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  2. City east motel in Collingwood. Have taken many loads there.
  3. 9 lifetime! Wow. New and exciting. I've yet to get there myself.
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  5. I'm new to uncovering my perv side. Recently into yng/ incest/ fam.... Taboo is calling to me. Ready to answer. Any sage advice and relating experiences (as I have none) would be most welcome. P.S. i know i communicate strangely. beyond that, i am a fairly average individual. My kik: comicIzzy32
  6. As I said before I usually like it when guys are unaware they are showing a big package. So hot to watch. I always check out crotches. On the other hand there's nothing wrong with guys who ARE aware or even do it on purpose 😉
  7. Hot story, OP, but for the love of all that is holy, please consider using paragraphs! I didn't want to say anything because I automatically look like a dick if I do. But it's a good post and I'd like to read more about your future encounters but it's really hard to read, at least for me, without paragraphs.
  8. I haven't been but it does sell out quickly. Heard it is amazing. Very Piggy.
  9. Dawn was breaking by the time they finished with me. My face and bottom were covered in spunk, and my belly felt like it had been pumped full of it a well. I manged to retrieve my clothes and crawled out onto the beach. I dressed, but realised I still couldn’t go home like this. I remembered an old, brick toilet set back from the beach in some bushes and thought there might be a basin I could wash the worst of the filth off. There didn’t seem to be anyone around, so I crept up to the building and went inside. It smelt of piss and damp. There were some urinals and cubicles and a cracked wash basin which had running water. I took off my trousers and peeled my underpants off my sticky buttocks and ran some water in the bowl. It was difficult, but I managed to raise one leg on to the edge so I could apply water to my arsehole which was puffy and sore. Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps and a short, fat man came through the door. He was wearing stained overalls, rubber boots and was carrying a mop and bucket. I froze with shock, and he grinned as he saw my bare arse and the puffy slit between the cheeks. “’ello.” He said. “what’s all this? Got yourself fucked did you?” I lowered my leg and stood there miserably as he laughed at my discomfort. “That’s why I like the early shift,” He said. “There’s often some dirty bastard washing his bum hole in the morning.” He put the bucket down and unzipped the front of his overalls. He had a fat, hairy belly and around the belly button was a large biohazard tattoo. When he pulled the zipper lower, a thick cock with a large mushroom cock fell into his fist and swelled into erection. “You alright in there, Mick?” Shouted a voice from outside. “Oh yeah,” He called back, turning me round and bending me over the washbasin. He dug out a battered tin of Vaseline and smeared it over my gaping hole. “This won’t take long, mate!” I felt his cock pushing into me. It forced my hole further open around the mushroom head, then slid into my gut with a delicious sliding feeling. “I’ll just clean the ladies, then, shall I?” Called the voice from outside. Mick was thrusting in and out, gasping with pleasure as he sodomised me over the basin. “Y..you…ooof…yeah you do that!” He gasped, lifting his belly onto my backside and going deeper up me. I was crushed over the cold porcelain as he worked himself to a climax. “Here it comes you dirty sod!” He grunted and I felt his cock throbbing inside me as he added his spunk to the cum already swimming inside me. “That’s better.” He sighed, pulling his cock out, wiping it with a dirty cloth and zipping up his overalls before wiping my bottom with the same rag. “Thanks,” I mumbled. He turned away and started mopping the floor. “Bye then.” I said. He ignored me, so I pulled on my underwear and trousers and went outside. Another man was emerging from the ladies with a bucket, and he raised an eyebrow when he saw me, then jerked his hips suggestively. I blushed and walked off with his laughter in my ears. By now it was nearly 9 o’clock and I knew Bill would be at the sauna, so I headed of there to get a shower. I let myself in and found him behind the desk drinking coffee. “Where you been?” He said, “Your mum’s been round looking for you.” I explained about what had happened and he gave a whistle of appreciation. “You ended up under the promenade, then? Bloody hell, they’re real tramps under there. Did you get fucked by an old guy with a warty cock and sores?” I nodded my head. “Then your arse will be swimming with bugs by now! His names John and he’s well known for having the clap and god knows what else!” As he spoke, I noticed his cock thicken and stiffen in his shorts and a dark pre-cum stain appear at the tip. “Mind you, there’s some find that gets them horny. Strip off and show me your arse.” I did as I was told, and he turned me round and stuck a finger up me, which slid in easily from the cleaner’s spunk from earlier. “We’d best phone your mum and tell her you’re ok.” He dropped his shorts and bent me over the counter and then dialled my home. As the phone rang, he slowly slid his cock up me and grunted with pleasure. “Oh yeah, nothing like an arse full of bugs around my cock.” I heard my mother answer and Bill said “That’s right, he’s here. I’m with him now.” He pushed his cock deeper and I squealed with pleasure. “Yeah, he’s happy enough….that’s so wet and dripping…no I was just saying there’s a drip in the shower…oof I’m going to cum..sorry I said I’ll make sure he comes straight home..ahhh.” With that he shot a huge load up me in spasms as my mother thanked him for looking out for me and rang off. Bill pulled out and I saw his cock was covered in slime. “”Lovely!” He said, pushing his cock back into his shorts. “I’ll leave it dirty to marinade” He ruffled my hair. “You’re a good one, a right dirty little pig. Lube yourself up and get off upstairs. They’ll be in soon and you’ve got work to do.”
  10. Open to all sorts of chat, no limit but one--and I'll tell you that later. Awake and would love to talk to someone about doing nasty dirty things to victims small of stature and bereft of hair. Wickr sickofagvictim
  11. Yea whore is essential You earn that title ! Tee hee ☣️
  12. You just missed this year's. It was in mid-March. Next year's is March 12-15, 2020. Registration usually opens around Thanksgiving. Here's the link: https://www.tbru.org/
  13. I’m with y’all - love being verbally degraded (well, maybe I take it as a compliment). LOVE being called faggot, whore, slut, pig, etc! Especially love it when the top is breeding my hole with his load. 😈 Interestingly enough, not that many tops seem to be as verbal as I like. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. Thanks for the follow!

  15. Welcume to the club! Let's hear about Load #2 !
  16. Hello, Yes, I have been to a few piss parties at the Lab, both on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. The attendance is good, though not as busy (of course) as the Friday night events. Piss play occurs all over, especially in the urinal and toilet areas; and of course in the tiled room that has the grated floor, which allows those beneath to receive literal golden showers. In other parts of the club, piss and fucking fun occur too. The party is recommended by me whether pissing is your primary fetish/activity, or even if not. For it seems that at those parties, piss fun is naturally and seamlessly combined with other sexual fun. ENJOY!!!!! chiilfuck
  17. Since you're in the UK, I've browsed Vivastreet since the CL purge. It's not as good, but it's all I've found. I still notice cruising ads come up on my local CL in the community, services and temp jobs sections but someone seems to come along and wipe them before a day has gone by. Funny how similar str8 ads don't disappear.
  18. God thats hot, as a newly minted bottom slut id love to be treated like this, the more who can enjoy a good hole the better!! Even better to find a cam buddy and put on a little show, would drive me wild knowing potentially hundreds of guys are watching me get filled!
  19. are you still in Ohio and looking? a bit east of Cincinnati if so...
  20. A lot cum on my jogging from many many guys at adult video booths.
  21. Anyone been to trough x, what's it like and how quick do tickets sell out.
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