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    I am 6'0, br/br, #245,mustache, goatee, 51 y/o
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    Bottoms. Prefer younger. Decent shape. Tops..I like almost any top, as long as they have a nice cock!

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  1. Did anything change to how the filter works for Activity Streams? I have one that should show me the few threads I follow and show me the UNREAD items in that thread. It no longer works, and I have recreated it. I attached a pic of the filter I use.
  2. Contrary to my user name, I love to bottom (Wish I could change my name without creating a new profile!) I found a middle aged black guy on A4A. Invited him over. I love anonymous fucking, so I got ready, put a ball stretcher on my nuts, lubed up, and put on a blindfold. He came in, stripped, and had me suck his cock until he was nice and hard. Then he moved me to the side of the bed, and slid his thick, black cock in me. Fucked me good and hard, and ended up unloading deep in my hole. He got dressed and left. I never saw his face, nor did I want to. He came back for a second time the last week. This time, I milked 2 loads out of him. Still haven't seen him. :-) I love anonymous.
  3. Man, that is a hot avatar

  4. So I can find the UNREAD CONTENT, but on the old site, when I went to a Forum, there was an option to go to the 1st Unread Post. Not seeing anything like that on the new software. Yes, I see where I can do an Advanced search for the last day/week, etc, but I don't keep track of when I was last on the board, and sometimes, there are only 1 or 2 forums I want to actually read since the last time I was on. Help?? ................Nevermind. I figured it out. Sure isn't easy to do though!
  5. I use these 2 sites all the time. http://www.funyo.tv/gay-roulette http://chatrandom.com/gay/
  6. I love small built Asian guys! Use to have an Asian BF a long time ago. He was hot. Been a while, but I would take an Asian any day.
  7. Shouldn't be anything illegal about incest porn, just underage porn.
  8. But you don't have a location in your profile, either. I assume by your name you are in Baltimore, but that doesn't help if somebody is looking at cities.
  9. So, I have noticed that a lot (Most, from the ones I have browsed) have no location in them. Not even that state/county/whatever. Why not? Honestly, it can't be because you don't want to be "Found out". Putting in a general location doesn't tell specifics like an address.
  10. I fucking love shorter, small built guys! Huge +++ in my book.
  11. Wish you could make it over to the Rosemont area Feb 2 or 3, but I think that is too far for you. I would top that ass.

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