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  1. I have given at least 50 loads into willing cumdumps so far
  2. I've had lots of beach sex. The hottest was fucking this twink bttm right on a secluded beach right at the water's edge. All the boaters just a ways out got a FULL view. ;-)
  3. Had quite the fuck spree last night. 4 bttms fucked and filled. 1. 27, latino, came over on his way to work 2. 22, white, bi, has a gf, only wanted to suck my cock. But once I started rimming, in it went and I fucked him till I filled him 3. 30, a cute white red head, says he usually doesn't bb on a hook up cuz he is cheatin on his BF. Well, bare and bred it was 4. 33, white, dark and olive features texted 5 min after #3 left. Was over 10 min after that. Quick pump and dump About 10 min after #4 left, a fifth bttm texted but it was late and I did have another load in me. When it rains it
  4. thanks a lot for adding me!!!

  5. HEY... read ur posts under MA RAW and was wondering if A). u were into more than just hot raw-fucking, especially a neg bottom, (Kink, S/M cbtt, pissplay leather) and B). if u had ever considered 'owning' a boy for f/t use/service? I have a horny neg 44 yo 'cub' in CT who is desperate to become a slave to a POZ-Master and I already have a f/t boy.. any interest? or would u be into just gettin together to nail some hungry ass together? In any event, thanks for your time and good luck!! HDad Dino

  6. Nice, I'll check you out ;)

  7. nice....worcester, ma here barebackri on bbrt and hunguctopdude on mh and adam4adam

  8. Love to have you use me as a cum dump if you are in East PA!

  9. Bred this cute 27 y/o cum dump while his bf watched. Already had 2 loads in him
  10. I definitely think I will hunt down the book. I think gay men and the way we approach life, our trials and tribulations are so misunderstood. It's nice to see someone study a facet of many gay men's lives from a neutral non-judgement standpoint.
  11. Last night I woke up a fuck bud who I know leaves his door unlocked. Walked in the house, went upstairs, woke him up, fucked him till I bred him, then left. He complained that it was starting to hurt and that I might need to stop. I just kept at it till I came.
  12. Fucked and bred an early 40's Latin dude at a porno theatre in a nearby city before meeting up with friends for dinner.
  13. I love being a hot cum dump and if they use a speculum and spread my tight & pink then all the better

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