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Found 19 results

  1. Used Condoms

    Looking for used and filled condoms. Don't really care about STDs or status. Anyone willing to send or meet up for some?
  2. So, I have this cute and filthy fuck buddy, a sexy little mid 20s girl with dreads and a dirty mind. She decided she wanted to do a little min orgy with her, me, and a couple of bi guys. We rented a hotel room, put up a craigslist ad saying we wanted bi guys interested in partying with an attractive couple. Invited a few over. Two guys showed up, obviously buddies, nice looking and well built, in their 30s. They brought Tina as well, so we got a little spun and started fooling around. Eventually, both me and my girl were being topped really hard by each guy, side by side. We're both cumsluts, but the boys had insisted on condoms, which was a disappointment. Both guys nutted nice and deep inside us, hers in her cunt, mine deep in my hole. They dressed and left, and she and I kept fooling around. Imagine our surprise when we found both guys had slipped the condoms off and fucked them into our holes, obviously deliberately. I found hers when I ate her cunt and tasted cum, and started scooping it out with my fingers, and then we used a douche, and what should wash out of me but another rubber. Anyone else found a rubber inside them after a supposedly safe sex only guy left?
  3. Ass to mouth

    Hello guys, might sound like an odd question: But has anyone experiences in health troubles related with ass to mouth sucking? I was always wondering if this could cause any health trouble, e. g. like getting bacterias of the ass to your mouth? I know that it's bad for women to take a dick into their pussy after having it in their ass because these bacterias don't belong there and they get sick of it. I wondered if there could be a similar mechanism doing it ass to mouth. That's why I always avoided it, especially when fucking without condoms. Any thoughts on this topic?
  4. Almost 18 months after I was first fucked raw by a dick enhanced with a PA ("a PA'd Dick") I have done it and got a PA. Despite many moments thinking about how it would look, the moment was incredibly exciting. Dick is a bit bloody now but I may share a photo at some point (I may do this via an intermediary.) In light of the piercings last week(also had my nipples done) I'm assuming this weekend is a write-off and the following weekend is Xmas Eve/Day so not much craic. I've been invited to Berlin for four or five days from 29 December. My head says a break never hurt anyone but my heart wonders, after 2.5 weeks, could I go as a bttm or bttm Vers guy. Or alternatively, could I focus on kinks (e.g. FF) and of so which? I need to avoid the dark room hand grabbing Free for all I've usually experienced in Lab, that will put me on edge. Thoughts welcome.
  5. Part I. As my boy and I have continued to explore sex with other people, we’ve had some wild time. We’ve both bred and been bred by guys we knew were POZ, either because they told us, or we saw their biohazard and scorpion tattoos. I’m sure a few POZ guys stealthed us back before we started playing raw on purpose. Suffice it to say that we are no strangers to taking loads, POZ or otherwise. Are we chasers? No, but we like cum. My boy surprised me on a recent Saturday night. We had been talking about going out, and we showered together, both douching pretty deeply in case we wound up sharing some cock later. We made out in the shower, and could barely keep our hands off each other as we toweled off and tumbled onto the bed. My boy threw me onto my back and went down on me, swallowing my cock to the balls and getting it slobbery before climbing on top and sitting all the way down on my dick. He rode me for a few minutes before I came deep in his guts. He pulled off and went down on me again, licking up my cum and his ass juice. He kissed his way up my chest and worked traces of my load into my mouth. I spit the cummy mixture into my hand and worked it into my ass. Still lying on my back, my boy hoisted my legs up and slid his raw hard cock into me. He was so turned on that he came in a few strokes, filling my ass up with a big creamy load. He pulled out, grabbed his phone off of the bedside table and snapped a few pics of my cummy ass, my hands spreading my cheeks wide. As his load oozed out, he fingered it back into me. He slapped his cummy cock against my hole and then I head the ‘woosh’ as he sent an message from his phone. I love feeling a guy unload inside me. I usually can’t feel the actual cumshot, but I can sense his cock plumping up, and then the warm wet rush squishing around inside me. It drives me wild. I live for it. So does my boy. He curled up next to me and fingered my ass. ‘Wanna go play?’ I said sure, and he suggested we go to our favorite sex club downtown. It’s really sleezy, with booths big enough for two to play comfortably, and three if they’re really hot. A few of the booths still have gloryholes. ‘I have a kinky idea... You up for some raunchy fun?,’ he asked, winking at me. I told him I was up for anything. I grabbed my poppers and we both put on our mesh jockstraps, some running shorts, tight t-shirts, and headed to the car. I pestered him the whole way there about what he was planning, and he just giggled. He stopped the car outside of a drug store and told me to wait in the car. I was wondering why he would want more lube since I could see my cum making a dark spot on his shorts as he got out of the car. He was already well-lubed… My boy came back a few minutes later and tossed a bag into my lap. ‘Open it,’ he told me. I did, and was SHOCKED to see two boxes of 18 condoms and two tubes of cheap lube. ‘What the fuck are these for?’ I asked, kind of mortified that he was even suggesting we try safe sex. ‘Just for tonight, baby,’ he assured me. ‘I know what I’m doing…’ He started the car as I sat in a funk, my lap full of unopened rubbers. ‘Are we gonna poke them with pins and breed some unsuspecting bottoms,’ I eagerly asked. ‘Nope,’ he replied. ‘Oh I get it. We’re gonna start to safe fuck some slutty bottom and then work the rubbers off and stealth them?’ ‘Nuh uh,’ he said, shaking his head. ‘What the fuck! I’ve come too far to go back to rubbers now!’ He shook his head, smiling at me, and leading my hand to his hard cock. Fuck! It had been a very long time since he could get hard at even the though of a condom. He took a deep breath as we pulled into the garage next to the sex club. We found a spot, and he parked. As the engine halted, he turned to me and kissed me hard. ‘Tonight, we’re both gonna get as many guys to fuck us as we can. The filthier the better, you see, because we’re gonna make them all bag up.’ I smirked, knowing full well that some hot guys would refuse to use a condom at all. And I knew that some fuckers would remove the condom at the first opportunity. ‘We’re gonna play ‘safe’ tonight. I invited a group of friends to seek us out and fill those rubbers with their cum…’ My interest was piqued. ‘Go on…’ I pleaded. ‘The kinky part will come when we collect all of those full used rubbers… I have a plan for our holes…’ He kissed me hard, and reached for one of the boxes of condoms. My boy got out of the car as he unwrapped the plastic and shoved the condom wrappers in one long strip into his shorts. He didn’t look back at me. I followed him, copying his moves, and discarding the cardboard box, with a strip of 18 condoms trailing down my ass, shoved into my waist.
  6. Condom Use On The Decline

    Here is an interesting article I thought you guys would be interested in. Getting men to go raw is getting easier all the time. http://spr.ly/6180Byegw
  7. During my routine check up with my HIV doctor today, he told me once again that I should be using condoms, even if I am undetectable. He said he was afraid I could get a drug resistant strain of HIV. I asked him if he had any advice for someone who only has bareback sex. He just repeated his advice to use a condom. What do you guys think about this exchange? Is he burying his head in the sand, not wanting to acknowledge that lots of guys have bare sex? What about the drug resistant strain of HIV? Should doctors give these talks to someone they know is a cumdump? Should they provide other forms of advice for cumdumps like me?
  8. Real men wear condoms. There is nothing wrong with wearing a condom as long as what you are wearing is THE right kind of condom. There are many kinds of condom. The rubber kind do not work for a lot of men. These are the wrong kind to use. These kind of condoms are use and dispose. The kind of condoms real men need are the ones which are be reusable. The kind of condom I am speaking of, the best fitting condom for real men, has been in use for centuries. Let me reintroduce you to Bottoms for Men. A Bottom is not only skin tight, it is also reusable. Sharing a Bottom with other men couldn't be easier. You can slip your dick out of a Bottom and pass it to a buddy very easily. This sharing can happen as few or as many times as you desire. This could not happen with a rubber condom. Bottoms for Men are also washable. You could never do this with a rubber condom. Pictured is a man preparing to slip his hard dick into a Bottom. It is really easy to use a Bottom. See how easy it is. Try it yourself. Bottoms for Men come in many sizes, shapes and colours. You can use Bottoms for Men anywhere you please. There is nothing like a good Bottom to satisfy the sexual needs of men. It doesn't matter what the size of the Bottoms for Men condom is that you are using, your dick will fit inside it. Remember some Bottoms are tighter than others. You might have to give your dick a good hard thrust to get it in. The best method to use is to hold Bottom firmly and slam your dick inside it. What could be easier? All bars, bathhouses, bookstores, sex clubs, parks and recreation areas stock Bottoms for Men. Everywhere, regardless of whether the management wants to admit it or not, stocks Bottoms for Men. Remember Bottoms for Men come in two types: NEG and POZZED. Use Hard. Use frequently. Only dispose of a Bottom for Men when it is completely used up and totally unusable.
  9. I want to know what other's experiences are like with broken condoms, whether purposefully breaking them or accidental and whether you feel it as a top or a bottom. For me, if I've used an oil based lube, and can reasonably expect it to break, I have felt it break or know when it breaks fucking as a top. The very first time a condom broke (because it was expired) I was unaware as it was a complete accident. I only remember it feeling much better but I didn't stop. I don't think any of the bottoms I have fucked have felt it break because none of them say anything to me about it. To my knowledge I have not had a condom break or have been stealthed on the few occasions when I bottom, so I have nothing to say there. Can you feel it break? Does it matter if it is accidental and you're not paying attention or if you are waiting in anticipation for it to break? Does being a top or bottom matter? Let me know what your experiences are. The poll allows for multiple answers for you versatile guys. Comments encouraged.
  10. What is your experience regarding discussion on hiv status prior to sex? Where this is not voluntered, eg bbrt, do you or your hookups tend to raise this? I find that in anon situations such as saunas and public, this is NEVER raised. Hookups from recon never ask, from bbrt where status is 'ask me', they never ask, squirt sometimes ask.
  11. Wonder if any of you have read this: http://www.thebody.com/content/art2452.html I'd like to discuss and debate the arguments presented. It's a great read.
  12. I was cruising online, Adam4adam, Manhunt, BBRTS, you know the sites, and got hit up by a hot looking younger guy. I mean he was fine. He said he couldn't host, so he wanted to come to my place. Part of my brain couldn't believe this guy was for real. He was built like a fireplug, you know what I mean: about 5"7' or so and muscles, dark skin and handsome. I found him quite attractive so we chatted for a while and I decided I'd take the chance with him. In addition, he said he wanted to fuck and I wasn't about to turn down the chance to get my hole drilled by a man with his build. I was versatile but had a definite weakness for guys who were built as his photographs suggested. Of course I was only too aware there is often a disconnect between on-line photographs and real life, and almost never to the plus, but my sense was 'nothing ventured, nothing gained', so I gave him my address. Happily, when he showed up he looked just like the pics. There wasn’t any fat on the guy and he was fuckin' handsome to boot. I couldn’t wait to get into his pants but he wanted to sit and have a beer. We talked and he was coming on real strong. I was getting completely turned on because he was telling me about how he wanted a guy to be completely submissive to him. I guessed he was telling me what he wanted and I was ready to try because he had me going. As I expected, when we finally got down to the action he become very aggressive, deliberately making me gag on his dick when I was sucking it. Not that it wasn’t tough to gag because he was hung thick. Not super long or anything, probably seven inches, but damn thick. He was also very verbal through the whole thing. When he was ready to fuck I got a condom and some lube out, and I told him to go slow. He of course ignored me and he basically split me open, or at least it felt like it. He was not a slow fuck either. He went right to pounding away. At some point he pulled out and I could see the condom had broke. The base of the condom was still around his dick but the top of it had split and was just hanging off. I was kinda concerned because I don’t know how long he had been fucking with it split like that. He said that it often happened because he was so thick. I hadn’t seen him pre-cumming much when I was sucking him but I still didn’t want to be going at it bare with him. He tried to convince me that we could just do it bare, but I told him I didn’t do that. I was very clear that if he wanted to keep fucking he needed to wrap it up. He didn’t seem happy but I was not going to do it otherwise. I told him that there were more in the closet in my dresser top drawer so he got up to go get another. He came back with a condom and with the belt from my bathrobe. After he got the condom back on he said he was gonna tie my hands up cause he didn’t want me touching my dick until he wanted me to. I got all hot again thinking about it, so I let him do it. My hands were tied up together over my head to the headboard of the bed. I was on my back and he had thrown my legs up over his shoulders. He got right back to work fucking me. We had been going at it maybe twenty minutes total, and five minutes with the new condom when he stopped. He pulled out and told me he couldn’t feel anything with a condom on and he was going to take it off. I told him he couldn’t fuck me with out one, but he just smiled and said I couldn’t stop him now. I mean, talk about scared. I suddenly didn’t want to fuck anymore. I was into being submissive and letting him have his way, but if it meant getting barebacked, sorry, not me. I kinda laughed like it was a joke and told him to let me go. He said no. I started to get loud so he stuffed a pair on underwear in my mouth. When I tried to kick him away he just got hold of my legs and bent them so they were under his control and he was back on top of me. He was strong and I felt pretty much helpless. I was trying to get him off me but he climbed back on me and started fucking again with no condom on. I would be lying to tell you it didn’t feel good. I hadn’t barebacked in a long time and it did feel good, but I was scared. He kept talking telling me how good it felt and how he liked it. I have to say I did calm down some because it WAS hot. I mean, I couldn’t do anything to stop him and he was fucking me bare. I just realized that I had no choice: struggling wasn’t doing anything and he wasn’t listening to me mumble. I tried to speak and tell him to pull out before he came, but he didn’t hear me or pretended he didn’t understand what I was saying. I was pissed but I was also turned on by his dominance. He was getting close I could tell because he was getting harder and pounding harder. It was then he told me that he was poz and he was going cum inside me. He said I would be poz too. I freaked and was trying harder than before to get him off me and get him to stop fucking. It didn’t do any good because I had my hands tied and he was on top of me holding my legs down to my chest with his body holding me down. I knew when he came as he grunted loudly the whole time he shot his load in my ass. I stopped fighting and just kinda went numb, not knowing what to think. I had let him get me in a position where I didn’t have a choice, where he had control, and he had used that against me. He was poz, had fucked me bare and dumped his load in me. I felt a lot of things but mostly I was tired and exhausted from struggling. I knew from how stretched out I felt that he probably had converted me right there. So there I was, laying under him, while his load seeping into my ass. He didn’t pull out but instead resumed fucking me some more, sure enough shooting his second load a few minutes later. I found myself was crying, more from shock than anything, and he responded by holding me in his arms, quietly talking about how good the sex had felt, and other stuff that I don’t really remember. At some point he untied me. I want to say I was mad then and got back at him, but I had already faced the fact that I was going to be poz and that was the way things were. I asked him why he did it and he said he pozzed me because someone had pozzed him. It was that simple. He left shortly after that. That is how I got pozzed.
  13. I wouldn’t trade the country for the city but with no sex at or around my rural home I have to get some satisfaction, besides jerking off, at least once in awhile. Despite the last few times at the video store booths being non-events my urges were uncontrollable one particular day. I put on some new black panty hose and a pair of white silky panties with the crotches cut out for real easy access. I topped off my under attire with a white padded bra and a short blue slip and threw on some loose jeans and a shirt and took the hour plus drive to the booths and dark rooms one more time. A quick cruise through the maze of booths and glory holes showed the place was busier than normal for this time of day. I quickly headed for a familiar booth with a curtain and glory holes on three walls to adjoining booths and into a dark hallway on the other wall. I slid down my jeans to expose the white panties and black pantyhose. In just a few seconds a guy looked in and moved on, but the next guy that looked in paused only a second and then walked right up to me. He glanced at me, felt my stockings and obviously knowing what I wanted said, “C’mon, let’s get-it-on in another booth.” He was fit and good-looking so without hesitation I followed him to another area where there were lots of guys hanging around in the hallway. I followed him into one of the nearby booths. My slutty side was hot and ready so in no time at all he had a condom on and had me bent over pounding my open crotch panty clad ass with my hands against the wall bracing myself as he thrust deep and fast. The first condom broke but he quickly changed it and proceeded to use me until he came. He kept his cock in me until it started to soften and then we separated and went off in different directions. After that I got sucked on for a little bit, but not much happened until I met him in the hallways again and he told me he wanted to poke me again. Once again he was particular about the booth he wanted, I followed him willingly again into the dark booth lit only by the porn video playing. Since he had already cum I had to suck on him for a several minutes before he spun me around, put on another one of his condoms and rammed me again. The lube situation seemed better this time but once again his condom broke. I’m not sure what he had done to the condoms for them to break, but didn’t care anyway. This time guys were peeking in at us as if they knew what was happening. I loved being watched dressed as a cunt while being used as one. He changed out his broken condom and once again banged away at my sluttily dressed ass until he stiffened, shook and held his cock deep in me. This time he gave a typical compliment and left. I hadn’t even slid my pants back up when a muscular guy stepped right in the dark booth and showed me his stiff cock. I went right for it and sucked away as he reached around and felt my panties and stockings. He moved his finger into my ass and I gave the ok signal by wiggling my ass and pushing back against his finger allowing him to probe deeper. Without any words he positioned me and slid right in from behind. It felt good and I couldn’t believe it slid in so easy. He started pounding on me at a steady rate. I reached back just to make sure and sure enough he was fucking me raw. It was just what I wanted and turned me on big time. I pushed back and he knew that I knew he was raw and wanted it and he started jack-hammering my mancunt. By this time a few guys were right in the entrance to the booth watching up close as my panty clad ass being taken by a stranger raw. I heard one of the guys ask, “He taking it bareback?” "Yeah." “All right!” was the response. As my head banged against the wall and my ass was ravaged by the raw cock the other guys looked on and expressed their approval with occasional 'yeahs' and 'all rights' and, of course, and moans. I was getting close with my cock oozing sperm. He must have known because he didn’t attempt to please me at all. He grabbed my hips tighter and pounded faster looking only to satisfy his animal urges. I felt him cum in me but he just kept pounding away like nothing happened. Cum was oozing out all over my panties and stockings and what didn’t leak out was getting pistoned in deeper. I wondered if he really thought I didn’t know he had shot his raw load in me. But I didn’t care and he just kept pounding away as long as he could driving his cum deep into my panty-clad ass. He softened, pulled out and appreciatively patted my ass and left. I spun around saw a face in the glory hole peeking at me. I stuck my cock through and let that stranger who had watched me get bred raw lick my cum that had oozed out off of my cock and then he began to suck. I lasted only seconds and with an enormous orgasm I emptied the last of my load into the warm mouth in the other booth. I left satisfied but the guilt set in and for a just a few days the “What have I done to myself?” question kept coming to mind with a resolve never to do it again. But now, only a few days later I am getting horny thinking and writing about the event. With trepidation I await the fuck flu but either way, as one other story concluded, I’ll probably be back for more.
  14. I'm a biker living in London UK, and I've discovered three major ways of pozzing up unsuspecting negs. Thought I'd share my techniques with you blokes. The first I discovered by accident when I was fucking a guy and the condom broke. I said I was sorry, and I was, but later the memory made me smile. Sometime later when I was doing another guy, and the condom broke when I was putting it on, but I decided to fuck him without his knowledge the condom would not provide any protection. I felt guilty and horny as hell at the same time. Then I started pricking the rubbers in their packets, so that when I started fucking, they'd split, but through experience I learned this technique didn't reliably work, so using embroidering scissors, I would carefully cut open the packets, remove the condoms and snip a bit off the tip. Then I would roll it back up and slide it back into the packet. Then I would look for guys who are into safer sex only. I've done hundreds of guys using this method over the years. The second method is more work, but more fun. I chat up negs on-line who want to bareback with other negs, saying I had tested neg the month before, claiming I only top, and I'm neg. Occasionally when I've met-up with such guys, they ask for documentation showing my status, so I made-up a fake report on my computer, and printed it on letterhead that looks like that of the local STD clinic. In addition, I tell them I will pull-out before shooting. Of course I never do. It's much easier to apologize than to get permission. For that matter, there are ample guys into being fucked by a guy in bike leathers and crash helmet, so I dress the part, at least the first time around. On second and subsequent 'dates' I may get more intimate, smiling, and kissing passionately. I do my best to blow at least five loads in such guys, and even stay in touch with them long enough to see if they convert. I think I've used this technique on about 20 guys over the years. To the best of my knowledge, about 19 of the guys converted. When they tell me they've tested poz I act shocked and say I will get tested immediately. I love chat rooms: the other guy can't see the smile on my face. The third method is the most dangerous and the hottest. A biker mate and I were cruising Hamstead Heath, London's cruising area. We were desperate to breed a neg bottom. We wandered about 'till we saw a cute young Asian guy. He was a bit drunk. I think it was his first time on the heath. We smiled, said hello, and led him to a quiet part of the heath. I started kissing him while my mate pulled down his pants, and pinned him to the ground, and using just spit for lube, raped his ass. I held him down and pushed his face into the mud to stop him screaming. When my mate finished, it was my turn. After we both finished we both pissed on him and told him we were HIV positive. We left him there, sobbing, soaked in piss, with our poz loads in his cunt. I still get a hard on thinking about it.
  15. Last night I had a sweet conquest. Met this hottie at a circuit party I attended two months ago, and was after his ass ever since. He was cute, young, smooth, awesome bubble butt, and tight little muscles. I saw him as a bottom - he was undecided as he had little butt play under his belt. We had hung out a few times since the party and messed around, sucking and jacking each other off, but he didn’t want to get fucked, ‘cause he was really scared of getting HIV, even if the top used a condom. He took the view there was no way he’d go without. I, of course, was determined to change his viewpoint, but didn’t tell him that. We hung out and I worked to built up his trust in me, very, very slowly trying to shift his thinking on fucking. To the extent I mentioned it, I only did so within the context of safe sex, that is, with a condom. Sensing his comfort level was increasing, I prepared to breach his guard. I picked-up a six pack of pre-lubricated condoms, opened the box, throwing one away to give the impression I regularly used them, and used a syringe to inject baby oil into the foil pouch so the condoms were liberally coated. I understood from the various safe-sex advocates that baby oil very easily breaks down in baby oil. Mind you, the foil appeared to be intact as the tiny pinprick hole was invisible to anyone who gave the condom a casual glance. I had never tried this before, but thought it was my best chance. In order to make sure the baby oil did its work, I let the condoms marinate for a week. I met up with the guy at my house, and we got into it hot and heavy. As I gauged, he was ready to fuck. At the right time, I pulled the box of condoms out of my night table drawer, deftly pulled one out, making sure to tear it open under his gaze. The baby oil was relatively unnoticeable as the condoms were pre-lubricated. He rolled it onto my dick, and seemed satisfied with the safeguard. Smiling, I positioned him on his back at the edge of my bed, as I leaned into him, a couple of pillows under his ass, and his legs on my shoulders. The first thrust into his hole was pure heaven. The condom integrity held at this point, and he had me take it out once and even checked it to make sure all was cool, then satisfied, he settled back and let me slide into him again. The pleasure, both physical and psychological, was exquisite. After a couple of thrusts I repositioned my cock, holding on about mid-shaft. Doubtless he thought I was merely keeping my dick in alignment with his ass, but in reality, as I slid back in, I pulled the condom taut on the shaft of my dick. As planned, in so doing the tip tore open, so I slid into his ass essentially raw. He reached-back once and a while to feel my cock that was ostensibly sheathed in a protective condom. After a couple of checks, he closed his eyes and gave into the sensation. I plunged viciously in and out of his bare ass now, eager to fulfill my desire, and soon enough my cum erupted in his hole. Of course there was no condom to capture it, so all that precious poz cum was free to do its worst. I didn’t let him cum, telling him that I had another load for him, and, within about 10 minutes spilled my load into his ass, breeding him a second time. Then I slid out of his hole and fell to my knees, taking his cock in my mouth and gave him a sweet blow job, all the time extracting out from under my bed a condom I had jacked off into the night before, exchanging it for the damaged condom, tossing the latter out of sight, under my bed. When he came, I swallowed his neg, salty load, and standing up, palmed the intact condom, pronouncing it as, in fact, intact. No lie there. He only glanced at it. He had no reason to anticipate my duplicity. I went to the bathroom and discarded the condom before he had a chance to notice it wasn’t fresh, while he remained in the bed. I let him sleep with me that night and he fell asleep, with my poz cum, swimming inside tender ass. In the morning after he took a crap, he mentioned a lot of lube that came out of his ass. I suggested I must have used too much. If it occurred to him that it could have been cum, I assume he shrugged it off - after all, he had seen the intact condom. I haven’t talked to him this past week, but I’m hoping my poz cum inside his ass had begun its work, and despite his every precaution, his body would convert.
  16. This true story happened about 7 years ago. I had just started getting fucked by guys and it was always with a condom. One night, I started talking to a dom top on gay.com chat. I am 100% submissive and was enjoying talking to a dominant top. After several minutes, we talked about what he was into. He mentioned that he liked using a sub's mouth and ass. There was one catch, though. He never used condoms. This scared me and excited me at the same time. We talked for the next several days and, each time, he talked about how he only fucked bareback. He pointed me to a couple of bareback websites and those sites got me even hotter. I jerked off many times to those sites and thinking about getting fucked bare. Finally, after talking for a few more days, we talked about hooking up. I told him that I was interested but was scared about getting fucked since he only fucked bareback. He told me that I could just come over and suck him off and swallow his load. I agreed and drove over to his place. I was literally shaking when I got to his front door. I knocked and he invited me in. Immediately, he took control. He told me to strip and get on my knees. I quickly stripped and knelt as he requested. He pulled his pants down and put his quickly growing cock into my mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head and started using my mouth. It was so hot. After a few minutes, he told me to stop sucking and follow him into the bedroom. I followed him and he took off the rest of his clothes. He lay back on the bed and told me to start sucking him again. I started worshipping his cock striving to please him. I would lick around the head and then take his cock in my mouth and take it as deep as I could. I couldn't quite deep throat him, but he helped by putting his hand on the back of my head and pushing my head down. I gagged but that didn't stop him from continuing to use my mouth. It was incredibly hot! Finally, he said he wanted his balls licked. I stopped sucking him and moved down to lick his balls. I ran my tongue all over his balls. He told me to go lower - underneath his balls. I started running my tongue under his balls and really started moaning loudly. Finally, he said "I've had enough sucking. I am going to fuck you now." "Yes Sir" was all that I could reply. He had me get up and follow him over towards a chair. He told me to bend over the chair and hold my hands out. I did as I was told. He pulled some rope out from under the bed and quickly tied up my hands. Next, he tied the rope around a nearby pole. Now, I was naked, bent over the chair with no way of getting away. I knew he was going to fuck me and that he would be fucking me bare. I was nervous and excited at the same time. All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind - "Am I ready to get fucked bare? He told me that he was negative, but is he lying? He is going to cum in me no matter what. What can I do about it now? Nothing! Do I want him to start? NO! I want his bare cock and take his load!" While all of those thoughts were going through my mind, I felt his hard cock rubbing up and down my crack. Then, he stopped at my tight hole. I felt him squirt some lube on my hole and his cock was quickly placed back at the entrance. All of my thoughts changed to a single thought "I am about to get fucked bareback and I can't wait!" He started pushing his cock into my hole. Since I had only been fucked a few times, it hurt going in. I didn't care. All I knew was that I needed his hard bare cock in my hole. He kept pushing in until his cock was totally in my tight hole. He held it there for a few moments giving me a chance to adjust. Then he started slowly fucking me. He continued to thrust harder and faster. I was in heaven. I was finally getting fucked BARE and there was nothing I could do to stop it (not that I wanted to anyway!) Then he started talking to me - saying how he liked my tight hole and that he was going to breed me soon. He grabbed my hips tight and then groaned loudly and pushed hard. I was so fucking turned on - he was cumming in me. I was taking my first load! He kept thrusting making sure that he got his load deep. He held his cock in me for a few minutes to make sure I got every drop of his load. He pulled out and told me "You just took your first load. Did you enjoy it?" "Yes Sir. Thank you for giving me your load, Sir." We talked for a minute and then he had me get dressed. I put my clothes on and left. I had to run errands and I could feel his load in me the rest of the day. It was a near-perfect way to get bred the first time! That was about 7 years ago and I have never been fucked with a condom since. I only get fucked BARE and take all loads.
  17. I’ve now shared my boy’s sweet NEG ass with a handful of friends, some POZ, but mostly NEG. We’ve talked about it and he’s not a chaser, he’s just a cum-loving slut. I can’t hold that against him. Besides, his ass is so hot and so tight, it would be criminal not to share it. I always fuck him bare, and talk real dirty about sharing his ass with strangers, and whoring him out. A few moths ago, we decided to take things to another level, and attend a POZ-friendly sex party, if we could fine one. My boy saw one close to our apartment, and made a reservation. Condoms to be provided, but not required. Getting ready for the event was HOT. I helped him clean out his ass real good, and thought some of the guys there might appreciate a pre-lubed sweet hole for them to use. I rimmed his hole getting it good and sloppy before plunging my rod in to the balls and fucking him hard for a good fifteen minutes before depositing my load deep within. I fingered his ass to make sure every drop made it in and then squirted a bit more lube up there for good measure. I didn’t know how many cocks he’d take that night, but didn’t want anyone to tear him up. When we arrived, we checked our clothes. My boy kept his jock on, and we both kept on our socks, with a few condoms each, just in case. He told me it was okay to play with other bottoms, and I could fuck them raw, but he wanted me to pull out before coming, so I could give my loads to him. I made him PROMISE me to not take anyone raw unless they promised they were NEG. He agreed, but looked a little hurt. My boy went to look for a water bottle to keep himself hydrated and told me to “make friends.” I was shocked to see one or two familiar faces there. One was my old buddy BJ, a barrel chested cigar smoking bearded daddy-type bear, in leather chaps, with his cock hanging out. I am usually a top, but a few summers ago, after a particularly wild party, I gave my raw ass to BJ and took his load. I fondly remembered his beer-can thick cock, big egg-sized low-hanging balls, and salty load dripping down my thighs. He had licked up as much as possible and snowballed it to me. He asked what I was doing there, and I said, “Lining up some dick for my boyfriend." "You still NEG?” he asked. “As far as I know.” “Your boy?” “NEG.” “Fuck,” he said, “I’d tap his hot little ass any time, but I got POZZED.” I asked when, and he promised it was after our one hot time together. I told him he was free to fuck him as long as he bagged up and pulled out before coming. I told him I would get off on licking up his BUG JUICE from my boy’s ass and back. That really got him going, and he started slowly jerking himself. My boy came back with some water, and I introduced BJ to my boy. He was smitten. BJ took his hand and led him to a mattress in a side room. Watching my boy savagely kissing this hot POZ daddy got me rock hard. BJ bent him over to fuck him doggy style, facing me as I fed my hard cock to my boy’s hungry mouth. He was in heaven. I offered BJ a condom, but he refused. I thought he was going to fuck him raw, and was about to protest, when he reached into his back pocket and got one of his own. He carefully unwrapped it, and properly put it on. My boy was screwing his ass around in circles, hungry for action, and wondering what the delay was. I nodded to BJ, and properly bagged up, he slowly slid his cock all the way in. My boy was not quiet about how much he was enjoying being fucked by this thick cock. I pulled my dripping dick out of his mouth and whispered into his ear, “BJ’s POZ, but he’s fucking you safe, and he promised to pull out when he comes. I’ll feed it to you if I don’t swallow it all myself.” He grunted approval, reaching back to make sure BJ was all latexed up. After a few minutes doggy style, BJ’s pace increased and he lunged forward, then paused for a few seconds. He leaned forward and whispered something in my boy’s ear. He grunted back, “Oh yeah, man. Don’t stop. Give it to me!” “Getting close?” I asked. “Fuck yeah!” I noticed we had drawn a bit of a crowd, and there were four or five guys egging BJ on, “Load him up!” “Cum in his ass,” they shouted. BJ picked up his pace again, and really started slamming his ass. He pulled out, and went to pull off the condom. It was then I saw that it had ripped. I guess that’s what that lunge was. He didn’t even seem to notice that the condom had broken, but he’d kept his promise and pulled out, thank God. He shot a massive load all over my boy’s sweaty back and ass. I lurched forward and licked it off in gobs, making sure it wouldn't drip into his used sweaty hole. I spit it into his piggy grinning face. He swallowed it all down, meekly thanked BJ for a good time, and asked the crowd, “Who’s next?” BJ wasled away to a corner to watch the action. A skinny nerdy looking frekle-faced redhead with a huge wang nervously stepped up. As my boy’s pimp for the night, I gave the redhead the same rules I had given BJ. He nodded okay. I offered him a condom, and he smiled, pulling one of his own from his socks. Same brand as BJ. Small world. He bagged up, and slid right in. I reached around to make sure it was on properly, and almost busted a nut feeling his huge dick plunging in and out of my boy’s hole, latex and all. Seeing his familiar hairy hole being filled with a cute nerdy stranger’s cock got me really hot. I was glad to be sharing that moment with my boy, and felt safe knowing that I was there to make sure it was happening safely. Big Red slammed his sweet ass a few times and sunk it in all the way, pulled out almost entirely, and slammed in again, holding it there. Then he slowed his pace as my boy wriggled around on his pole. He looked pleadingly around the room. “Someone give me his dick to suck!” A well-muscled Chelsea gym bunny stepped up and stuck his dick in my boy’s eager mouth. Big Red quicked his stride, and looked like he was cumming. He left his dick in my boy’s sloppy hole for a few seconds before pulling it out with a juicy plop. Fuck, the condom broke again, and this time he’d cum deep inside my boy’s hole. Gym Guy saw this and before I could do anything, spun my boy around and stuck his cock in raw. BJ went from lurking in the corner and came up behind me. “Don’t fight it,” he whispered. “This is what he came here for. Don’t ruin it for him.” “What!?!?!” I asked. BJ explained to me that this wasn’t a POZ-friendly party, it was a POZ-only party and my boy and I were the only NEG ones there. He then told me that he came once in my boy’s hole before shooting his second load that I shared with my boy. Big Red has probably also shot twice up his still-NEG hole. I was furious, but still-rock hard. BJ explained that he was the party organizer and told my boy the whole deal before he agreed to come. The condoms had been poked through with pins before being strategically scattered throughout the place and handed out to people who wanted the illusion of playing safe. My head was spinning as Gym Guy slammed my boy’s ass real hard, creaming his pussy. He pulled out just enough to shoot a few spurts on my boy’s quivering hole before pressing them in with his oozing cock. BJ got down on his knees and swallowed my hard tool as another guy lined him his dick with my boy’s hungry gaping drippy hole. I saw his dick before the rest of him. Salt and pepper hair, firm chest and arms, but sunken sick-looking facial cheeks. The other guys didn’t look POZ, but this fucker sure did. He pumped a few times, looking like a rutting animal, before loading my boy’s hole. I came in BJ’s mouth and he took it all in his mouth, then got up, and fed me some of my load. He then started fingering my hole with the rest of it. I was overcome with lust. How forbidden to be sharing my boy’s hole with a roomful of POZ strangers. I wanted some of the attention for myself and got down doggy style, facing my boy’s mouth and started kissing him hard. He was shocked that I was now on my knees too, being a slut offering up his ass for POZ cum. He seemed to be smiling. I closed my eyes, reached back and spread my cheeks for someone to dick me. And someone did. Several someones did. I took at least four cocks, and counted at least three loads up cum deposited deep up my NEG hole. My boy must have taken at least eight dicks. And he took all of their loads, like a champ. When we left, we were both covered in sweat and cum. We made it home and spooned together all night, cum leaking out both of our holes. Neither of his showered or washed out our cummy asses. We both tested NEG later that month and NEG again a month later. We haven’t been back to the POZ party yet, and may not be allowed until we both test POZ. Until then, I’ll have to keep looking for dick for my boy’s hole, and occasionally mine.
  18. One of my most satisfying pozzings was with one of those damned invasive sex-police. You remember - those guys would walk around the bar, eavesdropping on conversations and then telling the men what they should and should not do. When a ran into this particular bastard and he presumed to insert himself into a conversation I was having with a prospective sex partner, I controlled myself and made a mental note to prepare myself for the next time I saw him. Scarcely a week later around 10:00 P.M. I was at my usual stool at the bar and I noticed him gliding around the bar pulling his shit. Fortunately I was positioned right next to the beer tap and consequently was in the perfect position to schmooze him when he came up for a refill. I got really chummy with him: told him how I was neg, fully supported his point of view, etc. etc. Even pointed out the safety pin clipped to my jeans. Ended up with an invitation back to his place. He wasn't bad looking, but I suspected hadn't been laid in a while because he was so politically obnoxious. Took no time to get both our clothes off, but he insisted that we had to wear condoms just for sucking each other’s dick. Man, I really had to fight my gag reflex when I tasted that damned latex. Anyway, finally got him all hot and bothered, then telling him that, as we were both neg, I wanted to fuck. He was hesitant, but I lay down on my belly, and told him he could do me first. So, true to his convictions, he pulled off the condom he had on, slipped on another new one, greased up my ass, and slowly slid in. Didn't take him long to orgasm, and in fact he pulled out before he shot even though he had on a damned condom. On my turn, he insisted that I, too, put on fresh condom, and I did so in front of him. I was going to anyway, as I had some specially doctored ones in my pocket. Claiming a hypersensitivity to the brand of condom he offered, I deftly pulled a doctored (yet ostensibly still sealed) rubber out of the packaging and rolled it onto my dick. He never even noticed the razor slit in the end. He wanted us to fuck face-to-face, but I said I preferred him on his belly. I climbed on top, and pressed my dickhead again his asshole. He suddenly whipped his hand around behind him, feeling the condom on my dick to reassure himself all was 100% safe. I thrust into him much faster than he had me, and I could feel the condom rip open and slide up my dick like a sleeve as I did. Essentially although there was latex from the base of my cock down to his sphincter, from there on my cock was 100% bare. I fucked him as long as I was capable to ensure that the lining of his asshole would be torn-up and some capillaries broken. Finally, I was ready. I fucked him very fast and hard, then diving as deeply in as my 7" would reach, and shot my load. Whenever I'm pozzing a guy, the orgasm I have is incredible - I feel it from my toes all the way to my finger-tips, and it seems to go on and on and on while I shoot one long charged rope after another into the his hole. With this guy though, it seemed even more intense. Guess it was the success of pozzing someone I despised. As soon as my orgasm finished, I pulled out of him, and made a bee-line for his bathroom. I yanked off the torn condom, dropped it in the toilet along with a piece of toilet tissue to cover it, then sat down and pissed & shit into the toilet. He walked into the bathroom as I was getting up, but all he could see was a small part of the condom. Two months later I read in the local rag that he had resigned from the AIDS Awareness group because of ‘personal reasons’. I snickered with pleasure and got a raging hard-on because I knew exactly what those ‘personal reasons’ were.
  19. I love this... There's a law on the books in New York that possession of condoms is legally admissible evidence of prostitution. Unfortunately, they're trying to repeal the law, but apparently NYPD isn't endorsing the repeal 'cause they like using condom possession in prostitution cases, and the Mayor won't endorse it until NYPD does. Pretty funny, eh?

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