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    Lambeth, London
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    Wide range, up for trying most things. Easier to ask. Particularly like piss and raw (and would love to combine the two). Also want to take a fist
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Originally from Edinburgh, living in London currently.
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    Sex - I'm a sub/bottom, prefer bb (slight latex allergy, rubbers burn in my hole). Chem friendly, and would like to try as wide a variety of fetishes as possible. Also have Kik and a mostly-reblogged Tumblr page, with same username as on here

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  1. Thanks for the Follow! *Huggs*

  2. gayuke94

    Anyone recommend a tattoist

    Even though I know it’s not healed much yet, it’s not looking too bad. Unfortunately, the pic I took was too big. Didn’t realise there was a file size limit. I’m going to add it to my NKP profile (same ID) if you want to see it. Else, IM me and I’ll see what I can do.
  3. gayuke94

    Anyone recommend a tattoist

    Will do in a few days once the tattoo has healed up a bit
  4. gayuke94

    Anyone recommend a tattoist

    Oddly enough, someone on Grindr recommended him. Long story short, I’m now the proud owner of a tattoo on my ass and two pierced nipples
  5. If I haven’t miscounted, 275. Anyone in London want to help me reach 300+? Total btm, HIV+.
  6. Hey Looking to get a certain special tattoo in London (fairly small and simple). Anyone know a good tattooist that isn't too expensive? (or is a tattooist and would be willing to do it?). For the latter, open to meeting to do the tattoo and having sex as well. Also open to piercings
  7. Just found out I'm poz, but had no idea. Was typing to find a willing gifter, but obviously that never happened. I think, if I did have fuck flu, it was in Mid/Late December. I had a bad cold, which turned into a throat infection. Couldn't eat solids for the first week, and still felt ill for another week. Only took 3 days since I didn't want to miss the Christmas party at work.
  8. gayuke94

    The Builder

    Is there more to this story? Fucking hot as it is, but I'd love to hear more. Would also love to be in Tom's position
  9. gayuke94

    Any guys go to SOP?

    Either bring wipes or clean at the sink. Apparently the bartenders are also happy to spray you with the hose they use to clean the place with afterwards (it does other events on other nights, after all), but I’ve never tested that. I generally don’t bother much, and no-ones actually complained
  10. gayuke94

    Accepting incest like a positive thing

    While I've not ever done anything with family, there are parts of the family I would be tempted by (mostly my uncles from one side of the family, and my one male cousin), if it had ever come up. Doesn't matter if it's men or women (though I would only find male incest hot), I'm happy with incest so long as it meets two conditions: There is no chance of children being produced from it. All involved parties are legal and consenting So basically, straight/bi incest groupings, because of inbreeding . Otherwise I don't see the problem with it so long as it's legal otherwise.
  11. gayuke94

    Any guys go to SOP?

    It’s amazing. Been twice, so far, and had plenty of piss fun both times. Not been fucked/bred there yet, but I’m up for it.
  12. Thanks for following. Wish I was a poz cunt like you

  13. gayuke94

    CUmdump session Friday 7th July - Near Oval

    Damm I wish I was a top (or the bottom)
  14. gayuke94

    climb on my dick

    I'd love to take a load or two from you, for sure.

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