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    Looking for other nasty bug chasing pigs. Poz and love to give and spread any bug I can get.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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  1. furrycajuncub

    Peeing while getting fucked

    When I top is is amazing when a pig lets his piss fly while I am pounding his ass. When I am getting fucked get me on my back and hit the right spot and I will soak both of us.
  2. furrycajuncub

    Gono Injection

    Love to coat your ass in my gono discharge. Might give you other STDs too
  3. love to meet . A chaser here and looking for  any loads you have. want HVL  load 

  4. Poz+ pig daddy visiting this week. Looking for other twisted fuckers for some fun.
  5. Poz+ pig daddy visiting this week. Looking for other twisted fuckers for some fun.
  6. furrycajuncub

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    I have gone to a few piss parties. I love being hosed on and soaked by a group of pigs.
  7. SSieg heil get your cunt vainS here Swap all

  8. Thanks for the follow, cub pig!

  9. BB BOTTOM chaser here and traveling through Atlanta  in early Jan.  want your and any other bug loads I can find 

  10. Thanks for the follow

  11. Hope you can plan a long weekend or even longer here to infect me poz,aids,stds, and then castrate me 256-324-8543 a lot of cheap sleazy motel around here for this and woods isolated places to infect and casteration need to be used and abused no limits extremely no way out situations doormat bootlicker doormat ashtray toilet pain pig ECT EXTREME & PERVERTED for REAL NO PLAY 




  12. Hoping you can visit soon to infect with TOXIC LOADS &STD'S 

  13. thanks for following me, and good to be following you!

    1. furrycajuncub


      Love a fellow nudest perv

    2. NudistPerv


      thanks man..and ditto back at you! 

  14. Hi AIDS Daddy ... bugboy here from Growler Dudes with Dogs 


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