up and his fucked my hole and came inside me and he was really loud... I think the entire locker room knew two guys were fucking. Then i worked out with his cum inside me and when I went to shower after another cutie was hard, so I used the conditioner (great lube btw) and he fucked me raw, pulled out and shoved his shot covered cock in my mouth and came hard. Great night to break 100
  2. I found a new place to be bred. My LA Fitness in down town Tampa is soooo cruisey. And guys are hot and horny. Been getting fucked literally two or three times every work out and been going at least 6 days a week, often twice a day. Two benefits, get awesome work outs in that make my gym bunny ass tight for these boys, and also loving the attention in the showers. Thanks to my new honey hole for cock, I have been fucked 68 times this year already, and taken 52 loads. Some boys want to fuck my with a condom, so I bring condoms and lube into the showers and never turn down a guy who wants to fuck me because thats my purpose in life, but luckily many guys cant help themselves in the showers when I grab their rock hard cocks and pull a lubed butt plug out of my hole and shove their raw cock inside me... After that, most of them fuck me until I have their DNA deep inside me. Its been a stellar year this far, maybe I'll break 600 loads at this rate and maybe be fucked 750 times... Soooo hot!
  3. Hi all, so this place has been great. I have beem going there lately both before work and after to work out and have been getting fucked almost everyday in the showers and the BR stall. I wear pretty skimpy work out outfits or really tight clothes. You cant miss me. Just give me a little smile and I'll know you want to fuck me. But lots of guys around in the showers and BR cruising. I goto a few other LA fitness in the area but this one has been quite promising. Got fucked twice today, once before my work out and once after. See you all there!
  4. I love taking multiple cocks in sex parties or bath houses. So i lube up a ton before i go and keep a large butt plug in me for a few hours before I go and the entire time I dont have a cock in me. I only pull it out when the top is hard and ready. Thats way i stay lubed and lose enough at all times. This process has enabled me to go for hours at a time non stop. In fact this new years eve I went for about 15 hours straight with over 50 guys, some bareback, some condoms per their choice. And I was raw and had some blood at the end and used 6 tubes of lube. But had no problems while being fucked
  5. Well i fell short... I just left the sex club and have not slept, begging for loads all night. It's 15 hours since I posted above and over 50 guys fucked me, but so many would not bareback me. Many saw a few guys give me their loads on the sex swing and after would only fuck me with a condom. I did take every condom filled with cum and swallow it though. I got 21 more loads in my hole tonight and 11 more men went ass to mouth and came in my mouth with their dirty cocks. But fell short of 400. Total for 2018 is 377. If u count the guys who came directly into my mouth after fucking me its 388... But I dont count it unless a guy's babies penetrate my bloodstream. To be honest... I almost feel worthless this morning... As if I failed as a whore bottom. I feel like I am not hot enough for guys to uncontrollably want to breed me... I am happy this was the most loads I have ever taken this year, but saddened because I feel like I could serve as a dump for cum better. After this year I just have to have converted, but still havent checked. We will see if my whore life changes when I do convert. I have 377 men's DNA in my blood this year and could barely walk to my car this morning... And I am going to go shower and push whatever cum is inside of me out and hope I can taste it. Then goto the pool to lay out in a gstring and hope to have more guys want to fuck me... I can't stop... my purpose in life is to serve tops by allowing all to breed me to feed their desires to dominate their bottom and punish their bottom by filling my blood with thier seed
  6. Well boys its new years eve. I have slutted myself out all month. I hit 300 loads on dec 3rd. I am up to 356 as of today. I was at the hotel pool in my gstring and was lucky enough to see a group of guys staring and got loads 352-356. I just arrived and rented my room at the local fuck party here in Tampa tonight and am desperately seeking to hit 400 tonight. I doubt I can hit it by midnight, but I am going to let them all breed me all night until sun up... I promise i will do my best to have load 400 in my dirty hole by daybreak. 12 hours... 44 loads... And going to keep them all inside me until the morning. Omg I am so excited to he bred like a fithy whore animal...my hole belongs to all, abuse me until I cry for mercy and i beg all tops to breed me until the 400th load is inside me and all of your DNA is in my blood stream making me belong to all of you
  7. My job as a bottom whore is to take guys loads inside me and to be destroyed for their pleasure. However nothing beats being degraded by a top pulling his dirty cocl out of my hole and forcing it down my throat making me gag on his hot dirty cum unloading his filthy babies in my mouth
  8. When i was 18 i was unfortunately raped at the beach and drugged. My fault really but I woke up in a stretcher being rolled to an ambulance because a Corona beer bottle was inside me. They had to remove it. I use plugs constantly, but no bottles since
  9. Well boys... Its been about 5 months since my last post when I hit 200, and this morning in the gym showers I took load #300 from a guy that has breeded me at the gym before. I told him it would be #300 for me while he was fucking me and he said that was the hottest tjing he ever heard and was so loud when he came I think the entire gym heard. Still think I may have had the fuck flu sometime this summer vs worst flu of my life... But havent been tested yet... I know that is irresponsible of me, but clearly most guys must not care as no one has ever asked my status that I can remember in a long time. 300 loads is my most ever... So hot thinking about all the cum that has been inside me breeding me. I am fulfilling my my deep seated desire to be a cum dump for anyone that wants me as I should only be a hole for men to fulfill their desires and nothing more. A sex toy to be abused, not a human... Just an object of lust for 300 cum loads
  10. Although my job as a bottom slut is to take loads for the pleasure of the top, i so feel much more degraded when the top chooses to take his dirty cock out of my hole and force it into my mouth and makes me swallow his load along with the filth from my hole. So I will ask if it pleases him to degrade me in this way or if he prefers to cum in my hole to breed me
  11. I started the poll to see how many guys may have been fucking me and giving me their gift wirhoht me knowing as I never ask. I have been on an off prophylaxis for about a year or 2 and yr take hundreds of loads. Going on med when I hear a story about a guy ravaged by aids and going off again because I feel like its my purpose in life to be a dump for all tops and I deserve to die eventually for a tops pleasure. I engage in breath play/ strangulation and have been fucked many times while passed out for similar reasons. I never ask status and I see that maybe 75% of pos guys are fucking me with toxic loads. I recently had a bad possible fuck flu (worst of my life) but havent had the courage to get tested again. I am turned on by the fact that 50% of tops that answered lie about status, but scared to die at same time, yet feel deeply that it is my duty as a cum dump bottom to be punished for all tops pleasure, including becoming pos.
  12. Just curious, who reveals it, and who is giving their gift to guys without their knowledge... the is an anonymous poll
  13. Just hit 300 this week, 100 loads in 5 weeks. So proud. I am down in the FL keys for Lobster week, and have worn nothing but my gstring all week on the boat free diving for lobsters with a group of 5 tops who have been using me for their cumdump on the boat between dives and all night. This single week I was loaded by them over 40 times so far. Plus my weekly loads at the gym. And the weekend just started. Most active year for me in about 5 yrs. I may hit 500 by year end at this rate. Wish me luck all!
  14. I think its easier for me because I wear pretty revealing clothes at the gym (like my profile pic), so guys that are interested know I am a slut. Then when I go in to shower off, they usually follow and approach me typically in the shower, pool or sauna. As a result, I would say I can get fucked almost any time I am at the gym. And generally, I get fucked at least once or twice a week at the gym, but a lot of guys won't BB especially in public, so limits my options. I think there are more guys than you think interested in cruising, but you don't know who they are. There are so many guys that just will not BB now a days. I do usually bring condoms into the shower because I feel like my job as a bottom is to give the top what he wants, but I so prefer to have a guy cum inside me or pull out and cum in my mouth.
  15. So proud if myself. Yesterday hit 200 for the year. Been much more active this year, just went over 100 in 2017. I think since I am back on prophylaxis i have just been going crazy. Last weekend spent 24 hrs in a local bath house, and has 22 loads in me. The gym yesterday topped me off at 200 when I lured a new guy into tue showers and he came inside me with about 5 other guys in the showers right next to me

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