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  1. rawindustrie

    Mygov health record

    Google the site. One of the suggested searches is to opt out. Take the link that comes up and it'll take less than 5 minutes to go through the opt out process
  2. Just wanted to acknowledge you. You got my attention. 

  3. rawindustrie

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Living in the outer suburbs, the commute is long. Plus was concerned about being able to get home with the weather
  4. rawindustrie

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    How was it? Wanted to go, but couldn't get in.
  5. rawindustrie

    Being tag team fucked and bred by 2 brothers 18/11/17.

    How did it go? Totally fantasy.
  6. rawindustrie

    2016 Mardi Gras Group Chem Sex

    You got a BBRT profile?

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