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    Phoenix, AZ
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    Purposely chase, catch, and become infected / pozzed with stds / hiv from enthusiastic, infectious pozzers and std'ers. Chase ends when confirmed poz plus 3 other confirmed stds. No specific order or timeframe. Not trying for all 4 at same time but fine if it happened.
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    HIV/STD Fetish
    BiMWM, 48yp, no kids, separated; soon to divorced/ single. Spent WAY too many years adhering to safe sex, being causcious, lots of latex, and no shared fluids. Success! Except that it spawned my STD fetish. So now I'm soon to be single and free to purposely and actively hunt, chase, collect, treat, and manage as I please. STD season is open, no license is required. Infect me.
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    09/13/17 update. Fetish still strong; Took break for months. Restarting search.
    RInfectious pozzers / std'ers who like sharing. Local AZ or out of area. All ages(18+), sizes, shapes, genders, races, orientations, motives, etc welcome. all types, genders, all scenarios and scenes, EXCEPT underage or anything involving unconcenting people. Std told up front, or during, or after. Anonymous or open.

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  1. Thank-you for the follow bro

  2. Fuckin' Oink~! Chasers like you make visiting BZ HOT. Please keep sharing. Wood love to breed it. Thanks for following me.

  3. Hey ... thanks for the follow xx

  4. Should be in ATL area Feb 13-17.  Can delay return aday or so past the 17th for some toxic connection. 

    1. boybottom4use


      hey, when you make it to Atlanta you should go to Club Eros and Manifest.  They are 2 sex clubs right near each other as well as 3 bars nearby. 

    2. AZchaserphx
  5. I like your experience and that you have a potential source for STD donor.   I keep looking and will succeed in getting syph, etc.

  6. Depends. If it's an ass and fuck feel so good that pulling out would take extreme discipline, than no. If it's one where it's just getting hard to get there, that makes it easy to pull out if I want. These are the actions I'd take regardless of the request. If I am top, it's about me. If you top me, it's about you.
  7. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Perv Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 314-328-9970 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Phoenix, AZ /Glendale, AZ 85308 Times you're generally not available: weekdays Age: 48 Height: 5'9" Weight: 170
  8. Your Pervy Bbc Atl Tour Guide

    Visiting Atlanta area / Alpharetta. Mid Dec.. hoping for first pop chance. Of course in ATL I luv BBC, but not required
  9. Proud and assertive gifters wanted in PHX area.

  10. Decided to restart my quest again after a hiatus. Grifters welcom

  11. Still looking in PHX

  12. 7 to 8 wks; still none. Visiting DC area 8/5-8/7. Hoping chg of venue +++

  13. who have you done?

    1) A summer of hand jobs and blow jobs for a cousin when I was 9, he was 13 and he had this amazing thing he just became able to do which was to squirt white creamy stuff out of his wiener. 2) A similar summer 2 years later with another cousin when I was 11 and he was 13 and he had also mastered the same amazing skill. 3) A similar summer 2 years later with a younger cousin when he was 11 and I was 13 and now I had the amazing skill. 4) A similar summer a year later with my 13yo visiting step-brother, when I was 14. Still hand and blow jabs, but still never any cum in mouths or swallowing. 5) Also that same summer at age 14, I ended up having a mutual masterbation session in the bed my dad and I shared when we visited his parents. It started because that night I almost had my first penis-in-pussy experience, but sprayed cum all over as I was aiming, and heading toward, the pussy entrance of a 27 yo friend of my dads, who'd I had illegally driven home from a party because my dad said he had drank too much to drive. Actually, she'd expressed interest in being some young guys first fuck, and she wanted it to be me, and my dad faked the not able to drive story for us to be alone and she could initiate the fuck. I got home; got in bed. Dad was asleep(so I thought). So when I was thinking back about how I'd touched my first pussy, and put my finger in it, and tasted it, etc, I got all horny and super hard. So started gentle jacking in bed right next to my sleep dad. I guess, I wasn't as gentle as I thought and was jiggling the bed too much because suddenly, in the darkness, my dad said, would yo hurry up so I can get to sleep, and by the way, shouldn't that have been taken care on your little drive? So what happened? I told him all the thrilling things I touched or tasted, but fucking was cut short by my too quick cum spray. So he said things to make me understand that was normal and there was nothing wrong with me or anything to feel bad about myself. He proceeded to describe ways when jacking I could train my dick to last longer. Which segwayed showing me the techniques and I tried them on my own dick. Our talking about the girl he set me up with got us both very hard. He had fucked her many times before and contributed more details that got us both so horned up we ended the 'train your cock' session laying side by side jacking ourselves off. What a picture.! Of course I blew first; he took like what seemed to be forever, but eventually shot his load. We wiped up ourselves and the bed, he made a joke that now maybe the bed jiggling would not return and keep us from sleeping, and we rolled opposite directions and went to sleep. Didn't realize, or appreciate, at the time how uncommon it is for a son to have seen his dad's 'cum face', seen his dad JO, and seen his dad's jizz sprayed about. It probably comes off as creepy, but didn't feel like that. It felt to be a comforting, male bonding type thing. It never entered my mind during the session to consider reaching over to touch my dad. I never got any look or vibe from him that he considered touching me. I still dont view this event as abuse or anything bad on my dads part. And a large part of me actually wishes that event would have progressed to a one-time occurrence of a full sexual experience involving making out, sucking, and fucking. I feel so warped even admitting it, but I know for sure if he'd initiated anything I'd went along with it gladly and would have been on a mental high viewing it as an intense male bonding experience. And would never see it as abusive since it was mutual..... Even to this day. But I would never argue it was right at all. Perhaps my dad did notice my actions that were like making a pass at him, and was truly in control deciding where to draw the line, without doing or saying things to make me feel I was defective or wrong about my feelings or actions. 6) The same summer, after the 13 yo step-brother departed, his older, adult, 23yo step-brother stayed with us for 6 months after discharge from the Army. Our activities went beyond hand jobs and BJs, by progressing to full on deep kissing make out sessions, BJs ending with cum in mouths with cum swallowing. Both of us, mutually. And peaked when he convincing me to lett him push his cock up my butt, and eventually letting him fuck me to completion. I never felt this was abusive even though I was 14 and he was 23. The sex events were always mutual, respectfull, buds-having-fun, with a sex, cuddling, and even a tiny aspect of romance. Fucking became a nightly event for about 4 months until one weekend, when our parents were gone for a few days, an Army friend of his visited for the weekend. Long-story short, while drinking and watching porn (on VHS tapes) we all started jacking ourselves and progressed to jacking each other. Then my step-brother initiated fucking me, doing the usual slow and gentle fuck of my ass. His buddy had said he wanted to watch. The buddy started teasing that my step-brother fucked me like I was a virgin girlfriend instead of the sissy, faggot little step-brother he'd been hearing about, and proposed that my step-brother was turning into a faggot too. Which resulted in my brother switching into rapist mode, with the buddy sitting on me to hold me down. After my step-brothers fuck-turned-assault delivered a cum load up my ass, they switched places, my step-brother pinning me down, while the buddy amped up the rapist aspect to include verbal degradation, emotional threats, and in my numb state, by then, using twisted logic, he convinced me that telling anyone would just confirm I was for sure a pervert faggot boy who liked getting his cum collecting ass pounded. And this would certainly draw other normal guys to want to teach the faggot a lesson. I never said a word to anyone until around age 30.

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