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    Bi-married, love bb sex with other married men.
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    Other bi-married men that can't get enough cock, ass and cum.

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  1. I've done this more times than I can count. I fuck lots of married men (married to a woman here as well) and lots of times it ends up being in their marital bed or a bed that is primarily used by one of their children off at college. I've bred a few in my own marital bed too but usually when I fuck at my place it's all over the house, not just in my bed.
  2. Married bareback top here and I'm not necessarily sex starved but I have a higher than average libido so I fuck men in order to drain my balls. I prefer fuck and go scenarios so I fuck blow a load, get back to work and then fuck another one in a few hours.
  3. Oh yes, I've done this many, many times. Maybe not within 90 min of each other but I breed multiple bottoms in same day more times than I can count. Typically I will fuck a bottom in the morning around 9 then fuck again around 12/noon and then fuck a third bottom around 2-3. If still horny maybe drop another load in a bottom later that night. The most I've fucked in a day is 6 and I came inside all 6. I don't go to bathhouses or fuck parties so my multiple breeding sessions are always like you described. Different bottoms, different locations.
  4. For me it was the first time I'd fucked 5 guys in a single day and not in a sex party/bath house setting mind you. This was 5 individual hook ups where I fucked and came in the bottom's holes. As I was sliding into guy #5 all I could think of was what a pig I was and how my raw dick has been inside 5 different men shooting my baby makers deep in them.
  5. That would never happen to me because I rarely go a day without dropping a load somewhere/somehow. So months without sex is not a reality. That said, I'd finger, lick and eat your hole, spit on it and shove it in, fuck you until I blow, wipe my dick off on any clothes you have around you and leave.
  6. My straight friends definitely do not know of my bb adventures. Many of my gay and bi friends aren't really sure of how many guys I fuck raw. They probably think I am only doing a few guys bare instead of a few hundred. I don't openly admit it but I always drop hints about not owning any condoms or preferring bareback even though it's risky and I should know better.
  7. Maybe not for real but in fantasy I use the "knock you up", "giving you my babies", "make you pregnant" talk with some of my bottoms that get off it. I admit it makes me hot to hear them beg for my seed like that too. Lord knows I don't need anymore real kids though. I can't imagine how many kids I would have by now if men could give birth. Yikes.
  8. I also voted no as I love slutty bottoms that take multiple cocks in a day. Use my cum as lube! I like when a bottom shares details of fucks he had after me especially when my cum is already in him. I also thoroughly enjoy loading up a pre loaded hole.
  9. Do you hook up one on one with guys? Have you made any repeat visitor fuck buds as a result? If so, work on getting the guys you've already met and know and can trust they will show up when they say they will. If it's strange cock you're after, setting one up outside of a bathhouse or sex party type setting is tricky business and you'll end up with a lot of flakes. I see gangbang parties posted on Bbrt all the time with sometimes 10-20 guys RSVP'd. Doubt all of them actually go though so be prepared for a let down if you go that route.
  10. You are a seriously hot father!

  11. To each his own I guess. Bearded here and most men I meet love my facial hair. I like an older bearded man with gray hair as well. I find it sexy.
  12. I've done the anon bb thing before both in my own city visiting out of towners as well as while I'm traveling fucking guys in my own or nearby hotels. Always a thrill for me when they are already loaded up when I arrive.
  13. I can fuck either depending on my mood and the way the bottom presents himself.
  14. Preaching to the choir here but neg on PrEP and poz undetectable guys are my preference for the same reasons stated. Responsibility for your own health, frequent Sti testing & knowing your status are keys. I fuck a lot of married men that still have sex with their wives too and they appreciate the fact I'm on PrEP so even if I end up with a common Sti from one of my many partners, they know it won't likely be HIV.
  15. 5 months here and neg as expected. I fuck poz guys now without the fear I used to have.
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