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    Bottom as many guys as possible
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    Addicted to ass to mouth bareback cumloads. Love to workout and wear gstrings and slutty clothes to the beach, gym, in public. Work on a hot deep g-string tanline that points you right in the direction to breed me. Love breath control when you take hold of my throat and fuck me until I almost pass out.
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    ass to mouth bareback cumloads... But more and more into begging guys to cum in my ass, then I push it out and take it down my throat. Into ass to mouth and breath control anonymous loads mainly

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  1. MMMMMMM So Sexy HOT - love to see your pictures thongs - shaved legs , butt and wearing thongs - Daisy Duck gears and lots more - pussy cunt hole !   Yummy HOT !   :)

  2. 12 days since my last post. Just broke 170 that day... Now just broke 195 in last 2 weeks. Had 10 loads over the last two weeks at home and just got bred at Island House in key West. Took 15 loads in last 24 hrs. Just got to the Key West airport and I have a 5 load gang bang session right before I came here. I have all 5 loads in me lubing me up as I get on the plane. So wish all the people around me knew. I can safely say, I am the only one on the plane with 5 guys cumloads in their ass. So satisfying to know I am the biggest whore on the plane lol.
  3. You are very Exciting , Hot and Delicious - love the way you think !    :)

  4. This is literally the greatest place on earth! I went for the first time last month and it was bliss. Great resort, awesome pool and tanning area, hot guys, great bar and food.... And so many guys to fill my body with their seed.... It's incredible. I am going back for a quick two day weekend Sat and Sunday... I can't stay away. Disneyland for cum sluts and men who want to breed us!
  5. A hot guy is always awesome as it makes the sex that much better because I want him so much... HOWEVER, really what matters is below the waist. I could care less of he is a complete troll fat guy of he is hung like a horse because a huge cock and how he fucks me is absolutely the best. In fact, there is something sooooo hot about a nasty fat guy dominating me with a giant cock... Heaven!
  6. Last post about 15 days ago and had broken 150 loads at Island Way House in Key West. Incredible place by the way. Since then, been working out constantly for a trip that is coming up and going to the beach to work on my gstring tan lines. Its paid off, because I have topped 170 loads today. More than one a day since my last post. Was in Disney this weekend dressed like a little slut and even got a load in the bathroom at one of the water parks after prancing around in my g-string. A hot younger guy followed me in after smiling at me laying out. Next thing I knew, his cock was in my mouth and then cum was dripping from my hole onto the floor at Disney... I feel like I may be struck by lightning for that one. Load #170 was at the gym today by a BBC hung like a horse who I followed into the private BR near the pool... Luckily my scream was covered up by the water aerobics class at the pool... He was giant.
  7. Literally seconds. I was ready to workout, just changed into my slutty gym outfit and was walking through the locker room and a guy gave me a devilish smile and walked into the handicapped bigger stall. So I just literally followed him in. Pulled down my skin tight short shorts and g-string and his cock went rock hard after he a9aw my g-string tan line. He fucked me raw and came in literally 2 minutes... Just enough time for me to give a bit of a scream just to let the entire locker room think.. "was that a scream of a gay guy getting fucked in the BR. Lol. Happened maybe 6 months ago. Never saw him again at the gym.
  8. Hi all, just spent the last few days in Key West and OMG... All I can say is... "Island House". Beautiful gay resort with literally all the guys wanting to breed... Awesome!!! Well since my last post 30 days ago I have been able to break the 150 mark for 2019. I worked on my gstring tan line in the sun down there... And that little tanline is like a flashing sign the says... "Cum right here!". Last loads were a threesome in the steam room... My absolute favorite is when it's so dark and steamy I cant tell who is inside me and who isn't. Makes me feel like the slut that I am... Thank you all you boys in Key West (if any of you are reading this) who filled my body with your DNA. I hope I gave you all the pleasure you deserved
  9. Have done it a few times. Agree with the boys above. Lube like crazy. Buy the biggest butt plugs you can find and work them in everyday for about a week. Buy two dildos and use them so you get used to it. Then when you go out, ore lube like an entire tube/bottle, and put the largest plug you have inside you until you are ready for them to fuck you, then pull it out at the last moment and they will both go in much easier. And also, stretch your hole with your hands to open it up for a few days before. If you do it right, it is the best thing that will ever happen to you being dominated by two guys at once and having no control. But if you do it wrong, it will hurt for days after and may tear your hole.
  10. I have a plug inside me anytime i might get fucked to keep my hole ready. Always at the gym, at the beach, hotels, pools, and when I ho out. Longest was 24 hrs, but can lead to hemmroids. I always plug up my hole to keep loads inside unless he wants me to push it out and eat it. Which is not always successful if he cums deep inside
  11. I literally love when a guy pulls out and shoves his filthy cock in my mouth and blows his load. So degrading. I beg most guys to do that and most do. About 10% tell me its not my right to ask and they cum in my hole which is also so hot to have their DNA in my blood. But if I have it my way... Which I shouldn't because my job is to please the top... I would have them fill my throat with their filthy cumload everytime. I have gotten some sore throats from quick fuck sessions when I wasnt prepared. But other than that. So hot
  12. Ass to mouth with his filthy cum load is the most degrading for me, but anywhere he wants as he is the top. Most tops just like to dominate imo. So many love to cum in my mouth and love that I am sucking the filth off their cock. But some truely want to dominate by breeding and so if that is what they want, defile me with your cum deep inside me.
  13. Grunting more is a clue. But main thing is most guys stop thrusting, which means they are cumming or about to. I love ass to mouth loads so i try to time it and if he lets me I will pull him out last second and take his filthy load deep in my mouth which is more degrading me, but if he wants to fill my blood with his DNA, I always let him as that's my purpose
  14. I've gad some monster cocks inside me. The biggest thing is my position. A long cock hits my sacrum and can be painful, but if I can position myself right so it slips by, it's heaven. Bigger the better. But if its a quick gym hookup in the shower for example standing and he fucks me from behind it sucks. But that's my job to take his load and I'm getting fucked to who is to complain. Thick and short is hot too, but nothing like a perfect big long cock session with my ass positioned just right so he can slam me in and out all the way every thrust. That's gotta be the hottest thing, a giant cock being pulled almost all the way and and thrusting fully inside me abusing my hole
  15. I absolutely love ATM. I love to have their cum in my mouth and show them I swallowed it. I beg every guy that fucks me to pull out and cum in my mouth. Maybe half do and half breed my hole, which also makes me hot that their DNA is now in my blood. But since I love having the cum in my mouth, it takes maybe 5 guys worth of breeding to have enough cum iny hole to push it out for him and swallow it in front of him. Which is even more of a turn on for me but only happens in a big breeding session. I have gotten a sore throat from ATM also and had to take antibiotics. But generally I love being degraded by being forced to take their filthy cock in my mouth and swallow their filthy load for them or to push multiple guys cum out of my hole and swallow it in front of them

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