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    Berlin Germany
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    White Single here seeking for honesty Caring loving trustworthy faithfulness Partner Friend. i am Handycap men Rentiered Pension from 2004 For me the fucking with Boys Men is cool !, I am happy down. Love intense Sex without a Condom Pure It's not about HIV negatif or positif I think guys need to those who want to Focus on a Relationship. For a hot Guy Gay attracted, no matter what his Status Seems to make sense. If you get pozzed during the Relationship, so what, it enjoyed while it lasted. Life is a Risk in many Styles and Ways. If you find a Guy go attractive for him. Let's be the Status of a non-issue. that can only be a short-term Problem.
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    White German Bottom passiv Never have stay at Slave now, Only for Top Master DOM at RawFuckbody and Cumdump BugChaser make Deposit in Body Force to Drink Urine Swallow Cum let Lick his Ass clean Body and Feets to, all RAW Without Condom Know the Risk !
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    100% Passive Bottom RawFuckbody Cumdump no condom Bareback Love Cum Sperm Piss Spit Snod, Rimm Ass with Tounge in Hole Suck Feets clean ! Explode Babies Deeply Inside my ASS and Mouth.....OVER & OVER
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    Wish be AIDS WHORE 24/7 thake & swallow al CUM Piss Spid Snod Toxic Biohazard Fuellblown
    Good Boy-Man Friendship one is a Top Active and like used me at Withe Bottom Bitch Whore fuck Ass and Mouth teach for new Thinks !

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  1. WOOF !  TOXICWHORE - you , your Profile and Thoughts are Extremely Exciting !  :)  :)

  2. 100% Passive Bottom Fuckbody Cumdump no Condom Sex RAW BareBack, Never have stay at Slave now, Only down for Tops at Fuckbody and Cumdump Deposit in my Body, Force me to Drink Swallow Urine Cum Sperm Spit Snod, - Lick Ass Body and Feets, Rough Dirty Pig Sex Deeptrohat Facefuck Plug my Trohat think vormit
    1. toad2


      its nice to know that their are others out their  knowing their true calling

  3. Hey here FFister how like start open mew ass now ?


    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF  !    EXTREMELY HOT and Exciting - Do Me Please !    :):)

  4. hey tham new ides


    1. ronnie4u


      Oh Fuck Yes - Raw only way - cum dumpster !   :)


  5. my ass need also cum piss inside


    1. ronnie4u


      Oh Fuck Yes !  Yes !   :)

  6. hey need manny cum piss in my ass Mouth


  7. will hot we can do now

  8. berlin rawfuckbody thake poz load deep anny cum

  9. hey i come visit next to usa and wish can get your poz cum load in my neg ass

  10. yah thake anny toxic load in me deep

  11. love thake manny poz loads in my neg ass

  12. i comes in march to usa i am sure bottom and test neg ready for thake all sids bugs inside me

  13. hey will be happy to meet you next in usa in march

  14. hey yes thx need you do it now when you come to berlin next ?

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