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    I like playing and recording music, motorcycles, and holes. I am bisexual in a relationship. I play safe and only bareback with certain people. Which means, clean boys.
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    I have two types. When I'm the top, I tend to like smaller built men. Either skinny or short and tight. I like white, latin, and asian men as my hungry bottom. When I'm bottoming, I like very manly dudes. Not jocks. I like the hairy guy with a thick build that looks blue collar. I know he's always got the right tool.

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  1. I just made a late night snack. I licked the end of the knife that had some mayonnaise on it and all I could think about was licking cum from a thick cock.


  2. Been too long.  I may just have to call John tonight so he can suck my 5 day load into his tight hole.  Need to breed.

  3. This goes way back for me. I was living with my parents. I was about 21-22 and would frequent the gay chat rooms and flirt with other boys and eventually jerk off or fuck myself with my dildo. I was sort of guilty then. Not knowing who I was or whatever. I was in a situation where I still liked girls but dreamed about cock and fucking men. I literally found both sexes attractive. I remember finding a porno VHS tape in my Dad's tape stash as well. It was a guy/girl scene with this hot brunette woman with a perfect pussy and tits. But there was a part of the scene where this guy pulls his cock out and it mesmerized me. I would rewind that spot over and over an or pause it and cum to the image of his cock. I also found myself staring at his asshole when he would fuck the girl later in the video. I felt so different. One day, I was on an AOL chat room and I started talking to this guy. He was my age, seemed cool or whatever. He finally asked if we could meet. I was nervous but said what the hell. So we exchange numbers. He calls me and he wants to know where to meet. Around the corner from my parents is a forest preserve that I drive to and tell him to meet me there. After a while of waiting, I see a car pull into the parking lot. He's here. My heart starts racing. Anyway, we introduce ourselves. He's a bigger guy, and I, would be considered a twink. tall, skinny, lanky. Do we are talking and I say I have to take a piss. He says me too, so I go and pull out my cock and start pissing, he pulls out his cock and starts jacking off. So, after I finish a pee, I get on my knees and start to suck him. This is the first time I'm sucking a dick and I am loving it. I look up at him and I tell him I want to be fucked by him. I go up to him and we kiss, I zip my pants up and go to my van and grab some lube then come back. He is standing there by the park bench keeping his dick hard. It was about 6" cut, nice balls, and very clean. I pull my pants down, bend over on the park bench, rub lube on his dick and my eager hole. He slides in. This is the first time I'm feeling a real dick in me. I let out a moan. It didn't hurt really. I actually loved it. He starts to pump my ass and my cock is rock hard and flying around in the open air. I can feel I'm really nice and lubed up and I'm starting to move back on his every thrust forward. Since I'm so new to this, I didn't realize that he came already and he was fucking his cum in me over and over again. He finally can't take it anymore and then cums again!! I'm filled up with this guys seed and I feel jizz joy. It's literally like being high. Anyway, pulls me around and sucks my cock while fingering my hole which is wet from his man seed. I blast a huge load down his throat and that was that. I walk back to my van, hop into the seat and start the engine. I can feel his cum brewing in my asshole. I'm keeping my butt pinched to keep it all in. When I get home, I got up to my room and lay in my bed in my underwear. I feel weird but happy. My ass is so wet from just being fucked. The hair around my hole is sticky with cum. and not my cum! I felt dirty, I felt humiliated, I felt joy, sadness, everything. But what I most felt is generally good because I sat there to think about what happened about an hour ago, I got hard, and jerked off. He called me the next day or a few days later and left me a message I never called him back. It would be a long time before I ventured out like this again. When I did I played safe with condoms. I started to get into topping guys as well as being a bottom. I started to BB as a top with a guy I met on CL and we are still in touch to this day. He invited me over and we fucked with condoms. That same night, we fucked again but he rode my cock until I came up his ass. He was my regular for a while. Some pictures of what I've done to him are in my album. I guess the point of this story is, I think every man has a desire to dump his seed into another living thing. It's the most connecting experience you can have with someone. And I also think every man should be fucked by a nice dick at least once. It's honestly a humbling experience.
  4. steviegreen

    His first Load

    His name is Bradley. I met him on a craiglist ad which I thought was bullshit. He had a swimmer's build, nice cut cock, and hairy buns that just perfectly formed around his very tight looking boy hole. He was 21, me 35. Perfect. So, I reach out to him and we start chatting. He tells me that he's only fucked one guy before and I instantly get rock hard. So, we exchange numbers and we start texting. Then all of a sudden, no responses. So, I'm like, well, another craigslist pussy. Then about 3 days go by and he tests me a picture of him with his shirt off. He seemed drunk so I take advantage and ask for his address. After about 20 minutes he responds with an address. He literally lives 5 blocks from me. So I respond that I'm on my way. OK, he says. I walk over, ring the bell, and he let's me in. He is kind of drunk and smells like it a bit. Anyway, he cracks me a beer and we sit down on his couch. He immediately starts to kiss my neck and rub my bulge. One think leads to another and the next thing you know we are all over each other rolling on the ground. I pull my throbbing cock out and he starts to worship it and taking all 7 inches down his warm throat. I tell him to turn around and bend over. I start stroking his cock that is leaking pre cum and start to stick my tongue in his ass. He tastes like pure virgin meat. At this point I have my arms around him and my cock is starting to prod his hole. Pre cum getting his hole even wetter. I want you RAW. He is hesitant and tells me he's never fucked bareback. I tell him that it's amazing into his ear and my lips sucking his ear lobe. I tell him to take his precum, and rub it on his hole. He listens and abides. I take some of my precum and start to finger him. My fucking god what a tight hole. I can feel it sucking my finger into his guts. I spit on my cock and slid my dick into his hole. He lets out a loud, painful moan so I sit there letting him feel it. I start to pump him slow, grabbing his thighs and forcing him onto my dick. My cock is flying out of his tight hole struggling to stay in. I'm in heaven. We start fucking like wild fucking animals. I flip him over and fuck him, watching his cock fly around and slap on his belly. I squeeze his balls and stroke him until he cums on his belly. I take some of his cum, taste it, and put it on my cock. Perfect fucking lube. I slide back in until I unload rope after rope of my DNA into his guts. I slide out to look at the sight of two men's cum all over his stomach and leaking from his ravaged hole. I move in to give his hole a taste. Great dessert. His pussy is red, leaking my load, and sticking to his hairy ass. It was one of the best fucks I've ever had and honored I was the one to breed him for the very first time.
  5. To the young black guy that complimented my hat this morning.  You have no idea that I've been walking around with a half hard cock and thinking about draining my balls deep into your tight, smooth, hole.  I've been thinking about eating your hole and what you taste like.  And fucking my seed deep into your guts.

    1. fisterm8


      its always nice to receive compliments and i give them all the time especially if someone is going to squirt his load up me after i do so ;) xx

    2. Sydneybbfucker


      Nothing compliments better than a seeding

  6. Got my weekend planned. Breeding a regular friend tonight and meeting up with with a 21 year old tomorrow. Great body and ass. He wants my load. Will be his first. % day load oin my balls right now. Gotta drain em.

  7. I sit here with a throbbing dick, thinking about dropping my seed into a nice hole

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Luvbbslut


      That'd make a lot of fuck combination if you take dp

  8. Tomorrow is my bday. Would be nice to drain my 4 day load.

  9. Getting ready for an afternoon breed with my buddy.

  10. steviegreen

    At The Hotel Bar

    I went out for a drink or two after work yesterday. There is this new hotel bar across the street form my office and so I ended up there. There weren't many people in there which was nice because I wasn't in the mood. In walks in this younger guy. He was slim, white, buzz cut, wearing blue shorts and a tank top. His legs had the lightest hair on them and my eye found his ass. He had a very nice bubble butt. He was in average shape, had these freckles on his nose, and have a four leaf clover tattoo on his left arm. He notices me looking at him and I look away and tend to my drink. He come up to the bar and sits on the stool opposite from me. It's sort of a half rectangle bar. You can see through to the other side and there is a mirror on that wall. Needless to say I can see his fucking ass slightly over the back edge of the bar stool and I'm getting a chubby. I want to fuck this guy. So, after a while, I start talking baseball with the bartender. Finally, this other dude chimes into the conversation. We start kinda doing the whole sports talk guy thing and he then moves over closer to me and introduces himself. "Hi, I'm David." David, lovely. He has blue eyes and stares right into me as he gives me his name. "I'm Steven," I reply. We start chatting the normal bullshit. He's from the east coast. He is staying at the hotel for about 3 weeks. He is visiting friends in Chicago while working. He is a graphic designer as, whatever company, I forget. He is also in town to go to the gay pride fest.... Now, I'm thinking, I hope this goes somewhere. Actually, I really like this guy. He's a guy's guy and just a good dude. So, after about an hour I tell him that I work across the street and give him all my details. Then I drop it, "it would be cool to hang out again," I said. He says, "I'll text you my number, what's yours?" I speak my number and he types at his phone. I feel a buzz in my pocket next to my dripping precum cock. I look at my phone and see a foreign number in the text message with just this "Room 1527 20 minutes". FUCK ME! I look up and he looks at me with this most sinister smirk. I wanted to lick his fucking ass right at the bar at that moment. "Well, gotta run, it was nice to meet you and I hope to see you soon," I say. He says, and this is what sealed the deal, as I'm pretty close to him now and kinda turned towards him, and our legs are under the bar, he grabs my cock and says, "I know we will." My cock was hard, and he squeezed my balls hard. You know that feeling you get when someone squeezes your shit hard? This was that. I can feel my cock pulsing in my pants. So, I head to my office. No one is there. I go to the rest room to freshen up. It's been 20 minutes. I head back to the hotel, the elevator doors are open, like the express ride to heaven awaits. 15th floor, "ding". My heart is racing, my cock is starting to swell. I stand in front of room 1527, the door is open, I walk in and immediately hear the shower running. If this is going where I think this is going, this guy is after my own heart. I love fooling around in the shower. I say, "David?" And his voice echos from the bathroom, "In here!" I walk in, and I can't see him as the curtain is closed, but it's steamy as hell in there. I say something to the likes of, "I eye fucked you in the bar as soon as you walked in." Curtain opens, and there stands David in all his male glory. Wet, soapy, and a nice cock to boot. He starts to play with himself as I watch. I'm slowly undressing and embarrassed because of my beer belly. He has a decent body, slightly hairy, nice bush on his cock, but then he turns around to reveal his ever so perfect ass. I mean, it was a great ass and I couldn't stop looking at it. "You have a great ass," I say. He says, "Come here," and I move towards him and hi grabs the back of my head and pulls it towards him and we start to kiss. And I mean, what a kisser. This guy is making me see fireworks. Now, I'm bi, but this is making me lean toward a whole other direction. It could have been the whole excitement of the event or the fact that I got a long with this guy at the bar so well. Who know, I just know I liked him. We get into the shower and we are all over each other. It was so intimate and close. We were cleaning and preening each other, kissing each other over our entire bodies, moaning, our hot bodies touching, the feeling of our muscles tightening while embracing each other. It was so passionate and hot. I pay special attention to his ass. I slap it it, grope it, get a nice handful of his sweet man ass. I start to tickle his hole, pushing my finger harder and harder. Our hard cocks are rubbing together in and it feels so good in the soap. I have one hand stroking our cocks in the soap and the other massaging his ass. He says in my ear, "Let's go in the bedroom." Of fucking course. We hop out of the shower and do a quick dry. We are still pretty wet but he runs into the bedroom and hops on the bed. I walk out with the hardest cock and say, "turn the fuck around." He pulls out his poppers and takes a hit while I bury my face in his ass. My tongue sliding in and out of his tight ass hole. I finger him getting him nice and loose and ready for my thick, throbbing dick. He throws back at me a package of various size cock rings. I'm like blown away at this point. So, I pick the one that give me that nice fully erect about to explode feeling on my dick. I rub my cock head on his hole. My precum lubing him up. I put my arm around him and pull him up toward me, kiss him deeply as I start to penetrate his gorgeous ass. It's tough to get in, it's so tight, he moans, you know that moan, when it hurts the bottom a bit but he knows it's what he is made for. I push him back on the bed, stand up by the edge of the bed, pull him toward me, his asshole winking at me, teasing me. I spit on my cock and spit on his tight hole. I slide in. HOLY FUCK. This guy was tight. I had tight hole before but this was another league all together. I'm deep in him. My balls right up against him. I feel him pushing harder up against me. I'm deep. We are both moaning in pleasure. We just stay there for a second. The sight of my dick in this dude's ass is making my heart burn. He lifts himself up towards me and we start grinding. Oh fuck, not yet. I'm cumming. Cumming deep into his ass. He still grinds me so I keep going. The feeling on my cock is intense. But I'm still hard. So, with teh cum as lube now, I'm sliding in and out nicely. I'm fucking going to town on his ass. We are fucking like fucking animals. Cum flying our of his ass, my cock shiny from all my seed. I am having the best sex at this moment I've ever had in my entire life. I cum in his hole again after about 5 minutes of hard fucking. My cock is fucking sore. As I push him onto the bed, his ravaged hole is all wet and red from the hard bare fucking we just had. I fall next to him and we look at each other. And he says to me, "I'm here for 3 weeks. We have to do this again." It was about 8:30 pm at this point. I should be going home. But we work ourselves back up and we fuck in missionary for a while. I want to get this guy off, he deserves it. I'm fucking him and stroking him at the same time. I can feel his asshole start to twitch on my cock. I thrust one last time deep inside of him and he starts cumming rope after rope. I slowly fuck him until I'm cumming...A third fucking time! The intensity of both cumming at the same time is something that words cannot describe. Needless to say, I'm going to go fuck him tonight. We've been talking all morning via text. And not just about sex but about other shit. Sometimes, you just find someone you connect with, and that leads to some of the most pleasant experiences one can ever have.
  11. Used his cum as my lube, fucked him, bred him, mow he's walking around with a mix of our cum inside him. While I walk around replenishing my drained balls to drop another load in another hole.

  12. I usually top, but I have a craving for a big cock deep inside me this morning.

    1. uncutyum


      unless you're planning to get fucked up, if you never bottom taking a big cock up your ass is going to be painful...

  13. steviegreen

    Watching This Right Now

    Wow. This scene with Marco Milan and Adam Killian is so hot. This is the kind of fucking that I long for and dream about. It's is sensual but raunchy. The look of ecstasy on their faces. Their cocks rock hard all times. Each cumming on their holes and pushing each others seed deep inside. So, hot. This is what a fuck should be.. http://www.redtube.com/813686 Rock hard and texting my bottom....I'm breeding him tonight.
  14. steviegreen

    Bubble Butt And Feet Pics

    Fuck. I want to blast my load into that hot ass.

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