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  1. In portland, travel often ;)

  2. Went to Hawks PDX, it was a rather slow night, but there were a few guys there. Went in my BDSM gear, laid in the upstairs sling for a hot minute when this young guy came up and quietly slipped himself into my hole. I don't bottom often, but I was feeling adventurous. I made sure I was well lubed before going up there. He went at it for a little while before nutting deep inside of me, complimented my gear, then left. Couple minutes passed, no one came up, so I went downstairs. Got followed into the dark room by a guy in his 30's, good looking nice and toned, I slipped on my gasmask, and he fucked me on the bench. He held a bottle of poppers at the end of my gasmask hose and went to down, giving a loud grunt as he came. Two other people followed suit, rubbing their hands up and down my gear as they took turns fucking and nutting inside me. It was nice to be the bottom for once, I might do it more often. Who knew a rubber catsuit would get me so much attention
  3. Haha! Partially Bloodbound to your clan? ;)

  4. In portland as well. Wonder if we were at the same bookstore the other night :P

  5. Ill meet you at Hawks in Portland sometime :P

  6. caught the clap from some asian slut who lived up the street from me. hot fuck, but irritating results. before that it had been a while since i was tested. for the full blood panel done in December. tested neg. i wasnt surprised since i rarely bottom. since then I've barebacked a couple dudes, i even let one fuck me in the dark room of the baths. hot, young, thin Latin guy. he didn't cum in me though, pulled out and came on my face. haven't been tested since, but in another month or so i will. when i go to the baths, i like to finish in a pig that's already taken a few loads, so, I'm sure I'll be neg, but there is always that risk.
  7. The few times I have bottomed recently, I have used them. They really do help out. I also keep them around when I go to the Baths. They help keep me in the mindset~
  8. Spent Wednesday night out and about, ended up finishing three times, in three different guys. I was surprised, I have never seen an adult bath as busy as it was on a weeknight. Im going to write the full details in a blog entry
  9. I was at the bathhouse a couple weeks ago, it was really dead, Hawks in Portland, on a Monday night. I cruised around for a while, edged myself for a bit, then saw this hot latino guy in his 20's cruising me. I walked around, and ducked into the dark room. It was empty, just me, and he didn't take any time to lay me on my back and start fucking me. It was fucking hot. He didn't cum in me, but he didn't wear a rubber. I wish I could have held out longer to take his load, but I came first, and was done :/
  10. One of the last time I bottomed, I was cruising a bathhouse for a while. with very few prospects, before a latino guy started following me around. I ducked into the dark room at Hawks, the baths in Portland, and he slipped in. we were the only ones there, and he fucked me. I got a decent look at him before, but it was super hot getting fucked in the dark. He fucked me raw, but didn't cum in me, because I finished first. Id do it again
  11. What night did you go to Hawks? I tend to hit up Mondays or Wednesdays~

  12. Hey - a group of us are meeting at Hawks Monday noon to 5 or so. I hope you can make it.

  13. Tonight at Hawks Bathhouse in Portland. Couldnt find anyone who wanted to fuck, some older gentlemen wanted to fuck me, but it was right after I got there and I figured I should pace myself. Deadsville. Couple of really, really big guys and really really old guys, whom im not into. Im not a prude, but I dont like walkers or rascal scooters. Anyways, licked clean at least 3+ loads this guy in the sling had in him, was going to fuck him, but he seemed worn out. There is this asian kid here, incredibly fem, not the best shape, who is just being a tease, and this incredibly hot latino guy, who enter disappeared into a room with an older man, or bailed. In any case, my nut is most likely going into a washcloth tonight. Dang
  14. I have one of these, a few photos on my profile. Id love to see this video too

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