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  1. I'm in Evansville for a few weeks for work and have been hitting the two ABS arcades for a bit in the eves. Doing ok but not fantastic. more sucking than fucking. Last night as I was just getting inside the arcade, a guy what looked a bit homeless passes me and whispers that he's just looking for head. I went into the first booth with a glory hole and he went into the adjacent one. immediately his cock was through the hole. It was nice. not huge but nice. I got him hard then put spit on my hole and backed my ass up to the glory hole and slid his cock inside me. He began pumping hard and came
  2. I'm in Evansville Indiana for a few weeks, been taking loads at local ABS, Love to take more
  3. When I have several loads in my ass, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. love it
  4. I've had several loads there in that cinema. My first anon load was when I was 16 at an ABS in San Bernardino. I guy just walked into my booth, started feeling my ass and fucked me. pumped a few times then came in me. no words. perfect.
  5. I'd been sucking cock and fucking thru glory holes since the 70s. I always fantasized about getting fucked and bred anon thru a glory hole but never took that step until a few years ago. I was sucking a beautiful cock and I realized that that is what I've been fantasizing about for decades. I backed my ass onto it and could not believe I was doing it but was also so thrilled and relieved that I was finally taking anon bare cock. When It began twitching then pulled out, I reached back and felt the cum in my hole. It was the best feeling ever and from that point I began taking all the anon cock
  6. anon loads thru glory holes at arcades are some of my favorite
  7. Thanks for the follow. I need poz seed in me and I see you're not on meds ;)

    1. rednyellow


      not yet, enjoying the fun and sharing a bit too

    2. Raxi Starbeam

      Raxi Starbeam

      Damn. Plenty of poz guys but I can't get to any of them. I need to be converted immediately. 

  8. thanks for the follow. I see your a knot pig. I have not done any zoo shit ut love watching the porn and fantasizing.   Dave here 

    1. rednyellow


      HI. Marty here. been a long time but want the knot again

  9. When Im in palm springs for a long piggy weekend, I'll post some very explicit and extreme ads. The only time I have problems is when I turn someone away. I only turn someone away when they are very not at all like their description or pic and or if they are just fucking crazy or fucked up too much. When I've done this, I get flagged all weekend. Bitter queens. ugh.
  10. I got fucked by a guy with an interesting piercing yesterday. It was a barbell that went horizontally thru the head of his cock and overhung his erect head by a good half inch or more. was a little awkward getting it in my hole at first but after he was in, was a good fuck and a nice load of cum
  11. I'm going to be in L.A. sun Jan 29 and will go to Slammer early unless there's a better idea. I really want to get bred thru glory holes and take a lot of anon loads. I might get in a sling with a blindfold or just bend over in a dark room. Also really love eating out a full dirty hole. I haven't been there in a few years but used to love it.
  12. I just pushed 4 loads out of my ass from that same place!! I love getting bred thru glory holes
  13. If you take a couple fingers of vaseline and push it in your hole, you'll be good for a while if just fucking, no fists
  14. You can buy lube shooters, basically kind of a syringe caulking gun at some sex stores that cater to sisters or just buy the small tube and squeeze all of it into your hole
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