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    Student living in The Netherlands, chastity slave, faggot slut. Not a bug chaser, just a cum craving slut.
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    Cocks to worship, sex, rough anal rape, fisting, pissing, groups feeding me their cum and piss, doms slutting me in clubs, other sluts to cruise with.

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  1. more cum slowly oozing out my ass... and more tops coming. It seems a great day so far

    1. PervBBbttm


      You're the best ever!

  2. Black guys stick together....
    I received a message on whatsapp, 28 yo black top. He fucked me already when I was doggy and blindfolded. He was working nearby and came to dump his load in my mouth. After he left I received  another message> he told his co-worker I am a greedy and willing slut. The second Black Cock unloaded his juice in my mouth this morning.

  3. 7 pm, fucked bare and took a load  deep in my ass.

    20 mins later a guy fucked me bare and came in my mouth

    10 mins later another guy fucked me safe and for the first time in my life I sucked the cum out of his used condom...

    hooking up more tops..

  4. blindfolded, waiting for a top for a morning fuck... I managed to join "regular" with "anon"

  5. Strangest place you were fucked?

    see you next June... I'll be at that beach waiting for your load
  6. Anal plugs

    Silicone with a wide base. The best plug to long-tie wear has a wide base. The body shape is matter of taste and you may want to try different ones. I found that the important thing for me is to have a narrow and long connection between the base and the body.
  7. Butplug techniques

    I like to use my butt-plug with kinky tops.. they like to find me doggy, jockstrap, caged in my chastity device and plug in my ass. It is nice for tops who come in already hard and ready to fuck. they take out the plug and the ass is ready to take their cock. Plus, once they come inside they can always plug me again and be sure that their load stays inside me.
  8. What butt plug is good for all day wear?

    I use a silicone, medium size, egg shaped. I found out that you need a wide base, round or elongated doesn't matter. In fact the muscles of your anus will suck up the butt-plug at regular intervals and if the base is not wide enough, it will go all the way inside. That happens to me quite often, is not a problem but if you want to wear it all the day long, is better at that point to move on a bigger size or a wider base.
  9. Nice evening yesterday... laying in the sling in bar Web... getting rimmed and fucked. I also ha fun at the glory holes sucking two huge cocks.

  10. Is this feeling normal?

    I know that feeling. Feed that whore inside you , the more cocks you take, the more cum you hold inside and the more hungry you become. Keep going and make all those tops happy and proud to fuck such a cumdump fag.
  11. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    I love the feeling of cum running down my legs. Ideally because I got fucked hard and long and I couldn't retain it... but if this is not the case I love playing with my dildo and use the um I have inside as lube. I also tribute videos of huge loads squirted out my hole if the top likes that. I usually let the top decide. Some top used to plug my hole or asked clearly to keep it.. some others liked to fuck out the um from the previous one.. every combination is possible for me. I tried more times to keep it overnight but then the morning after I had this feel to go to the toilet so eventually I never really "absorb" it.
  12. So the chubby guy cam back, and fucked me like a whore.... then er went on the chat and we invited 4 more people in a row... pity he had to go for work. I like his energy and I liked a lot holding 5 loads.

    Later I sent him a vid of my ass flooded, oozing all that cum down my legs... Loved it!

    1. baremich


      Lucky you youre such a beautiful cumdump 


  13. the guy just left. 36 yo, chubby, fat cock. He is into willing sluts so I opened the door wearing a orange jockstrap, locked in chastity. He stuck 2 fingers in my ass, I took it as "hello". My ass was already lubed and that turned him on. few seconds later I was doggy on the bed. Dildo, butt plug, fuck, ass-to-mouth, deep throat, he dumped a load in my ass and I cleaned the last drop out of his cock. Not an handsome guy, but he knows how to fuck a faggot!
  14. This day also starts with a load in my ass! great

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