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Found 6 results

  1. So if PrEP is available universally, say easily/for free like what they're considering in the UK, does that mean positive guys could or would eventually become outcasts? My thinking is that most neg guys will go on to PrEP, the 'safe sex' guys will more likely be open to barebacking BUT would still be insistent on BB with other neg guys on PrEP. At the moment if you want it raw then you're more than likely going to fuck with a poz guy (as majority of barebackers are poz from my experience), essentially 'beggars can't be choosers' in this day and age. But when there is a greater choice of safe neg barebackers, will poz guys be turned down even more? We already know what some neg guys reactions are to poz guys at the moment. If the majority of neg gay guys are on PrEP then they could have their cake and eat it too, virtually risk free. Why keep using a VHS tape when you can use a DVD instead? Or will guys become even more cum hungry, will take any and all loads because they know they're practically safe on PrEP? Any thoughts?
  2. I've been married for 18 years, my husband and I are both Poz. Back in the day when I was diagnosed most Negative guys I met wouldn't consider having a long term relationship with a Poz guy. After many years of conversations with other Poz guys i found that my experience wasn't unique. I wonder if PrEP has changed that?
  3. After my time in the sling, I decided to head over to the maze area, which is a two-storied affair with with lots of closets, rows of glory hole areas, and also contains rooms with tables. It even offers a theater with a large table in the center, all very dark, just enough lighting to see shadows. I stripped to my jock and walked through, catching a couple of admirers. I walked into one of the larger rooms with a table and bent over it. Within a minute I felt a couple of hands roaming on me, then a lubed cock rubbed against my hole and pushed forward. The guy wasn't all of the way hard and had a little trouble getting it in but once inside, it got stiff. He fucked me slow and even for a few minutes but pulled out before cumming. Someone, I couldn't tell if it was the guy who just fucked me or someone else starting eating my ass, and did an outstanding job. I was shaking and moaning it felt so good. When the ass licker stopped, I went forward on the table and rolled onto my back to rest my shaking legs. When I looked up there was a crowd of six or seven guys watching. I had no idea who had done what, which was hot. A guy stepped from behind the guys in the front and walked up until my legs rested on his shoulders. His cock was already rock hard when he rubbed it against my stomach. I wrapped my hand around it. I should say 'I tried to wrap my hand around it, but as it was really thick and probably seven inches long, it was almost too much for my grasp. The crowning touch was the cock head was already wet with precum. With the ultimate politeness he asked if I was okay raw or wanted a condom. When I answered raw, he replied "I wanted to make sure because I'm not negative." My cock jerked and I moved his dick down until it touched my hole and rubbed it around. My ass was slick with lube and a load or two so he didn't need anything additional. He eased forward, filling me perfectly with a little burning from the stretch. He gave me a few seconds, knowing the extreme thickness of his cock could do damage, I imagine, and when he sensed I was ready, he started withdrawing and pushing it back in. I virtually literally lost my mind from the sensation and I think my eyes rolled back. I started lifting my ass to meet his strokes and telling him how good his cock felt, and I meant every word of it. He sped up a little and I could start to hear the slap of his thighs against my ass. The noise drew a few more onlookers and I saw more faces getting close to watch. Since he said he wasn't negative, I wanted no doubt on his part and as he pumped my hole hard I started, asking, more like begging him to cum in me. I think he was trying to be nice and was unsure or hadn't made up his mind because the first time I asked for his load, he started fucking me even harder. Then came the part that gives me that natural high. He stabbed his cock in very erratically a few times and went deep and pulled hard on my legs, making sure he was claiming every inch of my hole. I felt his dick swell just a bit and start jerking hard as his cum emptied into me. He stayed in me until his cock stopped pulsing and eased out. "Thank you Sir," I said, loudly enough to make sure he heard me, but before I could see him walk away, another cock was pushing into my needy hole.
  4. After a couple of months on PreP, I decided to fulfill a fantasy and go to a Cumunion event. There is one in Augusta GA, only 2 hours from me and I made a reservation this past weekend. I found myself with the guts to get in a sling, put on my hood to blind me, and offer my hole to anyone and everyone. After 2 guys fucked me very well, but uneventfully, a third guy was felt between my legs. He rubbed his raw cock against my hole to lube it some and pushed forward hard. It hurt, in a good way, and he went right to fucking me, no pausing to let me get used to it. I adjusted as best I could, and settled back to enjoy his thick cock using my hole. He was the first one to be verbal, telling me to take his cock, and complimenting me on how good my ass felt. I'm ahead of myself because before I went to the party, I posted a couple of ads that anyone was welcome to use the guy in the sling with the hood, and that I was negative and on PreP. The guy fucked me perfectly, deep and a little rough. I wanted to make him cum because I could feel he didn't have a condom on and started tightening up my hole on every withdraw. I could tell that he felt the difference because he started fucking me harder. I could hear others nearby and knowing they were watching made it that much hotter. Without warning he said. "Are you the guy on PreP?" I answered "yes Sir", and just as I did he said, "You better hope it's working." and immediatly went balls deep in me and held his cock there as I felt it jerking and emptying his cum into me. I realized instantly what he meant and knew I was taking my first known positive load. I used my legs to hold him inside me, letting him know I wanted every drop of his seed in me.
  5. I found out that I was HIV+ late last year, after taking sometime time off to look after myself, I now found I am looking to have some sex. The guy who wants to fuck me is also pos, what is the risk? Do pos guys always play raw? Doctors have told me what can happen, but I still want to live my life. Can anyone help with this? Thanks guys.
  6. Well, here's the background. I'm a pretty much total top... Do bottom occasionally but it's been over a year since i've had a cock up my ass. Status has never bothered me and I always said that status doesnt matter when it comes to falling in love. So this past friday I went to have a date with this guy who I knew was hiv positive. He is totally undetectable and has everything that I look for in a guy. He is dirty minded, but faithful, respectful, and affectionate. He is 48 and i am 23. I like older men so it's perfect for me. We share a great deal in common, and even though we only planned a date for friday, i ended up staying til Sunday night! I fucked him a total of 7 times... I would have fucked him more but he was sore and then he has a hard time getting fucked after he comes. Anyways... my point is that I have never dated a poz guy before.. Was just curious about anyone who is neg or poz in a relationship with a guy of the opposite status. What kind of stigma is there out there? Because I already face the negative stigmas of the older/younger couple. Also I was wondering, if you were neg and your partner was poz... would you tell your friends? I mean... it really is none of their business... but I almost feel like they should know. Idk I guess it's just something very new for me. I like him alot and i'll continue dating him irregardless. Just wanted you're opinion. Sorry for the LONG ass blog. PS: I'm not a bug chaser thats why i didnt post it in that section.

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