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  1. JFC1982

    Open relationships question

    Honestly hard to say. Would depend on how much time has passed, where he is in the process, where I am in the process, etc. Right now absolutely not. But down the line, if we're both happy and satisfied with how our lives are and aren't looking for something else, maybe?
  2. JFC1982

    Open relationships question

    Sounds like it's just not the right choice for you emotionally xxww. I was just in a six-year open relationship that ended -- ultimately what did us in was less the open part, and more the long-distance situation we found ourselves in. When we were together in one place for four years, the open relationship was almost never an issue. We played apart and together, very frequently just the two of us but sometimes in three-ways or with other couples, one or two bathhouse excursions, etc. The only time openness was ever a problem during that time was a moment early in the relationship, when he concealed the fact that he was hooking up with someone from me on a night when I needed him, emotionally. I made it very clear that wasn't acceptable, and it never happened again. Ultimately we found ourselves living long-distance for an extended period -- two years -- and in that case, our openness DID lead to problems, because after a year or so I developed feelings for a hookup buddy. I told him about it, and told him that it could be serious, but he was unconcerned about it. I broke off the sexual relationship with this person, but remained friends; however, over time, i wanted more and more to be with him. It ultimately didn't pan out, but it did do damage. And even several months after all of that, when my partner still wasn't able to make the move out to where I live now (couldn't find appropriate work), we split, unable to keep it together anymore. Honestly, I see the problem much more as that of a long-distance relationship than an open one, because even through any feelings of jealousy, we were able to get through it by reasserting each other as our first concern. In an open relationship, your partner is THE most important person emotionally, and "logistically" as well (practical day-to-day life-partner stuff). And they remain the most important sexually even if you're not having sex, because what sex you do have is still governed by the terms you agree on together. If they need to change the terms for their emotional health, then you do it. But I couldn't have the most important person in my life be an absent person, and that's what committing to him long-distance was. Long-distance is bearable for a fixed amount of time, but with no set end date, I found it to be impossible. At the end of the day, I needed somebody here with me. I do think, when talking about a relationship that lasts for your entire life, a relationship with some degree of sexual openness is important for me, because variety keeps that part of my life -- my sexual confidence and expression -- vibrant and alive. But I'd still always want my partner involved in my sex life to some degree. And I also think it's crucial to start the relationship with an extended period of monogamy, to assert what commitment looks like when the chips are down.
  3. A bottom bud and I want to go to Palm Springs in the fall when it cools down and get him a ton of loads -- set up in a room at a gay resort and get him bred. Which of the resorts is the way to go? Been to PS, but never to any of the gay spots, so recommendations very welcome!
  4. JFC1982

    The Cum Hole Contest

    VERY glad this one is back, after years. Looking forward to the finale.
  5. Love your avatar man, wish I was the bottom

  6. Thursday night, finally fucked a local guy who's been begging (sometimes literally) for my cock on A4A and BBRT since I moved to town -- smooth, beefy muscle cub. He hadn't been fucked in two months and needed to be broken back in. Came in, lights down, he was ass up on the bed. Ate him out and he went fucking nuts -- started calling me "sir" and panting for it immediately. Lubed up and slid into his hole -- he really was tight, and very verbal about how he needed it in order to be opened up. I let him call the shots at first until he got comfortable -- but within five minutes, I was pressing him into the bed and pushing the whole length of my dick deep inside him and he was opening up nicely, groaning and moaning all the way. Flipped him onto his back and long-dicked him for a while, had him ride me as he ground down on it and pushed my cock as deep up into him as he could...he gasped every time my dick throbbed in him. Eventually threw him back down missionary and bred him with a huge three-day load. He texted me the next day to say it was still dripping out, and that his hole still hurt, in the best way possible.
  7. The same bottom from my last fuck texted me on Saturday and was randomly in the neighborhood. Came in, stripped naked, started sucking me, lubed up my cock, and jumped onto my bed and pulled his legs up. His hole felt fucking AMAZING this time -- tight and grippy, but slick. Seriously milked me out. He's super-skinny (not normally my thing, but it's hot on him) so I had my hands around his waist pulling him onto and off of my dick before breeding him with an enormous load (he had to plug himself up with toilet paper when he left ;-D). Unfortunately that was probably our last fuck -- he's moving back across the country... but it was a damn good one to go out on.
  8. Went with a bud to Flex last night, fucked him on the floor behind curtains while we waited for a room but we kept getting unwanted attention. Eventually landed a room and I bred him deep with a three-day load. He'd booty-bumped and I wanted to load him again and watch him take more cock, but I wound up being too exhausted. So of course the second I left, he got a four-way going and took two more loads that I didn't get to churn up. Alas. ;-)
  9. That second one is from "22 Loads Gangbang" by Knightbreeders. I have that first one saved as well -- I labeled it as found on Xtube from a deleted user named "jaykyle69" but I assume it's not pure amateur. Have seen one or two of the tops in other movies.
  10. Hey, all -- gonna be in Berlin on Monday and Tuesday nights in a couple weeks. Sounds like Lab.oratory won't be open, which is a shame, since it seems fucking incredible. What's the best place to hit up on "off" nights? I'm a top, will be there with my BF who's a bottom.
  11. So this is basically my favorite guy on XTube right now: http://www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?user=Quoc_dinh92 Every fucking video is incredible. Shows his face, takes loads, ass to mouth, spit-lubes, can take a fist... uuungh.
  12. JFC1982

    Midtowne Spa

    Been reading up here on the forum about Midtowne Spa -- was thinking of going tonight (top) and curious for a current update. Are they still stringent about the no-BB policy, or is the crowd generally more willing? Am not visiting during 1/2 price room night or the blackout party, alas... if not going on those two nights, is it worth it?
  13. Have seen a couple isolated reviews of this place in LIC on here -- anyone been to this space recently, or to any of the specific parties held there? Is it any good? Used to see announcements for the Omega parties all the time on A4A or BBRT or the like, but haven't lately. Did those stop?
  14. So I met a guy via a sordid Craigslist hookup a few months ago -- I'm neg and a top, he's a poz/undetectable bottom on meds, both in our late twenties. He was honest from the start about being poz, I was horny enough not to care that night. The sex was off the charts, and we actually liked each other, too. Now we've been dating proper for two and a half months, with the sex remaining every bit as great or better, and have never used condoms, and I'm thinking I want to stick around for a while. I'm curious if anyone else on the forum is in a mixed-status relationship? Any advice? Did you ever convert? (My position on HIV as a neg guy is that I'd prefer to avoid it, but I've been barebacking for more than six years now and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon, so it may be what it may be). Just wanted to see if anyone else has been in this boat, has any experiences to share, etc. We've started to hint about maybe opening up the relationship a bit, fucking other guys together, and I'm wondering what our approach to safe sex / HIV status will be in that situation. My chances of getting infected expand greatly if we do that, most likely, so I'm a little torn.
  15. reconnected with a fuckbud i hadn't seen in three or four years. had him wait for me ass-up on his bed in a jock strap, bb porn playing. shot my first load into him after flipping him over missionary, staring into his eyes; rested for a few minutes, then bred him again as he rode my cock. my first raw hookup in several months... fucking missed it for sure.

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