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    Slut since young. Insatiable.
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    Lots of homemade flicks. Nude photos. Gang bangs on film (amateur). I have been on live web cams documenting the traffic in my bedroom and hungry ass.
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    Tops who like to fuck me and share me with their friends. Video tape and digital pictures of hard fuck.

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  1. Incredible ass and hole!! Gaping and used is such a turn on!! Nothing hotter than a trashed hole surrounded by a bubble ass!!

  2. Slutboy

    Changes in Bottoms' Holes

    Yes! My hole is always visible. When I spread my cheecks, you can really see the gape. Some guys insult me for it and some love it. I have a well used boy cunt. The guys who fuck me feel my sterched out pussy and anyone that sees me naked can easily tell that my ass has serviced big cocks for a long time.
  3. Slutboy

    Changes in Bottoms' Holes

    My hole is noticeable to anyone. You can tell I get fucked a lot by looking at it. Some guys love that. When I take my pants off, their eyes get big. It is begging for cock. No question, I can take big dick. When I go to the gym, I get a little self concious. It does help me pick up tricks though. I don't get fisted a lot. I think it just happened from years of slutting out my ass to so many guys. Some guys have insulted me and told me I have a whore's ass. Especially if I am getting tag teamed or gang banged, guys will comment and talk about it. For some reason, as soon as I am naked and they see it, they will want to get their hands in it. I can squeeze it tight and milk a cock. I just can't hide the sight of the gaping hole. I think I have the pussy of the town whore. A slut you know at first sight.
  4. Man, you should own my ass. I'd do anything for you...

  5. Nice pic. You should own my hole.

  6. Damn. Breed me. Next time in OC I am looking for that.

  7. I would love taking your load Handsome!

  8. You are hot! Love the ink on your ass. 20 in eight hours is my dream.

  9. Love the idea of a tat on your ass. I have always wanted my ass to have some graffiti...

  10. 11 loads 8 guys. Boyfriend was out of town and I had a fuck bud whore me out. My ass was stretched open and dripping. Turned my bedroom into a bath house. The next day, I did 3 more guys. I know I can beat that record. Next time My boyfriend is out of town I want a big gang bang.
  11. Slutboy

    Sleeping with a butt plug?

    I have tried sleeping with a plug a few times. My ass is getting too stretched so I keep it at a minimum. You can see my hole open when I am naked. Some guys get turned on seeing it but others want it tight. Is it bad to see a guy naked and have his hole stand out?
  12. Your posts make so horny. Love your style.

  13. Slutboy

    Do you regret having a loose ass?

    Your hole sounds perfect :-) Reply Reply With Quote Thanks. Next time my boyfriend puts me down because it is loose or complains, I will tell him some guys like it like that!
  14. Hot profile. Your boyfriend is lucky he gets to play in your sloppy cunt. The guys you cheat with must love getting to pound that ass and leave the used mess for your man. My kind of slut...

  15. Slutboy

    Do you regret having a loose ass?

    Sometimes I regret it. I have had boyfriends complain and many a date comment that I am loose. One time two guys were whispering about me in the gym locker room after I got out of the shower. Later another guy told me they were talking about how big my hole is. It sort of advertises I am a slut. Sometimes I like having a pussy but I want my boyfriend happy.

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