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    Vienna, Austria (European Union)
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    fucking raw, becoming a full-blown AIDS fucker
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I am a totally perverted barefucker looking always for a toxic cunt to dump my loads deep inside
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    I am a totally perverted barefucker looking always for a toxic cunt to dump my loads deep inside

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  1. Thank you for the follow, Sir! I am humbled and honored!

  2. your gorgeous ass is the best argument for any top Breeder to inject toxic cum loads as often as POZZible
  3. If you ever find yourself in Pennsylvania, there is a very high POZZibility you can cum and knock me up ☺️ 

  4. I wish I could knock you up as hard and rough as POZZible, babe
  5. last week I was in Madrid for business, best night was saturday to sunday in the Meat Rack Club in Madrid for the bare sex night...fucked several hours on kamagra and dumped 3 loads in 3 different guys...especially, tha last one was the best...a young boy caressed my chest and belly while I barefucked another doggy style sluthole in fornt of me...he asked me to fuck his ass instead...so we went into a cabin and it was paradise to infect his ass with my untreated poz load...he was so excited to hear I am gonna knock him up right now
  6. I was recently in Ottawa, too bad I missed you!

  7. that´s the universal formula...no need to explain, just accept and deliver
  8. Love to get bred and pozzed by you!

  9. Hot sexy man.. thanks for the follow.. arse is urs too.

  10. you must be converted, honey


    1. cocklover1966


      I agree, I need to be sexy

  11. what a great ass wreckiing pozfucker tool...I try to knock up slutholes as well...maybe once we can join in wrecking neg ass?
  12. Very hot pox cock! I would love to get infected by your thick toxic tool. If you ever come to England, let me know and I will come to where you are staying! Or if you are in Berlin for Easter Fetish, I am there next week and would love to have a sleazy session with you!

  13. such a hot poz cunt...would love to cum inside U

  14. I wish I could help you with my own loads...

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