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    Anywhere but usually Maryland
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    cum, cock, piss, more cum, cock, dom tops, perv, kink, slam, ParTyNPlay, Porn, video, slut, whore, Pig, etc. You get my drift? Pretty much anything that is pleasurable and not extremely into pain or mutilation, or scat. Anything else I'm game.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    == Results from http://bdsmtest.org/ ==
    98% Voyeur
    98% Experimentalist
    97% Exhibitionist
    93% Switch
    93% Degradee
    91% Submissive
    90% Ageplayer
    87% Primal (Prey)
    87% Non-monogamist
    86% Girl/Boy
    82% Brat
    78% Slave
    75% Degrader
    68% Daddy/Mommy
    62% Rope Bunny
    62% Primal (Hunter)
    57% Owner
    55% Master/Mistress
    53% Rigger
    53% Dominant
    49% Brat Tamer
    45% Pet
    43% Vanilla
    29% Sadist
    24% Masochist
    See my results online at http://bdsmtest.org/result.php?id=1242750
  • Porn Experience
    None right now but I want to change that!
  • Looking For
    Life as a twisted out, whore. My purpose is to please men and give men my love for cock, cum, Ms. T.

    Ever since I was a child I was used by horny man for their pleasure....I may as well live my life doing what I was created to do.

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  1. Bmoreravensfan2

    I want to be a porn star...

    Looking to be in porn videos... How do I get started?
  2. I need to fly and have hung cock in me all the time. Son want passionate daddy. 3017404426
  3. I'm going to VA to slam up, and I want to take HVL Poz tops. Love PA, and fuckers that  to charge holes. 410-657-8501. Any thing goes. No load refused Please be near VA DC or MD so we you can roll with me....I want to party extended time.

  4. With a prostitute who has me flying, in Baltimore DC VA, make porn want to be a total slut full blown a plus, big dicks, tell me where to show up and I'll take all the cock you throw... Dom's a plus, will trade hole for.. 410-657-8501.. just send location and I'll cum. Line buddies up
  5. Any poz pigs looking to play now. I am looking for a nasty anything goes type to get twisted and nasty with...making vid a plus, groups a plus 410-657-8501. MD, DC, VA, PA, DE long session+++

  6. Sooo horny for trucker cock!! 534319385

  7. I am ready for 24/7 ownership and looking to give 100 control to my master for hist pleasure Once I reach you you will own me and mark me as your no limits slave. I want to be permanantly flying high and used anyway. Looking to come to you today

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bmoreravensfan2


      Yeah. and im not going to stop until I get their


    3. Fistulike666
    4. MexPigMaster


      too bad you're not in Brooklyn for an inspection! MASTER FRANCO

  8. 2 party boi flying looking to be collared and owned we a giving up our life to be the whores we were meant to be. traveling to find out dom poz masted that will mark us into his kingdom.

    410-657-8501 dirty, nasty bad ass men a plus you will own the both us mark us with the mark of the beast and give us what we deserve



  9. Out looking for poz cock... Lets get nasty. 4106578501

  10. Hey ...  thanks for the follow! xx:*xx

  11. Today is a good day to get pozzed. 4106478501. On the hunt at jesaup, MD truck stop

  12. Tank full of gas looking for twisted poz master seeking a new slave to train, convert, use and abuse. PNP+, Want Poz Only and love to serve. You pleasures are mine and will travel to you. 410-657-8501


  13. Looking 4 poz dick in baltimore right now. 410-657-8501

  14. im at the Maryland house at the service of any truckwr who needs a xum dump 4106578501

  15. Slammed and my hole is a cum dump... any truckers neesing a raw hole call me 4106578501 will be going to. truck and reat areas between philly and DC. whore me out fiat me no limita

    1. CincyPhil


      I have the biggest trucker fantasy!!

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