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  1. For guys who live near or frequent bathhouses that have been closed for COVID, any rumors about when places might reopen?
  2. Anybody been there recently? What's the action like?
  3. [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f9b2a228bd61
  4. There's a rumor that someone bought the place and CC is not closing. New ownership taking over. Don't know any details.
  5. looks like I wasn't too far ahead of myself. Crew Club is closing next month.
  6. website it's still closed. We need GHC to reopen. Crew Club is going downhill. CC doesn't host cumunion anymore, the dark room is closed and the club was closed on NYE without any notice on the website. Maybe CC's owner lost interest in running a decent club. Hopefully GHC gives DC guys another option.
  7. Went to a bathhouse the other night. Good crowd and took a hot back's guy's load. early in the night. Smoking body but an average fuck but I was happy to take his load. Then it got quiet and I was getting ready to leave when this good looking, lean guy walks by and makes eye contact. Great body. Incredible kisser. I thought he might be a bottom but I asked him if he liked to fuck and he answered yes. Nice big cock and he knew how to use it. That was load number two and a few minutes after that a shorter black guy walked in. Massive cock. Rock hard. I thought I might have a problem ta
  8. I get it shaved. 1. it feels great getting it shaved. 2. It makes it easier to get fucked. 3. One time I topped a guy with a shaved hole and the little bit of stubble drove me crazy. I wanted to give that feeling to my tops.
  9. I am looking for a decent hotel in the area for an upcoming trip. I don't need the Ritz but I don't want some dump either. Any recommendations of nice hotels in the area?
  10. Has anybody been to Club Fort Lauderdale on a weekday afternoon? I have some down time during a business trip and am thinking about spending a few hours there but I want to know what to expect. Dead? Busy? In between?
  11. Trying to find a clip of a muscular hispanic bottom who was very verbal about getting bred. I don't think the top's face was visible but the bottom's pleasure is what makes the video. I remember seeing it a lot n the spring but can find it anymore. Sorry for the lack of more details but I'm open to ideas if people think they know of the video that I'm looking for.
  12. Reading through the posts, I think there was only one mention of Steamworks in Berkley which kind of surprised me. I would have thought that more people would have had it as a favorite.
  13. was at a bathhouse the other night. Young latin dude with swimmers build kept cruising by my room. After a couple of laps, he finally stopped in. We made out for a while and he was grabbing my cheeks. I sucked him and after coming up for air, he started fingering my hole. I turned around to offer my ass, he went for the lube and after several minutes of fucking me with his raw cock, he shot a beautiful load deep into my ass.
  14. Traveling to Curacao next week. Looking for some fun places to visit and cruise. LMK if you're around or have any suggestions.
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