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  1. its because your feeling more confident in your self so it shows on the outside confidence is very sexy i find
  2. being top is all about confidence not about size at all, use what you have baths saunas a good idea as bottoms usually ass up so wont see you
  3. no its not annoying as you should be able to work out what they mean easy in context with the sentences before. what was before that line was it about oral or anal. What if the person that wrote it uses English as a second language so wont spot the errors so i assume you dont use social media as you would be forever correcting grammar
  4. sounds interesting broke you in for what
  5. Make sure both cocks are pleasured as your sucking one wank the other or play with his balls if hes wanking. switch between sucking them often. Try both together in your mouth and lick both heads
  6. close chat and click it again it always does this to me should work
  7. well heres mine not sure what you would class it as. im trying to get a more oval gape though
  8. im still getting Call to undefined function mcrypt_create_iv() [/web/sites/studio3x/commoncode/passwords.php:48] but can see there are users in chat
  9. A dom should never drink or get high and spank flog cane ect past playful spankings the sub shouldnt unless you have total trust in the dom to know your limits and stop when you are at your limit as like you say with drink your pain threshold is higher but your not in control in BDSM to me the sub has all the control the dom is just the tool to deliver what the sub wants
  10. if your not sure you you can email them a pic in advance look on the FAQ on the main site its an event i want to try but ive had no group sex use more than 2 tops
  11. what Eros said i agree with as tops want to please the bottom too get to know what a bottom likes which takes a bit of time and trust
  12. stick with Prep as said above a dom has a duty of care for their sub. Perp means you can relax and focus on whats good taking all the cocks not worried is he poz ect
  13. find a little bottle like the sort you get at hotels with shampoo in push a cotton wool ball in there fill with a little bit of poppers enough to soak the cotton wool and sniff using that works well i find
  14. im fully bisexual so like women and men but i only like men when im dressed fully female. To me i love the smell of a women in heat turns me on far more than guy smell

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