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    Beaverton OR
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    General debauchery: I enjoy being used, and I have few limits. That said, I will NOT deal with anything that's left the body via any channel other than the urethra.

    ... well, unless you're a good kisser. In that case, I suppose we'd swap saliva as our tongues bumped.

    (Romantic, no? (No.))

    I am a kinky bastard, though, so absent those topics, let's get nasty together.

    As a side note, I've one other interest: I desperately need to get rid of this damnably touchy gag reflex.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I'm a versatile bottom, and while I enjoy fucking a nice ass or getting some sweet head -- or both, because sex -- I feel most at home with a raw cock in my ass.

    Okay, I feel most at home in my apartment, but I feel pretty damn good being bred.
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    From an amateur standpoint, I've a few videos of me having a trouser fiddle on Xtube.

    From a professional standpoint, however, none. Alas. Perhaps some day.
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    Big-dicked tops who shoot huge loads, and who refuse to pull out: I want it in me, not on me.

    I'm looking for 1:1 encounters, but I'm also looking to be used as an indiscriminate cumdump, with my ass offered up to any cock that wants it.

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  1. I met up with one of my occasional FBs around 10 p.m. Thursday and blew my load as he was plowing me.

    Looking back over the last year, I'm a bit surprised at just how often I come without touching myself when I'm being fucked.

  2. rawloadstaken

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    @raunchycumslut covered 90% of what I was going to say, so about the only thing I can add -- other than condoms, as @evilqueerpig noted -- is guys who don't respect boundaries. If my partner(s) du jour want to add something to what we've negotiated, even if it's not something that I would usually do, I'm almost always willing to negotiate. When it comes to my hard limits, though, ask once, then stop. Pushing for it, demanding it, or telling me that I have no say in the situation is a hard no.
  3. rawloadstaken

    I can’t get Truvada through my insurance. Options?

    Wow. Thank you autocorrect. That was supposed to be "it might give you some comfort ..."
  4. rawloadstaken

    I can’t get Truvada through my insurance. Options?

    Agreed. I can understand the discomfort one may feel wondering or worrying about what might happen should their medical or medication history be released to those not in a need to know clinical relationship, but unless you're concerned about a spouse / partner / lover / person who holds your medical PoA finding out, it might give guy some commodity to know that your medical record is protected under HIPAA law, and even in those aforementioned scenarios, HIPAA guidelines still apply, and there are additional state and federal laws protecting how much -- and what type of -- information can be disseminated at all.
  5. rawloadstaken

    Reveaking medication to strangers

    I can completely understand wanting to clarify why you're taking it -- I was in much the same boat when I started -- but in a clinical or hospital environment, your healthcare providers should need to know is that (a) you're still taking it, and (b) at this time, you are not HIV-positive. If you're in an environment where they may not know -- even if they should-- such as a dentist's office or eye care provider, then my personal choice had been to say something along the lines of it being a prophylactic prescription for sexual health. As to knowing which medications you're on, that's tied to whether your healthcare providers such as primary care physicians, hospitals, and surgeons are in same medical group (such as Kaiser Permanente) or, if they are not, whether or not you signed intake paperwork saying your current provider(s) could access your medical chart from other locations / groups / practices. And I know my experiences aren't/won't be the same as yours, but I hope I've helped to ease your mind at least a little bit.
  6. rawloadstaken

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I went to Peeps Too after work on Sunday to see if anyone was interested. About ten minutes after I got there, I was in the L side of a three-part gloryhole suite and saw a gorgeous, thick, curved, uncut dick come sliding through the hole. I sucked on him for about five minutes, then started dragging the tip of his dick across my ass. He didn't object, so I took a hit of poppers and pushed myself down. Did I mention he was thick? Because yeah, he was thick. Even with everything I did to prep for it, it hurt for the first minute or two, and then my "oh, hey, you're a slut" trigger kicked over and I started moaning. I was pressed against the hole holding my cheeks apart and feeling him rail my ass and guts. If he didn't punch through the second sphincter, he damn sure was knocking on that door. He unloaded in me, and so I turned around and cleaned him off with my mouth -- y'know, as you do -- and he finally pulled back, tucked himself away, and stepped out of the booth. I don't know if he said something to the next person in through the door, but about thirty seconds after I started sucking him, he started making fucking motions with his hips, so I took the hint and slid down to the pubes on him, too. Another load, another cleaning. The third guy to breed me had a smaller uncut cock, but he made up for it with stamina. He pounded me for somewhere between five and eight minutes before he started shooting. And yes, I cleaned him off too. The fourth load I took was from a gorgeous, slightly curved dick. He was probably the most vocal of the four, but I could be wrong, as I was in a fuck-haze by then. Cleaned, tucked away, and left. The fifth load was swallowed. A smaller cock, but a huge, sweet load, and I pulled his foreskin back to make sure I got every last drop. Had no luck at Peeps, but did feed my load to a cocksucker who kept gagging on my cock, and then tried to rather roughly finger my cum-filled ass. So yeah. Good night, a lot of loads, and this last week suddenly became just a little bit better.
  7. rawloadstaken

    How Many Holes Do You Breed At The Baths Or Sex Party?

    To borrow from a fairly common phrase, "recycle, redux, please use. What can I say? I like sustainability.
  8. rawloadstaken

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I guess I need to start going to Hawks on a more regular basis ...
  9. rawloadstaken

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I got my last two loads about three hours ago. I went to Peeps Too after work, sucked on a couple of cocks, and then started to head out before a HOT bear (or maybe cub: I'm not sure how he self-identified) came in and went into one of the GH booths. I went into the next one, and he dropped trou and stuck his cock through the hole. It was gorgeous. Thick and uncut, probably in the 8" range. I sucked him for maybe five minutes, and then started rubbing my hole against the tip of his cock. He didn't pull back, so I started sinking onto his dick until I was pressed up against the hole, and then he went to town. My god, but he threw a good fuck. He pulled out after a few minutes and asked if we could go to the other side of the booths, as they're larger and more private. We got there, he pulled down his sweatpants, and I started sucking him again. When I stood up, he leaned over and sucked on me for a bit, then stood up and held his dick. I turned back around, and he wound up fucking me even harder than he had in the GH booth. After a bit he tensed up and just kept saying "oh god, oh my god, fuuuuuck," and he unloaded in me. I knelt down and sucked on him for a couple of minutes -- I was hoping to get him hard enough for round two -- and then he said he was getting too sensitive. We thanked one another and left the booth, and I'm hoping I see him there again sometime. As to the load, I don't know how long he'd been saving it up, but I wound up dripping into my jeans even though I was trying to hold my hole closed. As I was getting ready to head home, my occasional FB messaged me and said he was at Peeps and wanted to know if I wanted his load. He really had to ask me that? I got there, chewed on and played with his nipples as he likes, and he wound up breeding me deep. So yeah, really full. I'm home, I'm sloppy, and I'm hornier than ever, so I think I'll try to get some more dick tomorrow after I get some car work done, and I may wind up going to Lights Out at Hawks (depending on how I'm feeling).
  10. rawloadstaken

    IS there a NAME for an ANAL TAT???

    Starfish Stencil?
  11. rawloadstaken

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    I've found the Portland OR metro area to be fairly breeder-friendly and condom-averse. Seattle WA -- at least for the short time I was there -- was also a fantastic raw venue.
  12. rawloadstaken

    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    I'll be honest, I get irate when I see someone pull out and either lose their load on the floor or shoot the whole thing on the lower back. If you're getting fucked raw, why object to the load? If you're fucking raw, why not proceed to breed? (And if you're a porn studio, maybe show one squirt -- just one, no more -- to prove that the top is cumming, then have him shove it back in and blow the rest of the load in the bottom?)
  13. rawloadstaken

    Whoring out guys

    As a bottom, I can understand some situations in which I'd need to tap out; however, those are few and far between, and usually involve issues other than just sex. (Like when I had stomach valve surgery: no sexy times for about four months, and the first time after that? Nope.) But I cannot understand why someone would say "I want to be whored out" without understanding what it means and making sure they're up to it. There is a lot of work the tops put in to coordinate the situation, and if the bottom flakes or winds up unable to handle it, there's a lot of disappointment on the part of the participants, and it could negatively impact the coordinating top's reputation in the community. "Oh yeah ... you're the one who set up the last bust or two, yeah? Thanks but no thanks." To my mind, if you're a bottom for a single top or a gangbang / whoring festivity, you have to be ready to put your ass where your mouth is ... as it were. If you ask for it, you'd damn well better be able to take it.
  14. It really depends on the situation, and on what my fuckbuddy / top / random hookup prefers. When I'm in the GH booths, I'm usually in a jock or a pair of assless briefs for easy access, but one of my fuckbuds wants me naked (except for shoes and socks), and one wants me in leather.
  15. I've had a few huge cocks fuck me: I think the longest was right around twelve glorious uncut inches, and he looked to be almost as thick as a soda can. I've had a few that were close to that since then, but none that ... heh ... measured up. I do love the nine and ten inchers, though. I have to be completely horned up -- and, preferably, fucked enough to be lubed and loosened -- but when it happens, I go into a fuck daze, and all I can do is hope that the feeling never ends.

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