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  1. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Total community service, helping dudes unload and sharing with the rest of us
  2. Thanks for follow nasty boy 

    1. rawbbpozbtm


      thanks for letting me

  3. perv/taboo chat

    Down to chat? Pm me for number
  4. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Total pig cum taker
  5. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Fuk yea. Another reason not to have house guests (or at least keep them out of the basement reserved for load taking
  6. Laguna Bareback Boys

    Thanks! Love these reckless uninhibited boys!
  7. Laguna Bareback Boys

    Just saw one of the laguna clips-- so hot. Anyone have any more? Know about these hot party boys (or what happened to them lol) anything else like this? https://www.thumbzilla.com/video/ph5692dc1737148/bareback-part-iii-laguna-bareback-boys
  8. Usually take as many dudes until I'm spent, and then finish the night by sharing my wad with another nasty bud -- sometimes sliding into a sloppy hole. Other times I go off in a corner with another bottom and have some personal time, kiss, play with our dripping fukholes, fart out wads on each other, and blow or even Buddy bate our spongy party dongs.
  9. Tips for throwing BBRT hotel party out of town

    Totally agree u shouldn't expect to ever see most who sign up. The guys who are into anon piggy cum dumps tend to be irresponsible, can't find cab money etc
  10. total bottoms and their cock

    I usually am hard or semi when getting banged, but if it's a long group session or I'm partying, my spongy dong just swings. Always get off at the end of the night, sometimes with other bttm/vers dudes who have been taking loads, blow each other, stroke, dump in each other's sloppy holes
  11. Poz tops at a bathhouse

    Exactly. Bathhouses are for anon promiscuous sex without judgment or accountability. We all know the price we pay for our conduct, we'll get what we deserve, and shouldn't have to discuss it with strangers
  12. cruising spots in L.A.

    Slammer club is great
  13. Making Him Piss Himself

    A bunch of times I've pissed myself during group scenes, once on my back at steamworks when I was getting railed hard and didn't even realize I lost control until another dude who was using my mouth said "dude is leaking." I let those dudes nut and then I took a break.
  14. Quick visit to the ABS video booths

    That's it. Spread wide open and backed my partied sloppy ass up to the gh to receive the next one
  15. Quick visit to the ABS video booths

    I got a few loads at gh on way home from work last night. Started farting them out in Uber on ride home.
  16. Thanks for following me pigbro

    1. phukhole


      I'd follow that perfect cock anywhere!  🐽🍆💦

    2. bbjockload


      Haha.  Milk out my dirty load, it's too late to put you at risk lol

  17. Experiences at CumUnion

    Always have nasty time at both 442 and steamworks. The piggiest dudes are at 442.
  18. Exactly. Total head trip taking load after load. Losing control of ur hole as cum farts out, sometimes losing control of ur bladder as dudes bang you hard, just being a fility stupid cunhole taking it all As all the dudes around you know you've hit rock bottom and have no respect for your own hole or health.
  19. Poz Guys - Do You Like Being Poz?

    It's super complicated. Great not having to worry. Also great to come to terms with how dirty, promiscuous fag I am. Really into bonding with other dudes who like me have made sex and fluid exchange more important than health. But there are some downsides too I'm happy to share on private messages, it's bit personal and embarrassing
  20. Hooking Up With Poz Guys

    That's how it happens. Creeps up on you. Doesn't take long to go from safe sex condom boy, to occasionally slipping up and feeling guilty, to often/always slipping up and trying not to think of it, to ..... bam, you're tagged
  21. Hooking Up With Poz Guys

    Lol. All the dirty boys swapping loads as we suffer together
  22. Fuck flu

    Some of us get hit really hard, chained to toilet for days
  23. Hep C?

    Seriously agree with the ostracization. How can a bunch of promiscuous pig boys (many poz) cast judgment ?

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