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    I'm a slutty bottom. Into PnP, and being on the receiving end of a nice slippery cock.

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  1. hornybtmslut

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    You could always throw a quilt or other thick blanket up to try absorb some sounds, other than some light playing music probably would be okay, since you said another guy works on his vehicle out of his. you could always say you were reorganizing stuff and had music on for that, no need for them to know the true reason that was playing.
  2. hornybtmslut

    Want to bottom but....

    Check out the hookup sites. Some people put stuff they like; I frequently message the tops who like chubby bottoms and it's worked out good for me. I prefer some meat on the bones too so if you were on one I'd be more inclined to message you for something than an avg peron
  3. hornybtmslut

    Descent into debauchery

    Just throwing it out there that needs more! after reading this I came hard, and then 3 more times that night which left me feeling like I had blue balls. Definitely need more!
  4. hornybtmslut

    Walter's "Secret Life"

    I enjoy reading it and look forward to whatever else you may have!
  5. hornybtmslut

    Another Craigslist Find

    I just got home with a freshly fucked hole, and thought I'd go ahead and get this down so I didn't forget anything! I was horny again; tired of jacking off to cuckold and gay porn. I sometimes used craigslist to act like I was meeting someone to fuck me, but then just quit responding after I had my orgasm. Of course over time this lead to not many replied whenever I did respond to someone's ad. Occasionally I’d swap to a new email address, maybe add a year or two to my age so that it was slightly different to see if I would get any more hits. I had a few craigslist encounters over the years. A shower with a guy, bjs with another, anal 3 times with another including two bare, and then one more semi bare, after he used vaseline as a lube and the condom fell apart. Usually not though. It was rare that I caught ads with my preferences; usually larger guys around 250 pounds, hairy, like daddies. I emailed him and waited for a reply. I thought it was another no responder, but about 12 hours later I did get a response. We chatted briefly about what we like and want to do. He was 5’10”, 280 pounds, 6” cut, hairy. I was 5’7”, 265 pounds, 4.5” cut, hairy. He was available in the mornings which was perfect for me; though after we talked some and decided we’d meet the next day. Sadly I overslept and emailed him as soon as I got up to let him know. The next day I was going to be busy so I let him know Friday was now best for me. Luckily he was still free for that day and we agreed to get together then.. I was reluctant to meet him, since I didn’t sleep around much. But even jacking off 3 to 5 times a day, I was still left unsatisfied and horny. I was comforted slightly when he told me where his hotel was. Normally I don’t like being seen at them, but his was right behind a huge row of shops like Target and Best Buy. Knowing I can park in front of one of them, and walk down the street to his hotel and not stand out was a big bonus, so on Friday morning I left for his room. I got up and asked him if he was still up for today. It took him 20 minutes to reply, but he was. I went to the shower and used the hose to rinse my insides clean. As soon as I got out of the shower, I put a few small pieces of Tina in my ass. I really wanted this, and doing that almost guaranteed it. The entire 25 minute drive I was hard thinking about his cock in me. I got there about 9 AM, which left us about a hour and a half to play. I parked, and walked to the hotel. It took a few seconds to find the elevator to the third floor. Once out, his room was the 2nd away from it. I knocked, and waited for him to answer. It took long for some reason, but he finally opened it open. Todd was wearing some shorts and a t-shirt. About a minute later, we were already disrobing. He grabbed his iPad and we started watching some porn together in bed. He started off with some asian squirt porn. It was straight porn, which I liked watching as well. I noticed the girl was being fucked bare, which is what I preferred, but didn’t want to admit it. He asked me what video i wanted to watch; I told him to search for “gloryhole wife piercing.” It was one of my favorite straight videos. It was a wife fucking a guy through a gloryhole at someone's house. His cock was so large, that between that and the piercing at the tip of his cock, they couldn’t get a condom on. And then about 30 seconds into the video he starts cumming. It’s dripping out of her, she starts rubbing her pussy and making a huge mess. And they continue to fuck for several minutes. After that finished he said “let’s watch one more”. This time I was slightly surprised. He went and found a gay video of a chub with a daddy in a hotel room, and the daddy was fucking the chub bare. Before it got to the point with the daddy breeding the bottom, I was already sucking his cock. It started out pretty soft and flaccid, which made sucking it really easy. He put the iPad away and he told me to adjust so that he could play with my cock. We got on our sides, in a semi 69 position and he took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me for maybe a minute before his finger started going near my hole. I made it obvious that I enjoyed it by my body language. Then Todd started pushing a finger into my hole. It was slightly uncomfortable because there was no lube. But between the tina and just thinking about him in me I didn’t care. He he finally got all of it in me, before pulling it most of the way out and adding a second finger. I asked him if he wanted to get the lube and stuff. He reached over to the nightstand while I got in the middle of the bed on my knees. He spent about two minutes lubing up his cock and my hole. He told me to spread my legs more apart so he could get in me deep. Then I felt his cock sliding up and down my crack. It had gotten a little soft while he was playing with the lube and putting a condom on. It got a little harder, but still not hard enough to fuck good. He put the tip up against my hole. I tried to help it get harder by thrusting back on him while he tried to thrust into me. The bed started banging into the wall, so I put my hands on the headboard. It was attached to the wall, so it was the only thing not banging. It also helped me to push down on him even harder. I could feel he was getting hard. He cock was slowly getting bigger and bigger. Once he knew it was at it’s full size, he slowly pushed it into me and held it. It was super deep because of the angle, and me pushing back from the wall. Now I felt his balls resting against mine. He pulled out some and then started fucking me. I squeezed his cock and pushed back as he started fucking. I managed to angle my feet around his which helped get him closer in me as well. Todd smacked my ass a few times while he thrusted in and out of me. He also grabbed my ass cheeks, and also grabbed the front of my hips while he pushed his cock in me. It was definitely my best fuck ever since he started off soft and let my hole slowly adjust to his cock. It was short lived though. About 8 minutes had passed since he first got his semi-hard cock in me. He started breathing heavier, and also slowed down. Then he started pounding me hard and fast, before pulling himself deep as he could into me, while I pushed back. Then I felt something. It was a feeling I felt once before. My insides were a lot wetter all of a sudden. I turned back and looked at Todd, “Did you have a condom on?” “No… you said you cleaned your ass out, and I’m clean. I thought it would be okay.” “It is, I just wish I knew beforehand so I could have enjoyed it more.” He kept his cock in me until it shrank down to nothing, and fell out. Slowly some of the cum started to leak out of me. “Can you go get me some toilet paper for this mess?” He hopped up from the bed, went to the bathroom, and came back with a good bit. I got some of the cum on my finger, ate it, and then grabbed the TP. I cleaned the stuff that leaked out of me up, and then shoved it up my ass to hold the rest in. Todd slapped my ass one more time before calling me a dirty little slut. We both had to be going soon, so once I knew no more of his cum would leak out of me I got up and put my clothes on. He said he’d be in town a few more days and he wanted another go around at my ass. I told him I’d try since I wanted that too, and then I left.
  6. hornybtmslut

    Interracial Bareback

    black top in my white bottom
  7. hornybtmslut

    Just The Tip

    It's never come up (lol) but if any of it goes in me raw, it's all going in me. I've masturbated to stories too many times of "it's just the tip" and "just let me slip it all the way in a few times" and had major orgams... if it goes in me at all it's stayig util t's rplaced with cum
  8. Not weird, but I find they make me horny. I don't take them to get high, but because my doc prescribe them. G makes me an insatiable slut that I like it.
  9. hornybtmslut

    Do You Have Any Gay Relatives?

    uncle and then a guardian. didn't realize the guardian was though until I was 16; but all the gay books that I got off to when I just began my teens was probably part of the reason i like cock. a few years ago i started to realize I wish I took his cock and load inside of me.
  10. I've only been cummed in twice. The first time I didn't feel anything. The second time I did and it was amazing. It wasn't a warm feeling or anything, but I did feel my insides get wetter while he kept his cock buried in my hole.
  11. Same problem here, I'd like to see the backroom.

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