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    This slave/servant has come to the realization that in this lifetime, that as servant, its soul purpose is to find a Master who wants a slave/servant with a heart and a caring soul to serve its Master/Owner for life. All this slave/servant desires is a true Master to own it the way it is.
    A very submissive bottom whom, as the profile nickname implies, a gay submissive bottom. Cannot per the rules, list what I am interested in, so please message me for information.
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    Would do anything asked.

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    Full time 24/7 Master/Owner

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  1. submissivebottom74

    Throwing your life away for miss Tina - Addiction Issues

    Being an addict in recovery, it is the wiring of the brain. You truly have to understand addiction to understand an addict. For myself, it was not a choice the first time, as it was put into KY jelly without my knowledge or permission. After that, I was hooked. Yes, I am one of those people who threw my life away. A master's degree in education, 20+ years of teaching, all lost to her. But I could not stop, it took my family forcing me to move back with them and our village to make sure I was kept busy. If it weren't for that I would be dead. But again, it took a lot of love and patience, and I know I have received the biggest gift in the world.
  2. submissivebottom74

    Gay hookup Facebook groups?

    Same here. Would truly love and appreciate any information available.
  3. submissivebottom74

    To many e-mails

    Thank you very much Dr. Scorpio.
  4. submissivebottom74

    To many e-mails

    Will someone please advise me how to stop receiving so many e-mails when people post 10 or hundreds of pictures at a time. My e-mail account is being plagued by individual picture uploads. Any help would be truly appreciated.
  5. Would love to plan a two month vacation to Las Vegas two years from now. Would love to write and film real stories. Anyone around Vegas that can communicate back and forth?
  6. submissivebottom74

    love to breed chub ass

    If you are ever in NE Ohio, please let me know. You can breed me raw any time you would like.
  7. submissivebottom74

    Freedom Valley Campground

    Thank you so much for the information. I cannot wait. I plan on being naked the whole time.
  8. submissivebottom74

    Freedom Valley Campground

    For the first time in my life I am going to a gay campground in NW Ohio. Have not had sex in over 3 years and really prefer nasty and raunchy. Anyone have suggestions or helpful hints.
  9. submissivebottom74

    Out in public with cum on face?

    Here are some from ABS's and out in public.
  10. submissivebottom74

    Out in public with cum on face?

    I have done this many many times. I love the fact that when the cum is still drying, I try to purposefully go out in public. The only time I was embarrassed was when I had slammed and ended up writing Faggot Slut on my forehead and chin. That definitely got some stares.
  11. submissivebottom74

    Finding extremely submissive bottoms

    Sir, as a faggot who has been serving as a submissive bottom slave since I was 5, it has always been difficult to find an Superior Alpha Male God Top who would own this faggot. The problem that I encounter is that most so-called Masters/Owners are not truly schooled in owning a slave or submissive. They find that when I would go beyond the depths of depravity, it was too much for them. Still waiting, as it has been 8 years since I have had a true Alpha Male God.
  12. submissivebottom74

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    Since I was 5, never topped. Just talking with friends about that tonight, they don't understand. However, when you cannot achieve an erection since the age of 12, it is quite difficult to top.
  13. submissivebottom74

    Question For Bottoms

    For myself, it is very difficult to find tops into or beyond what I am looking for in my area. The ones that I find are only interested in fucking and getting sucked. Really need to get to a city where there are more cultured guys.
  14. submissivebottom74

    how to gape

    That is an awesome question. I have really wanted someone to pump my rosebud but have found no one so far. I do know that when I fly sometimes, I can fit four 12"X6" dildos in my ass. It is only sore after the come down.
  15. submissivebottom74

    Do any guys like sucking/fucking small cocks?

    A Man's cock is life and breath. It does not matter the size, shape, colour, or cleanliness. As long as I can make it happy.

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