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    Public play, cruising, bathouses, rough sex, rape, sucking, taking loads
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    5'6", short brown hair, furry body, tight ass, hazel eyes
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    Looking for Dominant tops to use and breed my ass.

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  1. Hope you'll poz me too very soon Gregory. Miss ya on Kik 😢
  2. Thanks @rawTOP for setting this up Name: Matt Cell#: (920)260-1230 Location: Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Times Not Avail: Usually work second shift so not always available between 3 and 11 pm weekdays but am usually available weekends days and nights as well as weekday days and late nights Age: 34 Height: 5'6" Weight: 185 Ethmicity: Caucasian
  3. Yes you are I agree that was a great end to the Saturday
  4. Would love to find sex clubs and darkroom bars here in Wisconsin. Need to be loaded up.
  5. No don't do that. This boy has a nice tight cunt that would LOVE to take Your raw cock
  6. Damn!!! That's disconcerting on so many levels :'( What can we do to try and fix this I wonder? I'm gay and it really bothers me to hear this. Been so out of the loop that I knew nothing about what's going on lately
  7. Absolutely SIR. Keep going and nut as You are meant to. As bottoms we know in our mind that whether we protest, we really want it. That's what we're there for
  8. Agree SIR. This cumdump is neg and can take a pounding in his tight ass multiple times a day. Would never dream of overstepping my role and tell a Man to pull out.
  9. Fuck yeah boy4you! That's what I'm talking about. Would love to be stealthed by that. Sometimes insist on condoms so would be hot to not know As another guy said, cum is meant to be deposited deep in a bottoms ass and not in a condom
  10. Yes. This boy would be so entranced by his need to get cock he would want that toxic cock in him too. Might struggle like the boy in this story but boy likes that the top holds him in place until he has completed what he knows the bottom really wants
  11. Sfmike64, this is FUCKING HOT!!! I'd LOVE to be the boy in this story
  12. Fuck yeah! Wish I was the boy who got raped and pozzed in this story
  13. Super fucking hot!!! Love this story. Jerked off and came while reading it Would love to read more from you.

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