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    Tampa area
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    Pnp gangbangs total pig.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Bottom pig loves it sll. Slam me use me.
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    I wish
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    Pnp being whored out.

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  1. Stpetecumdump

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    No, I need a partner that let's me be the cumdump pig I am.
  2. Stpetecumdump

    Ball Buster Party in Tampa 9/20

    Looking forward to it. Hope to get a recharge.
  3. Stpetecumdump

    Gay Days

    Yes please,
  4. Stpetecumdump

    New leather bar in old 2606 spot

    I hope so. Need a recharge.
  5. Stpetecumdump

    Taboo/Perv guys in Orlando

    Stpetepirate wickr
  6. Don't know who belong to this contact photo. Will not communicate with false info on this site. Bogus photo on here. 

    1. Stpetecumdump


      What photo are you talking about?

  7. Definitely interested in CUMDUMP action over labels together. 

  8. Stpetecumdump

    Stribild and Poppers?

    Not I.
  9. Stpetecumdump


    I would love to receive any and all loads.
  10. Stpetecumdump

    Ft Lauderdale Poz Bear

    Very hot man.
  11. Stpetecumdump

    Deep breeding or cum shot & plunge back in?

    Breed deep, love the feeling of all the cum mixing inside me.
  12. Stpetecumdump

    Getting fucked vs getting bred

    I prefer being bred. The more loads the better.
  13. Stpetecumdump

    Dad's Basement

    Love it so far
  14. Poz on meds still detectable. Just started. May go off .
  15. Would love to meet you. Rainbow is a sleazy dark bathhouse. I am a pig when there.

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