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  1. Any spots for action tonight ?
  2. bbjockload

    MASTER JERRY CUMDUMP coming in April

    Can someone explain master Jerry? Only hear about it in la.
  3. bbjockload

    5 loads at hotel

    Nothing better than ass up in skank motel.
  4. bbjockload

    Just got my results back, I'm poz.

    Good luck bro. Find a support group. For some this is super hard emotionally (whether or not we chased)
  5. bbjockload

    Ever gone full blown AIDS?

    Yup. All pigs get tagged unless they’re on prep. Meds make huge difference. No going back
  6. bbjockload

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Wow. What a sloppy hole. Doesn’t seem very safe to me
  7. bbjockload

    Joys on being a cumdump.. The Reality

    We’re the holes of last resort. Bring it on
  8. bbjockload

    Becoming an anon cumdump

    Fuk yea. Collect the loads and help nasty buds get some pleasure out of their charged sacs.
  9. bbjockload

    Becoming an anon cumdump

    Best is ass up in skank motel. Dudes show up to cum. All exposed with our holes open. Not like bathhouse where some dudes want to last.
  10. bbjockload


    HRs are the worst if so much of your lifestyle and pleasure is taking loads. Just more suffering and payback for the nasty boys lol
  11. bbjockload

    Poz guys - Any Regrets?

    No going back, love swapping loads with other pigs and dumb fukkers. Gotta be honest that prep is better way to go, just ask any new poz bud how much time he’s spent sitting on the toilet, but lots of guys in same toxic boat.
  12. bbjockload

    Poz Guys - Do You Like Being Poz?

    Smart! Pig out on prep and spare yourself a lot of nasty and embarrassing shit that you’re poz bros suffer thru. 😈
  13. bbjockload

    Making Him Piss Himself

    Thanks man. Happy to piss out my spongy dong as you relieve yourself in my fukhole
  14. bbjockload


    Definitely travelodge on market. Civic center motor inn also Good.
  15. bbjockload

    Folsom Gulch

    Generally have great luck there. Mid afternoon. After work. Late night. Weekend days.
  16. Love nasty old bb vid. Wonder if the load taker is still around?
  17. bbjockload

    New tumblr poz blog

    Super hot
  18. bbjockload

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Total community service, helping dudes unload and sharing with the rest of us
  19. Thanks for follow nasty boy 

    1. rawbbpozbtm


      thanks for letting me

  20. bbjockload

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Total pig cum taker
  21. bbjockload

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Fuk yea. Another reason not to have house guests (or at least keep them out of the basement reserved for load taking
  22. bbjockload

    Laguna Bareback Boys

    Thanks! Love these reckless uninhibited boys!
  23. bbjockload

    Laguna Bareback Boys

    Just saw one of the laguna clips-- so hot. Anyone have any more? Know about these hot party boys (or what happened to them lol) anything else like this? https://www.thumbzilla.com/video/ph5692dc1737148/bareback-part-iii-laguna-bareback-boys
  24. Usually take as many dudes until I'm spent, and then finish the night by sharing my wad with another nasty bud -- sometimes sliding into a sloppy hole. Other times I go off in a corner with another bottom and have some personal time, kiss, play with our dripping fukholes, fart out wads on each other, and blow or even Buddy bate our spongy party dongs.

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