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  1. im starting to like pouch briefs show my junk off a bit
  2. as a question how does the meat market differ from Fickstutenmarkt is it a similar idea
  3. if you have paint program (microsoft standard program) on your pc you can resize it on that
  4. thanks for the info on that i will be avoiding them in future. seams most uk ones are isopropyl nitrite
  5. im the same theres some brands i cant use as they give me a bad chest English for one gives me a bad cough but Amsterdam gold dont, im in the uk by the way
  6. i wouldnt say thats beaten just well spanked to me. beaten to means punched kicked slapped hard on the face ect. spanking is an erotic art form that requires finesse
  7. i have to agree if i know im going too get fucked i will take a Imodium as well as douching
  8. i think you can send them your picture and they will say yes or no
  9. no good sex is always a 2 way thing and more so if with a partner
  10. are there fuck benches there and the bottoms that have been how often where you in a sling. can you start on a bench or sling ?
  11. yes that is very true theres more to it than having a open ass as you have to be able to relax enough to let the tops fuck you good. even if your hole is trained to take big toys its possible to not be able to take cocks as your mind closes your ass up. i sometimes struggle when tops start to pound as mentally i feel the loss of control so my ass goes tight, i think ive worked that out my system but not had a top hard fuck me since yet
  12. they work the same way as if you have erection problems you get hard but when you get turned for the next 4-8 hours you get hard again. i take them and i get really hard can feel my cock throbbing and its slightly bigger stays rigid longer so can fuck longer and harder
  13. did they 100% take the pill every day did you watch them take it every day. maybe the area they live theres a strain thats overpowers the prep if its not used daily
  14. i know this is more a crossdressing thing but one of my fantasy roleplay things is to be the demure housewife stockings thong dress small heels all made up make up ect to be washing dishes at the sink and for a guy to play with me leading to fucking me over the sink
  15. well im hoping to try a proper fuck bench session later in the month i want more than 2 guys this time on it

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