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  1. Had it happen a few times, not too big of a deal. But more recently I got posted on the net naked and also sucking dick with my clear drivers license..
  2. I've been sucking since I was 13 as well. Im 59 now and have gone to many bookstores etc over the years. I would say between 4-5000 dicks at a minimum and Im still doing it.
  3. I suppose its possible. Some people get sick to their stomachs. It only happened to me once. I sucked down 16 diff loads in Tampa going to the arcades one night. Didnt feel too well later..
  4. I have been videod twice sucking cock and photod perhaps 20 times. In fact, I am about to do it again in about an hour. I've been closeted for years, military etc but now I dont have to worry about that.It's a turn on to have your gay photos shown around..
  5. Highly unlikely you will get it that way. I've blown maybe 4-5000 dicks in my life and swallowed most. Im ok. I think most med professionals will say it is extremely low risk.
  6. I blew two guys at the xspot in Springfield MO on Memorial Day. Average guys but it was fun.
  7. Absolutely. Im now split from ex(wife) but we were avid swingers (well she was). I preferred to watch as I have always preferred the dick. The things that went on at some of the large swing parties would make alot of the gay stuff look tame. They just do a good job of keeping it underground.
  8. I'm more in the catagory of an agreeable molestation. I was truly straight with curiousity about bi sex. I was just turned 16 and we had this cool Math teacher in high school, who also happened to be my homeroom teacher. I got along with him because he was British and I had grown up in the UK myself. Everyone thought it was cool to go over to his house and hang out because he was a bachelor etc. this was in the late 70s so diff era. He would let guys drink beer, smoke weed etc. I was always told "never go over there alone"...rumours that he was gay or bi and would come on to you. Well, one d
  9. Cactus Canyon in Ava, Missouri is a well known gay campground/resort, anything goes...Not sure about the year round thing though as it gets pretty cold in the winter..
  10. well I sucked down #265 yesterday. I had hoped to top 300 by years end. Doesnt look like it. I will next year.
  11. Im addicted to ABS's. When I was still on active duty I was doing temporary duty for six months in Tampa Florida. That place has a whole neighborhood of ABSs and theaters.I would go about everyday and the first weekend I was there I blew almost 30 guys on a saturday night. I thought it was hot as there were lots of military guys in those places and back then it was definitely a no-no. I remember going into the main admin office and seeing like 5 guys sitting there doing paperwork. I was told they were all being discharged for homosexual behavior.I was pretty sure I had blown one of them in a
  12. I first sucked when I was 12, I didnt know any better and he just shot in my mouth. I thought you were supposed to swallow it so I did and I always do now. I blew guys regularly in the neighborhood and even while in the military and when married. Now that Im on my own and just doing guys, I try to swallow 5-6 loads minimum every week. BTW the photos you guys are posting are hot.
  13. 199 and 200 in a video arcade on I-70 yesterday.
  14. not quite 100 since Jan 1st but close..94-95 I think. Was married till last year and although Ive been sucking cock since I was 14, Ive had to limit it due to sneaking around on her. I probably averaged 50-60 a year at adult video arcades etc then. Now that Im free of that slut my goal is to blow 300 a year and Im working on it lol.
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