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    Seattle, WA USA
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    Cum, BB fun, toys, ws, links, group, enhanced play, pig, raunch, etc
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Professional gay Asian male. 5’9”, 142lbs. Average build, enjoy sports.
    Easy going, easy to get sling, enjoy fun piggy men, luv to travel and see the world. Come join me!
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    None or if you consider self made
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    Whatever comes up

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  1. Lkg for dad, mentor, older dom purv, twisted, kinky & nasty for dad / son play.
  2. Capitol Hill here and look for hangout, fun, etc buds.
  3. Gay bars and bath houses (saunas) are mostly in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood near downtown. Popular bars: Cuff, Diesel, etc
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