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  1. there is so much on this profile that is wonderful.. i don't know whereto begin.. dark is a plus, nemesis another.. and everything else that follows it.. posted a message to you on bbrt

  2. Fuck flu

    I'm guessing I was lucky. Mine lasted one day (Boxing Day 2006, no it was not a hangover but it was best thing I had that Christmas). As soon as it came it went. Shame you don't get to seroconvert twice, would like to savour the experience again.
  3. Hep C?

    It put me off joining the brotherhood for a while.
  4. Getting fucked vs getting bred

    In groups or darkrooms, after the first few loads it can be difficult to tell a guy really shot in you unless he is a big cummer. But one-on-one or 3's in private being seeded is the goal. Looking into a guys eyes as he fucks you is fine. Looking into his eyes as he surrenders his seed to you and he is totally helpless to hold back is what I do it for. And if he is toxic with a decent-high VL, all the better. If a guy can't cum, I switch our positions and ride him till he has no choice but to surrender. As for guys who pull out. . . FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY??? Cum anywhere other than in arse is a waste and the little guys aren't getting to live out their full (and hopefully destructive) potential.
  5. Hep C?

    Can relate. Contracted Hep C Sept '04 but cleared it successfully without need for treatment by May '05. Trip to London March '05, was forcefully told to leave a potential 4-way cause one of them knew of my Hep status (I was HIV-, they were each HIV+). Still unsure how a stranger 200 miles away knew about me (days of Gaydar, only answer I can think of). It's a real headfuck to be ostracised by guys who should know what it feels like to be on the other side of stigma. It's ironic, I was chasing HIV and ended up with Hep C from a regular FB through sex. His treatment was aggressive. Wouldn't want to contract it again due to the above experience, but I understand the risk that comes with being a chronic barebacker.
  6. Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    I was planning on getting a black scorpion (claws open, stinger semi-erect) with a bio-hazard symbol behind it in red and have it to right of crotch, so inside my underwear. But this design would be kinda cool on my chest (bit like toxic Superman?). I had my PA done in '04 before I was poz, so that wasn't a sign of status. Started on a frenum ladder along with a guiche and hafada at back of sack. But again, nothing to do with my status as poz, just think they look cool, and I'm 95% bottom so nothing to do with me fucking a guy. Get piercings cause you think they look good.
  7. Prince Albert piercing

    I agree with that. Before I had my own PA, had an American BF who had a PA and had to ask him to wear a larger ring as the smaller one felt like cheese wire.
  8. After 10 years celibacy, decided to get out there again from early-May. Only two guys so far, but the second has just been in contact to advice me he has had to be treated for syphilis. If I have contracted (suddenly a lot of small things in last few weeks make sense) it will be my 4th time with it. Had all the rest but Hep A & B. And I was looking forward to a good hard BB with a guy this weekend.
  9. Thanks for the follow! xx:*:drool:

    1. Fistulike666


      ... and the rep too ...:2thumbs::Pxx

    2. Lost


      Not a problem fella. :D

  10. Regret is part of being alive, but keep it a small part. I regret taking a shortcut to being poz and not allowing myself the thrill of chasing longer. I regret the drain that my case will be on the NHS (money that could have gone into research or anything else). But no regrets about being a chaser or attaining the status I craved. I did it my way on my terms rather than waiting for fate. Very much Poz Proud now.
  11. Don't know if this helps, but as a total bottom, I have on occasion switched. The guys I am normally drawn to differ from the guys my cock gets rockhard to switch with and cum in. Prefer mature guys, beefy, but to switch and cum in the guy, my cocks type is slim and younger, no older than 35. I also found that it was the mechanics of sex, so not only his weight but height as well. Not too sloppy. And receptive too. Also cum more when fucking missionary. Boring I know, but as a bottom, not had much practice at trying other positions. It's about finding the right body weight/height ratio and position for you, so plenty of practice like much of the other advice given. First time I shot in a guy I was so surprised I (almost) cried. I was 30 and had been having (consensual) sex for 18 years. So don't panic about it, it will happen.

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