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    Oral, Fucking, 1 On 1, pig play, Group Sex, Piss, Rimming, Kissing, Toys, Verbal, Anonymous Sex, Glory Holes, Public, dirty and wett
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    Versatile Top
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    Mature white top who prefers sex to be dirty and free of limits.
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    None that is recorded
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    pigs, dirty and wett loving men, guys into smells, licking,
    cheesy cock, poz, toxic

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  1. A very enjoyable story; one that could/can really happen this way.
  2. VERY hot and would so enjoy being with them too
  3. if i cum 2 you, 

    will you cum in me? 

  4. If ever in OKC hmu and use this nasty white trashy pix bttm pig. Dirty & Wet & Toxic Poz encouraged 

    1. renaissancemanuk


      Dirty, wett and toxic is the best way.

      And it is my way.

  5. thanx for the follow pal

    1. renaissancemanuk


      and thank you for following me

      Would love for us to share death seed with each other a few times.

  6. Hell yeah I drink my own piss; hate to waste piss anytime. Love to drink piss from another man; and so enjoy a piss69
  7. thanks for the follow, hope we meet sometime.

    1. renaissancemanuk


      I'd so enjoy our joining together and sharing anything and everything we have.

  8. Hiya ... thanks for the rep! xx:drool:;)xx

  9. I want your cheesey  cock and i love dirty old men?

  10. Ill be a Hot stinking shity sex partner and cum dump for your big georgeous cock?

  11. I l ove dirty no limits sex?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Willing
    3. Willing


      My cock is hard and wet thinking about us already, great to talk to someone close  er?????

    4. renaissancemanuk


      How dirty do you want to get?

  12. Take a few deep breaths and go and enjoy yourself. Forget about condoms. We both know you only want to bareback and this is the perfect opportunity. Go and enjoy yourself.

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