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Due to a law that Congress has passed and Trump will soon sign, mentions of escorting are now generally prohibited on this site. Definitely no mention of services offered, looking for services, or promotion of escorting. Mentions of past escorting (when no longer an escort), or passing references to the fact that someone is an escort may be OK in some cases. If it's not important to what you're trying to say, just leave it out. Mentions in stories that are clearly fictional is also OK. Click here to learn more and discuss the issue further.


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  1. Had my first opportunity to stealth 3 bottoms these past few weeks. "Of course I'm clean..." :lol:


    Nothing better than feeling the condom tear the rest of the way through when you're buried balls-deep in a hot young twink.

    1. Ozpig


      go get em bud you are doing them a favour

    2. stevewantsfun15


      well of course I'm clean too, haha

      you fuck him, you make sure you load him, you tell him whatever you like

    3. NastyPigDad


      gr8 man..keep stealthing..OINK

  2. You're in San Jose, huh? That's close! Very nice. :)

    1. wildbbbottom


      yep real close so we should get together some time.

    2. BBayArea


      that could def be fun! HMU sometime ;)

  3. What Was Your First Std ?

    Just tested positive for gonorrhea as of yesterday! I'm apparently super contageous, had bloody rectal tissue and all. Anyone want my gift?
  4. Early Bird, Early Starter

    That's amazing man. Personally I lost mine at 18 and hate it. Wish I could have fucked younger(!).
  5. Am in the bay looking to find some hot young twinks to fuck, younger the better as long as they are legal. I'm neg, but I only fuck raw. Don't care what the boy is, just want to fuck some nice smooth boy-hole. Any of you pervs out there have any recommendations? Finding hot young twinks who actually want to legit meet and fuck on grindr is too much work for too little reward these days. To be clear, if the kid is 18 but looks far from it, that's all the hotter to me.

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