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  1. What happened to Bruce Jordan - he used to be on Twitter and Recon but seems to have vanished. Lost touch any one know how I can contact him????
  2. Dont know - not heard any mention of him since. If you find out let me know
  3. I know the one your talking about - and yes i agree. Got some links of his vids
  4. Mr Kyle Lucas at it a few years ago https://xhamster.com/movies/3068267/aggressive_versatile_fucking.html https://xhamster.com/videos/outdoor-boy-s-at-play-3-5938841 Although id like to see you in hard piggy group scence
  5. Well no but still look good. How about PIG porn? Treasure Island etc. Been in touch? Id really like to see the ones from your day in the flesh see what they are like now. Only found a couple of them on hook up sites
  6. your welcome - get your arse back into porn. HARD BB that is
  7. Hello. He was in Marine Crucible 2 porn film at start and paired with Jarod Steel https://www.redtube.com/1666819 Fairly boring scene though
  8. John Gadsby is in Glasgow. He always looked like he was enjoying his work (some dident, dont know if he did though). London Cum Pigs was good
  9. While im an experienced sleazy pig very into serious Real Man Sex I also have a taste for the bb twink porn stars from a few years back so they should do a Brit porn film reuniting previous Brit Twink BB Porn Stars from a few years back so we can see what they have become and if they have become real pigs. I suggest Will Forbes Brian Morris James Allen Will Forbes John Gadsby Stevie Blue Kyle Lucas Sean Deacon Ben Rivers Ricky Jackson Titch Jones Steven Prior Steve Strong Matt Jackson Ricky Jackson If any of you a
  10. hello cheers for message I seem to remember that vid from primal pigs . it still available anywhere?
  11. Hey PIG - SUPER PIG that is

    You should recount you porn experience

    1. arseboy


      Oh yeah, just looking and it says your rank is Virgin, surely a mistake?

  12. What about Bruce Jordan a true pig! Also Skunk and Max Load from UK Beef Bangers
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