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    Mid 30's sub Mexican exploring life and all the men that cum with it.
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    a Masculine aggressive man that likes to manhandle his bottoms

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  1. uclatinosj

    Help! I'm A Bottom Trapped In A Tops Body*

    Regardless of what ive tried. i always encounter this problem as well.
  2. uclatinosj

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So had some things to do in SF yesterday. While there, i stopped by the Folsom Gulch and was fed a load through a glory hole:)
  3. uclatinosj

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to Blow Buddies last night. Fed a load to a skater type twink and later to this yuppie
  4. uclatinosj

    What Should A Cum Dump Wear?

    Agree with a Harness and Jockstrap. Something to hold on to, while keeping the hole exposed with cock & balls out of sight.
  5. uclatinosj

    Best City For Cumdumps

    London, Berlin. L.A. n S.F.
  6. uclatinosj

    Sex With Not Your Type

    Most of the time i stick to my type. When i do venture though, i have had some good experiences. its always fun to taste the rainbow, lolz..
  7. was introduced to it at a young age and have Loved it ever since! Although i do fuck pussy as well. if i slide a finger in your cunt while you're giving me head and your hole is loose. Im breeding it!
  8. uclatinosj

    Anyone up for a Cumdump Tattoo?

    if there was more of a universal symbol for cumdump, i'd consider it. Text does a hole no justice
  9. uclatinosj

    Loose Holes

    i prefer a loose hole only if the bottom knows how to use his cunt properly.. I keep mine clean and ready should the occassion arise:)
  10. uclatinosj

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So back at the end of June i was in London. Made my way to the Heath on Monday afternoon and must say it was fun! Took a load from a fellow tourist, he was from New Zealand. Was fed a load from a young Moroccan twink and and messed around with a few other guys. After the Heath still being horny. i went to chariots in Shoreditch and had some fun there and fed my load to a mid twenties scot guy... Then i went to Paris and on my first night out i managed to fuck the bartender! total porn experience.. it was awesome!!!! on my last night there i went to Bunker and fucked several guys before unloading in this hot muscle bull... Damn Paris was awesome. Last weekend i went to cumunion in sf and fucked this hot shorter daddy. he had a sweet pussy so i unloaded in him, then made my way to blowbuddies and was fed a load and i fed a Dad before i left that night. This past weekend was Up your alley in SF so i went to blow buddies after checking out the eagle. and had some fun, fed a couple guys and got fucked once.. and fed a guy before i went home at 4am-_- Went back up for the festival on Sunday. Strolled the festival and decided that i was hungry so went back to blow buddies where i had an amazing time. Managed a cock an hour with a few loads fed and was bred once. The most memomarable was this muscle bear, he was Aggressive and Dominant and gave both my holes a good fucking! then sucked this muscle bull for at least 30 or so minutes first publicly then took him into a booth where he really gave my throat a fucking... he turned me on so much that i blew my load hands free when i tasted his down my throat... Grrrrrr
  11. uclatinosj

    Paris 30.6.2015-5.7.2015

    in Paris for these days. Any good parties or places happening?
  12. uclatinosj

    London 26.6.2015-30.6.2015

    any good parties or places taking place this weekend?
  13. uclatinosj

    Uncut Bottoms & Chastity

    i managed with lube myself. had a birdlocked "neo" but i ripped it, so i got myself a classic model of theirs.
  14. uclatinosj

    Eunuch or Nullo?

    although i wouldn't go as far. i have harbored the thoughts of impotence by means of chastity with a Man if he was into it. also the fact that i occasionally juice which lowers my natural test production.. i like being masc with a cock and balls but identify as a pussyboy

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