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  1. We fucked and he bred me but he didn’t piss in me. I’ve had this happen a few times where tops had promised piss play but haven’t delivered. Itll happen soon enough I’m sure.
  2. Very excited to have my first pissfuck experience coming up this week. I have an experienced water sports daddy who has offered to give me my first experience. Just wondering as a bottom what I should expect? I have a tight ass I hope he can get in me! Do tops usually start with a pissfuck? Or after they cum? If I get a bladder full of piss will I be able to hold it and absorb it or is it something you usually expel? How pleasurable is it as a top. He’s very kinky (not his first redo) and hosting so I’m sure he’ll have cleanup figured out. Thank you for any insight!
  3. Last time I was in Palm Springs I was hit up my a handsome 71 daddy top who was only 1100 feet away on grindr. He was married to a women but was simply needing an ass to unload in. i figured he was at the hotel but he told me he was local. I told him I had to check out in 45 minutes and if he could get over real quick I’d be happy to take his load. Much to my surprise there was a knock on my hotel door about 5 minutes later. I open the door to see a very handsome executive looking dad- Just my type. We talked for a minute and I could tell his was a bit nervous but soon enough we were both na
  4. I’m a pretty cautious BB fucker but deep down I am a real whore who want to take cum from anyone who will give it too me. I try to minimize STD risk by asking their testing habits and what not but I’m taking a bunch of strangers at their word. So my question is how do I rationalize the risk mentally? I am on PReP and get tested every 3 months. I had syphilis once and had it treated without issue. I struggle with this internal debate and figured I’d throw it out there to people who take the same risks as me.
  5. New to WS and was wondering if I was on my back with my had off the side of a bed and a top was throat fucking me could he piss down my throat? I know I wouldn't be able to taste anything but would I choke with fluid going down my throat? I've be throat fucked a few time and I don't think I'd be able to feel it if he pissed when he was fucking me. Has anyone experienced this?
  6. Wonder if anyone had any recommendations on clothing optional resorts in palm springs. Seems to be so many of them and its hard to sift through all the static on google. Been to bath houses but never stayed at a clothing option resort. How similar are they to bath houses? I like older guys should that matter!
  7. Hot photos i'd love to breed your daddy hole 

    1. mark4810


      I would be more than happy to let you bred me anytime.  I am looking for top HIV Poz men in Kentucky to seed me.


  8. If I am bottoming i love to be in a position to play with the tops balls so I can try to milk every drop of cum out of him
  9. always wanted to try a sling! Sounds like fun
  10. I pretty much exclusively play with older men 50+! Regardless of whether they are tops or bottoms they are usually great times. I am 27 and my partner is 65
  11. just wondering what folks favorite position to breed (tops) or get bred (bottoms). I like all kinds of positions throughout the fucking processes but i'm most curious about your favorite position when cum is exchanged! If I am topping I love to have the bottom laying flat on his stomach and me laying on top of him fucking his ass. I love hearing my balls slap his ass! I will usually take my arms and tuck them under and around the bottoms armpit to give me control and a bit of leverage. Love being that close to the bottom and it usually get a little sweaty too which I like. I like to be
  12. As a (mostly) bottom on PReP is the risk of being infected with HIV astronomical assuming the top is truly undetectable on meds? Also how do the statistic change change if the Top is not medicated but the bottom is still on Prep?
  13. Almost exclusively play with men over 50 but i'm not into the daddy/son roll play. Im just attached to older men and their ability to fuck.
  14. Love both. In particular I love to eat a tops ass before he breeds mine!
  15. daddy hunt is an app for older/young guys to meet. I've met many of older tops on the site
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