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    Very submissive cumpig kinkster here that loves exploring his kinky side and gets off on sleezy breeding and raw cock. Love taking all loads, especially anon and/or through a glory hole. Can spend hours sucking cock and backing my lubed ass up on them until I take their cum. Love getting used in bookstores and arcades, and especially love the feeling of a dom top pushing me against the wall and using my hole as his own, personal cumdump. Love the feel of multiple loads in my hole and love serving men. All loads accepted. Popper me up and I will be worshipping your cock deep in my throat. Love groups, bondage, cum control, restraint, power play, sensory deprivation, WS, milking and edging, role play, dom/sub, and much more. 18+ only. All other limits are there to be broken or already nonexistent.

    Love nasty phone, getting dirty with other pigs with verbal role play. Fairly open with phone. Love serving a dominant top. Love going deep into a bate chatting about breeding or having my limits pushed.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Love following orders from dom men, love reading stories of public fun like bathhouses, parks, saunas, etc. Constantly craving cum and being used.
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    Chat and phone friends, local guys to explore with, cocks full of cum

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  1. Fucking hot new profile pic, man!

    1. leatherpunk16


      Thank you. I got that on Halloween night. A buddy visited while I was skoming, and took a few stealth shots of me which I later got in my email. This is one of my favourites.

    2. cum4cubber


      Damn, for an unposed candid, it is perfect man!

  2. As a polite midwestern boy, I always thank the top for giving me their load.
  3. I rarely top, but yes... had this happen twice. Lovely conversations with quick care clinics
  4. Game Time: Prelude Jake, Sean, and Owen were bored. The three friends were all in their early 30’s, and the usual hook-up apps and casual sex were no longer doing it for them. They were frustrated, and even with all the hot Chicago men at their disposal, they all were craving something new. Something more adventurous. Something that makes a good story. The three friends couldn’t be more different from each other, both in physical description and sexual conquest. Up to this point, Owen was a serial monogamist. Throughout his adult life, he was always the friend in the long-term relati
  5. I'm similar to you. As a bottom, I have internal orgasms often when a top really drills me or hits that right spot. I prefer not cumming because I want my cum lust to continue to grow and become stronger. Same reason why I love edging for hours/days when jerking off. I love that pressure building up and turning me into a total cum-craving pig. Also, for me it is all about the top and them using me to feel good and get off. Hearing the top moan and grunt as they fill me makes me feel so good, I need not cum.
  6. It wasn’t too long after then that they closed. I loved that place.
  7. Midtowne closed a number of years ago :(
  8. A guy died a few years back at a Milwaukee bathhouse because he took Viagra and then did poppers. Definitely not recommended and very dangerous.
  9. I don't think it is a real public place - sadly - or I would race there too. I think it is a fantasy set made for the czechgayfantasy.com porn site
  10. Raw handler here that likes to be mounted by his pups and foxes
  11. Hi all, this is my first story, based on real events from last night. I hope you enjoy! The Bi Virgin It was a Friday night and I had had a pretty long week at work, leaving me exhausted and horny as hell. On my way home, I stopped at a fast food joint to grab a bite to eat and popped up Grindr to see if there were any loads around that I could take. The usual old faces filled my cascade rather quickly. However, a pic-less profile sat right next to my picture. He had listed his stats: 28, 185 lb, 5’8”, neg, looking for bigger guys. As a larger cub, this piqued my interest. I popped u
  12. Submissive kinkster with two loads in him could really use a top dom for some phone fun to finish the evening.

  13. submissive kinkster looking for hard core, bb, dom phone from a dirty domineering top

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