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  1. A few weekend ago, my boyfriend and I were horny. He said he wanted to watch me fuck some stranger and breed him so we decided to download grindr and try it out. We found a guy, but he came as soon as I got my cock in, and wouldn’t let me fuck him after. We jacked off on him and kicked him out. The next day we were still horny so we decided to try again. We found this short, hot Hispanic guy who wanted to get fucked while my man watched. As soon as we sent a photo of my member he wants as in. He was hot with a bubble butt and nice uncut cock. He came over and immediately got naked with us
  2. I semi-recently introduced my boyfriend to this site. Now we both get off on all the debauchery and breeding people have. Wondering if anyone else has shown their significant other this site? And If so, did they love it?
  3. First time poster, just wondering what everyone’s first time at a bathhouse was like! Mine was with an ex. We went in and i was nervous but we quickly undressed and started wandering around. Quickly built more confidence, rubbing on guys as we walked by, watching guys fucking in their rooms with the doors open while I stroked. Eventually we made our way to the glory hole area. This bathhouse had an elevated one so you could stand on a ledge, put your cock through a hole, and someone could walk by and suck standing. Anyway, this hot daddy came and started really working over my cock for ab
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