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    Beaverton OR
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    General debauchery: I enjoy being used, and I have few limits. That said, I will NOT deal with blood, scat, vom, and so forth.

    I am a kinky bastard, though, so absent those topics, let's get nasty together.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Because of the number of men on this and other sites who have asked me to poz them, or to ask how high my viral load is, I wanted to clarify the HIV status already listed on my profile:

    I'm a versatile bottom, I absolutely love taking loads, and -- considering I already play with guys who are poz -- I'm hardly poz-phobic, but I'm currently HIV-negative and on PrEP. While I realize there's a chance I may convert in the future, I'm not deliberately seeking to so do, and I refuse to blood slam or be made to bleed before I'm bred.

    If becoming HIV positive is your wish, then more power to you. I respect your choice, but I ask in return that you respect mine, and understand that I say I'm negative because I'm actually negative, and not because I want to hide my status.
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    None. Unfortunately.
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    Big-dicked tops who shoot huge loads, and who don't pull out: I want it in me, not on me.

    I'm looking for 1:1 encounters, and I'm also looking to be used as an indiscriminate cumdump, with my ass offered up to any cock that wants it.

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  1. real dilemma

    Very true. Liver and kidney impairment -- and, in some cases, complete failure -- are risks, as is lactic acidosis and some issues related to bone strength and density. As well, if one is already dealing with a Hep B infection, it can worsen the symptoms. If you -- and that's the generic use of the word you -- do decide to go on Truvada, make sure you know the risks, make sure you follow dosing recommendations, and make sure you know the warning signs. Also, even if you don't exhibit or experienceany of the signs, make sure you follow dosing instructions and quarterly provider follow-ups so that your doctor can keep an eye on things. @ejaculaTe is right for calling those concerns out, and I'm sorry I didn't mention them earlier. Just because I didn't experience any side effects doesn't mean others won't. There's a decent run-down of side effects on Gilead's own Truvada Safety page, as well as on both RXList and Drugs.com. All that said, @ejaculaTe, I am very, VERY sorry to hear what happened to your other half. That's horrible, and I'm sure it was terrfying for the both of you. I hope he made a full recovery, and that there haven't been any relapses since then.
  2. real dilemma

    Some people do have an adverse reaction to emtricitabine, tenofovir, or their love child Truvada, that's true. That's why it's important to check in with your health care provider on a quarterly basis to keep an eye on various blood, enzyme, and protein counts, and to be sure that you have not become HIV-reactive or HIV-positive. The absolute most common effects are nausea, fatigue, and headaches, and they usually clear up in 1-4 weeks. Of course there are a boatload of other common, uncommon, rare, and "OMG" side effects, but that's true of all medications. That said, I can only speak for myself, but as far as I can remember, I didn't experience any discomfort when I started. I've been on it for 4.5 years now, the only real side effect I've noticed in that time is that I've become more of a voracious cumdump than I ever was before.
  3. I wanna stop prep

    As far as I am aware -- thanks to advancements in treating HEP infections --the only common yet incurable STIs are HIV and HSV. Admittedly, the first time I contracted syphilis, I was embarrassed as hell walking around looking like I'd fucked an octopus until the antibiotics took care of the infection, but at least we caught it in the primary stage, so that was good. To me, asking why bareback if there's a risk of contracting an STI other than HIV is like asking why a diner should order lobster if there's a chance those poorly-prepared, nasty-ass vegetable sides might touch it: the risk/reward is worth it. Lobster is delicious. So is barebacking. And they both benefit from the liquid accompaniment. ;-)
  4. I wanna stop prep

    I'm with you. Even if I don't hold the same opinion, then absent any unfavorable impact it may have on others -- ignoring scent allergies in a shared workspace, or not telling someone with a nut allergy that a specific treat contains nuts, for example -- I respect anyone's choice to do [x] with their own bodies. That said, the "PrEP is evil" and "PrEP is training wheels" mindset just boggles me. PrEP is PrEP: it's for people who want to take loads, don't care about either the stated or actual status of their partners, and still want to do what they can to minimize their risk of contracting HIV. To me, much like being a chaser is a choice, not wishing to chase is an equally valid choice.
  5. That awkward moment when you arrive for a hookup and find out it's a former co-worker with whom you share a mutual -- and well-substantiated -- loathing.


    To clarify: it's understandable that we did not recognize one another over the app, as we last worked together about five years ago, and our respective appearances have changed in that time, but once we heard one another's voices? Yeah ...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ejaculaTe


      @rawloadstaken: the upvote, if there was any doubt, is for taking your co-worker at the time to HR (in your response to Chargedup).

    3. rawloadstaken


      @ejaculaTe, I figured that was what it was, but thanks for the clarification. :)

      @MorganStar, well, it's only fair: he took your ring, so you kept his. ;)


    4. MorganStar


      lol..amen brother..the ring is a nice momento of my first true love..buried deep in the jewelry box..

  6. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

  7. Anon Sex - How do I do I get past the fear?

    There will always be some risk, even when using condoms: to me, it's a risk-reward scenario. I'm aware that I risk my health to STIs whenever I have sex; however, I try to mitigate those risks -- at least in part -- by staying away from individuals with oozing chancres, obvious genital warts, visible anal lesions, and so forth. Then, too, I take PrEP: it does nothing for the risk of contracting an STI, but it does give a measure of protection against HIV. Others may seek those out, while I do not; and, as I note below, each individual makes that decision for themselves, and it's not my place to condone or condemn. I have enough difficulty controlling my own thoughts and actions that there's no way in Hell that I'd even pretend to influence someone else's decisions. That said, I've come to terms with the probability that I will contract one or more STIs in my sexual life. I have, as I mentioned in another thread, been diagnosed with syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and crabs, and they've all been addressed. To be honest, a bout of pneumonia is -- at least for me -- more devastating than a run of antibiotics. Do I like them? Heavens no. Am I willing to take them? Indubitably. I'm not going to say one way or the other that you 'should' do it, or that you 'have to' try it, or that the clouds will weep bitter tears of regret every time you turn down a raw cock: I can only speak for myself when I say that I accept the risk in exchange for the reward of a raw cock and a hot load. Whatever your choice is, it's the right one for you: it's ultimately your decision, and only you can know why you made it.
  8. On the 19th, I go in for a colonoscopy. Ugh.

    On the bright side, that means that I will be completely empty on the evening of both the 18th and the 19th.

    What to do ... what to do ...

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    2. rawloadstaken


      @ejaculaTe ... yipes!

      On the upside, I don't party; and, from what I remember, my current meds have no anesthesia interactions. You raise a good point, though, and I'll verify with my GI doc when I call tomorrow. That said, when I had my gut surgery a couple of years ago -- side note: hiatal hernias and torn diaphragms are no fun -- I was under for about five and a half hours, and I got a chance to see just how much Propofol was used. Yeesh.

      And I am so, so very sorry to hear about the lad. I know it would've been devastating for the parents -- I don't see how it couldn't be -- but I'm sure there was a level of traumatization on your housemate's behalf.

      (And please don't misunderstand the 'like' I put on your response. I wanted to upvote your information, and not the loss.)

    3. rawloadstaken



      jaybird, 'tis appreciated. :)

    4. ejaculaTe


      @rawloadstaken: I knew exactly what the “like” meant, but thanks for caring enough to remove any ambiguity.

  9. Number of different guys who have fucked you more than once?

    Mmmmmmmmmmm ... I love it when I've got guys who want to come back for -- and in -- my ass time and again. I want to get back to having at least one regular FB/FWB: I'd like to know there's going to be a minimum of a couple of loads a week in my future.

    That makes no sense to me whatsoever. What's the point of getting fucked raw if you're not going to take the load? That's like saying "sure, I'll have the lobster. Oh, and can I have a bucket to toss it into once I've licked it?"
  11. Tops - how many different holes have you seeded

    While I've taken more than twice the number of loads in my life than I have given, I've dumped well over 500 raw loads into hungry holes over the last couple of decades.
  12. Hormonal Effect of Semen from Breeding?

    I don't know about feeling younger, but I will say that I find a greater endorphin rush from being bred than I do from being fucked with a condom-wrapped cock or a dildo. I've no idea if it's the semen itself, or if it's more of a placebo effect, but I usually walk around feeling -- for lack of a better term -- lighter in spirit.
  13. Two loads today: a HUGE load from a huge ass-splitter at Peeps Too, and a second big load from a smaller cock at Imagine That in Bend.

    The one at Peeps was kinda funny: I could barely get my mouth around him, and he grinned and asked "anal?"

    I think i had him in my ass before he finished the word.

    I kept his load in me during the whole drive, and that was enough lube for the second guy four hours later. 

    1. ejaculaTe



      I think i had him in my ass before he finished the word.

      Experience counts every time.

  14. I'd like to be a bit slutty this weekend.

    Other than Imagine That, any thoughts on the best places in Bend to get loads?

  15. 2018 Load Tally

    Tonight I hit 100 loads given since 1 January, I think ... mmm ... five? Five or six in the ass, and probably around two dozen swallowed.

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