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    Student living in The Netherlands, chastity slave, faggot slut. Not a bug chaser, just a cum craving slut.
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    Cocks to worship, sex, rough anal rape, fisting, pissing, groups feeding me their cum and piss, doms slutting me in clubs, other sluts to cruise with.

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  1. I feel good again, tomorrow I will carry my relatives to the airport and maybe there will be some time left to get feed by cocks: the doctor said I need high-protein-low-fat food... nothing better than cum in such a case. Hope to visit some clubs in Amsterdam...

  2. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  3. thanks for following.

  4. thanks for following!

  5. What do u wear as daily underwear

    Love wearing Jocks and castity cage ... and show it at any time. https://www.dropbox.com/s/25q314jw00296hv/2017-09-14 14.37.47.jpg?dl=0
  6. I need to improve the quality of my vids... showing how much I love sucking a dick and how I appreciate swallowing all that tasty cum received as reward for my worship.

  7. how many loads can you swallow?

    My records are 11 loads swallowed in a row in a gloryhole inside an adult cinema in my city, 27 in a month. Would love having more but is hard to find donors.. I never reached a limit so far.
  8. same here, neg, not a bug chaser but a cum craving slut... can't help. I have been on prep for a while, now I am off of it for other reasons but as soon as I will start dating again, I will take those pills and try to stay protected at least from HIV.
  9. Thoughts on fisting and extreme insertions

    It's a little bit weird because I can easily fist my self but when it comes to getting fisted is not easy at all. If I am horny, relaxing and taking my hand up to the wrist can take no longer than 10 minutes. I enjoy also being fisted but I found only few guys who could do it and then I couldn't handle their hand inside me for longer than few minutes. I think is matter of relaxing and trust. Same for toys: if I play alone I can take easily huge toys but a normal dildo in the hand of a top can give me a bit of pain. No problems at all when taking huge dicks, and I had some bigger than my 20x6 cm dildo.. In conclusion yes, fist me... If you have a lot of patience XD
  10. Not talking about the anal orgasm, so after few weeks of chastity.
  11. Cum in mouth or ass?

    I am a cum hungry boy, I love swallowing cum, a load after another.. it is the only way for cum to stay inside me and feed me. As second choice I take it up my ass, to play with it or using it as lube.
  12. Sorry guys if you didn't hear from me in the last period: I got very ill by hepatitis A. Now feeling better. Hope you are having much better time than me. Kisses.

  13. You should always evaluate the best position to fuck deep a throat, and that depends from the shape of the cock: if it points upwards fuck my throat in the bed while I lay on my back... otherwise kneeling, if the dick points downward Again the cock is the center of a Faggot life and dictates everything important.
  14. It has been long time since I posted something here. Apart from a bit of flu today, everything is going good. November, so far,brought me 27 loads swallowed and 23 dumped in my ass... Numbers were estimated but fairly realistic I lost sometimes the count while being every Saturday evening on a sling of in gloryholes with open doors but during breaks in the toilet I updated my special app "thing counter" that is so helpful to keep track of all the cocks I satisfied.

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