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    Bottoms, Cum dumps, pigs, anon, raw breedings. Love bottoms who take my seed and keep it in them when they leave. That fucking turns me on knowing he's got my DNA in him.

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  1. Nothing beats good ole Doggystyle. Face down ass up is just a beautiful thing.
  2. If there was no STD's I'd dump my load every damn where lmao. It'll be copies of my DNA in every ass locally lol.
  3. revemupman

    Goals for 2018

    I remember I fucked 6 bottoms in one day. I swear it was one of those days everyone was horny. Cause as soon as I was done fucking one regular another one would call me up and I was still throbbing until I tapped out on the last bottom who really emptied me. I really try to control my pig side but it comes out in waves.
  4. revemupman

    anonymous hook up vs interaction

    I usually meet bottoms through anonymous encounters and then it turns into interaction. Most of the regular bottoms I breed I met from anonymous encounters. Only one bottom I met at my job and we met through interaction only. We have more of a relationship. I consider him my main bottom.
  5. revemupman

    Why do you like bareback?

    The raw feeling of it and also letting off inside him just makes me grunt as soon as the condom is off. I don't pull out I make sure my dick is past that second hole and shoot in there. I don't even want the bottom to push it out. If I was straight I'd have like 10 kids right now. All my bottoms would be pregnant.
  6. revemupman

    How do you convince someone to bareback?

    True, but trust me once you start fucking that bottom on the reg he is going to eventually want a load from you. Same with the top wanting to dump his load raw. The training wheels eventually come off and you accept the consequences of riding without them.
  7. revemupman

    How do you convince someone to bareback?

    I've come to realize that these condom Nazi's out here are just fake. In the end we all want to fuck raw because it's natural. I even saw a Facebook post where one of my friends was like who's still lying about using condoms? I laugh at ppl who say condoms only. They're still in denial.
  8. revemupman

    How do ya'll feel about the Big Guys?

    6'6 320 here. I'm a top and I don't have any problems finding bottoms. But my bottoms usually say it's harder to find tops than bottoms.
  9. revemupman

    Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    If I go to jail I'm breeding in there. No one is going to turn me into a bottom no sir.
  10. Now that's the spirit! Us tops appreciate bottoms like you.
  11. revemupman

    Thanking the top?

    My regular bottom during mid fuck would be thanking me while I'm fucking him.
  12. revemupman

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Exactly, why would I pull out right during the most passionate moment of sex? The last thing I'm thinking is to pull out. I want to go deeper and feel my dick pulse inside his ass.
  13. revemupman

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Even though he complains about it he eventually gets over it when we fuck. He ends up taking my load anyway. He watches too much damn porn.
  14. revemupman

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    I cannot pull out and nut on my bottoms ass. He always tells me to cum on his ass but I just can't do it. When I try to do it I end up stroking but never cumming. I don't know how it is for other tops but I don't want to see my load after sex. I want it deep in my bottoms guts. I keep trying to explain this to him. I don't want the bottom to push my load out. I want it planted in him. To me that is REAL sex. I love a bottom who understands that a top is suppose to plant his DNA inside him. That is the whole point of sex. I might as well jack off if I have to shoot my load on your ass when I'm already inside it while holding your back down with my left hand and gripping your back neck with my right. When I got you in that position just do not ruin it for me please. You're gonna get loaded. Just let it happen. Just needed to rant. . .
  15. revemupman

    Never underestimate the power of your pussy

    100% facts. I feel sorry for my straight guys. They are so wound up and sexually frustrated. They wonder why the gay guy is always so chipper and in a great mood. It's because he got fucked! Nothing like a good no strings pump n dump to clear your mind. No man should have to play these stupid games to fuck. Sexual frustration is what caused that kid Elliot Rodger to kill his self. Sex is very healing and gives you a zen feeling. A lot of the world's problems would drop if ppl would just get laid.

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