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    All the stuff that any fetish pig worth his oink should be into - rubber, leather, fisting, Domination and poz breeding
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    Sleazy bottoms that need loading with the good stuff

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  1. Have fun, guy, and never go on meds!

  2. Hi PigPout, thanks for following, you are a very sexy and cool guy indeed



    1. PigOut


      Cheers Carsten - love your profile too mate!

  3. fuckin hot profile pic

  4. I think I need a trip to the Netherlands... where should I aim to land? ?

  5. Thanks for the follow PigOut!  Your profile and pics are making my hole wink -- would love to get manhandled by you!

    1. PigOut


      Anytime. I'll make that hole wink wide open to receive my donation!

  6. PigOut

    The tube train journey

    Thanks man - really appreciate the dedication! And still HOT-AS-FUCK writing...
  7. Anytime!  Thanks for following me. 

    1. PigOut


      Very welcome dude!

  8. Always up for a challenge with other's like myself. 

    1. PigOut


      You would certainly be fun to make challenges with!

  9. PigOut

    The tube train journey

    Thanks man! Really appreciate that. You write really well and your content is fuckin hot. Look for ward to getting more from the trough of that sleazy pigmind. Maybe the further adventures of Finn?
  10. PigOut

    The tube train journey

    Fucking hot story mate - you build it up nicely, like the charged loads in James' balls. Looking forward to the boys in the bar getting their go at Finn!
  11. Update on the conversion party on that thread, for those that have been asking

  12. hi fella,


    hows  u, im based in south east London neg guy been bb for a year now since split with my ex. Im looking to have a conversion party arranged for me, its not for everyone i know that i want to become Poz but i so want it now so much bad i know but just wanna get it. Yes i can carry on going with guys and i will eventually but it means more to me to have it arranged and know the time when i do.


    if your interested or know guys that would sort me out them please get back, happy to swap numbers as im totally genuine.




  13. Thanks for the rep fucker in where i got my last load, good that you enjoyed my adventure too. I want your charged cum in my ass too.

  14. ☣☣☣Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun.  Wood love to breed it, & swap bugz too. My VL= 100G. Hep C+ & TB too.  Wish we are bleedin' closer.  Thanks for following me.

    1. PigOut


      Fuck pig, we'd make beautiful toxic babies together! Awesome profile...

  15. Another successful pozzing



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