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  1. CDNbbR

    Ass Rimming

    It is hard to find guys that are into rimming for sure. Pardon the pun but rimming is an acquired taste, and every rimmer has his preference. I personally LOVE eating ass and the guys I rim truly enjoy it. The only turn offs I have are holes that are too hairy ,the presents of scat, or if it taste like he just shoved a bar of soap up there. Don't know why but I get rock hard when I'm rimming a ripe,moist, and sweaty hole. There is something about the smell of man musk that drives me wild and ready to go deeper with my tongue. Really enjoy it when I can get them to sit on my face and relax as much as possible and I can sometimes get a good seal with my lips and suck on it and make their hole nice and puffy. Plus if you're barebacking and got no lube on hand, you need to loosen and lube it up somehow right? I've had guys moaning and squirming with pure pleasure then cum hard just from a good rim session. The straight guys give the best reactions and if it was just oral and I want to cum after pleasing them I just jerk off and 1, 2, shoot my goo right onto their freshly rimmed hole. "Gotta lick before you stick!"
  2. CDNbbR


    Sucks that it's been removed from Craigslist, guess I go back to Squirt's cruise listings for anon action. I understand why they removed it in the states but why here in Canada?
  3. CDNbbR

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    I would take that BBC up my white ass and every last drop of your dna too!
  4. So I'm curious to know where all fellow members like to go after a long stressful day of work or where you enjoy going for the social atmosphere,good company, and service? This doesn't necessarily need to be a spot you cruise for a bareback hook up, but those stories and comments are always welcome. I would one day like to travel around Canada and the US and check out the local spots for good pub fare,venues,service,and friendly guys to b/s with about anything. Even if these places are no longer in business for whatever reason, I'd still like to hear your stories and experiences at them. For myself I have two spots I go to when I'm in Vancouver and they are: Fountainhead pub and Pumpjack bar/nightclub. Both of these places are very welcoming and enjoyable, if you happen to be in Vancouver go check them out. Also want to give a shout out to the site owner for giving us a place to freely talk about bareback and other topics, and to the admins for keeping things running smoothly! Thanks guys ;-)
  5. Seeing how New Year's is now upon is and all of us have kissed someone at midnight, I was curious if any members here have or ever wanted a big load of cum shot deep in their ass right at the stroke of midnight or to breed an ass at midnight? Would love to hear your stories and I'm sure there are a few good ones out there ;-) . Cheers to all members and hope 2018 is good to all of you sexually and in your day to day lives as well! All I ask is please be safe as in don't drink and drive
  6. CDNbbR

    First time cruising

    What was your first time cruising experience like for you? How did you find out about cruising? What did you do for your first time?
  7. CDNbbR

    Longest rimjob youve given or received?

    Longest rim job I've given was about 30 minutes
  8. CDNbbR

    Eye color

    Ok so this topic may be a little vanilla but I want to know what eye color on a handsome man catches your eye and you are a sucker for. It's icy blue eyes for me, once he has me caught in his gaze I'm hooked!
  9. I personally don't think I could call a black man a nigger even if he begged me to. I just wouldn't feel right about it, but on the flip side of that I would have no problem with a black man bending me over and "raping" my white ass and calling me whitey and saying I'm gonna take his raw nigga dick and nut up my ass. I can see how someone can be turned on by verbal though. Use to suck off this hot married straight guy who was into sports, I would get him to call me a fag or faggot as I was sucking him off. He wasn't into it at first and felt awkward saying it in the beginning but I told him if I didn't like it and wasn't turned on by it I wouldn't have him say it.
  10. Never got fucked but my cousin and I use to fool around from the time I was 12 (he was 11) until I was 15.
  11. CDNbbR

    What do u wear as daily underwear

    Trunks for me. I like AE or Saxx
  12. Something I've always wanted but hasn't happened yet, being bred by a hot uncut black stud. One of my fantasies is being verbally degraded by a hot black stud while he uses me and fills me with that black seed. I would love to also be the only white bottom in a room full of black tops that verbally degrade me and have all of them giving me their cum in my ass only. I'd love to hear if there are other white guys that feel that way, and hear from black men that like to breed white ass. Do you only breed white ass? Are there white men that only get barebacked by black cock? ***Please note that this isn't a racist post*** I like and welcome people from all walks of life.
  13. CDNbbR

    Favorite Part When Fucking Bareback

    The feeling of sliding inside a warm ass or a raw cock slowing entering my ass. But the best part of bareback is breeding!
  14. Thanks for the positive reputation vote liking my post - such a HOT topic!

  15. CDNbbR


    Hey guys! I'm curious on your thoughts of felching! Have you done it? Would you do it? I have felched before and it wasn't by choice. I use to have a regular fuck bud and we fooled around for almost a year and a half. We ditched the condoms about six months into our sexual relationship and for the most part I was the top but he was the alpha. After sucking his 7 inch cut cock for awhile he would make me lay on my back and sit on my face and eat his ass. Sometimes the ass eating would go quick and other times he was very horny and would stay on my face until he felt that I had rimmed him enough. After that he would bend over assume the position and be ready for my raw cock. There were two rules with him: spit only for lube and I had to be balls deep inside him to cum. This was fine by me because I loved pumping his cleaned out ass full of my cum, and there was no mess to clean up after. One night we were both very horny but couldn't hook up so we just sent dirty texts back and forth to each other. He was telling me that he was watching creampie porn and watching as some of the tops would lick and suck the cum out of the bottoms ass. Told me how hot it would be if I did it to him, of course I said yes and was thinking with the head between my legs and not the one on my shoulders. So the next time it was business as usual except after I was done with rimming him he moved forward and worked my cock inside his ass. I thought nothing of it and enjoyed the change and liked the fact that he was doing all the work for once, but little did I know he had something planned for me. Finally I was getting close so I grabbed his hips,pulled hard, and held him down to the base of my cock. I hadn't cum in a week because asked me to save up my load for his ass and I did just that, so you can guess I had pumped with about 7 or 8 good spurts of cum. I was spent and felt great! But before I could move,blink, or say anything he was off my cock and sitting on my face again! I was caught off guard and was pinned down under him so I couldn't move or say anything either. He told me there was a new rule: I had to lick and suck my cum back out of his ass and he wasn't getting off my face until I did it. I didn't want to at first but what choice did I have? So I slowly opened my mouth and made a seal to his hole with my lips and started sucking and poking at his hole with my tongue to try and get my load back out. Finally after about 10 minutes his pushed it back out in spurts, my cum and his ass juices all mixed together. After he finished pushing out all my cum he got off my face and helped me up, I was able to go spit my load out. After that night I only had felched him a few different times when we both were in the mood for it. Once he and I parted ways I haven't felched anyone but I'd like to try it again. But this time I want to find a cum dump that has had a few different guys unload in him and felch those loads out.

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