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  1. rivversub

    Phoenix bottoms

    If tops are plentiful and bottom are scarce in Phoenix I for sure want to make it a destination. can this really be true?
  2. rivversub


    VIsiting New Years Eve. I was told by a local that Rawhide2010 no longer has a dark area play space is this correct?
  3. rivversub

    2019 TBRU

    I just registered for my first TBRU having never been hope there are a lot of play parties. If so how do you learn about them during the event.
  4. rivversub

    Southern Decadence 2018

    I will be there, Saturday through Monday.
  5. rivversub

    Visiting in august

    Thanks bob thats what i was hoping to find the local dive hotel to take loads in.
  6. rivversub

    taboo, perv fun

    love to meet your group and get used. I sent you a message on nastypig as well.
  7. Will be in Ft. Lauderdale 4th of july week looking for taboo and pervy guys. let me know what you like to do or if you have a taboo perv group I might play with.
  8. rivversub

    Your Pervy Bbc Atl Tour Guide

    so whats the latest update on where to be a cum whore and get gangbanged in Atlanta, comming through in july.
  9. rivversub

    Houston metro

    Going to be in Houston 4th and 5th want to get in on some group play and get used, where are the best spots to get loads and/or what hotel is the best to set up cum and go play group.
  10. rivversub

    Group Action

    I need in on that. like to see how many loads i can take.
  11. what city are you located at, I really like to have you use me. 

  12. Read you post about liking guys that go barefoot.  I love to be forced to go barefoot, leave the house and walk in the club barefoot would be so hot. 

    1. pigpozdad


      yes, i see more and more guys going completely bare-assed, barefoot naked at my fave club.  i think it shows that they are open for anything

    2. rivversub


      That's the reason I like to go that way as well. we should plan a time to play.


    3. rivversub


      A true sub bottom should always be barefoot to show its below men it serves. Only real men wear boots or shoes.


  13. rivversub

    Sex In Dallas.

    whats the best days and times to visit midtowne to get loads, im cumming from out of town.
  14. rivversub

    Sex In Dallas.

    anyone know if midtowne is still open and if so for how long.
  15. rivversub

    Dallas Cumunion

    This is for guys that have attended Cumunion in Dallas. What is the best way for a bottom to entice tops to use them? and what do you find as a turn off?

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