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    sex, fuck buddies, rough anal rape, fisting, pissing, groups feeding me.
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    Recently moved in The Netherlands, student, slave, owed and slutted by my master. Not a bug chaser, just a submissive, rape slut.
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    XL cocks, cum, piss, fists, slaps, spit....

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  1. Kneeling behind a glory hole...

  2. So... he comes again, stays for the night fucks me under the shower... and this time I get even a plug to keep the cum inside me as long as possible.

    After he comes.. I get teased, sucked a bit, I feel so good until the plug goes completely inside my ass and he says "just keep it inside"... I cum ... he goes to work.

    1. jaybird


      PERFECT .. his cum stays in - your cum comes out!   ;->


  3. Anon Breeding

    You can see the vids in my album anon loads. And make more vids entries if u ever attend any party in Amsterdam when I am there.
  4. thanks for following!

  5. Shitty day at work,  I need relieve from stress: a gang-bang should be fine.

  6. thanks for following


  7. The week ended and a new one started beautifully: I took 3 loads and one piss under the shower from the guy I am dating, he stayed for the night...one more load this morning, lunch together and one more piss in my ass after lunch.


    1. jaybird


      does he have a brother?   ;-)


    2. etha


      actually...yes! I should suggest that he come with his brothers next time he is horny... no point to wait until he is alone, I can handle all 3 of them!

  8. Licked again his belly clean from cum.

  9. Ideally I would push him back, to piss him off and give me a wild and angry facefuck, leaving me panting, covered of my own slime..
  10. Italiani Porchi e Perversi

    Pochi è dir poco... Moderator's Note: Google translate says: Few is to say a little
  11. Nice profile

    1. etha


      Thank you. And thanks for following. Will I ever see one of your vids on this site?

  12. Yesterday I fell asleep kissing the balls and the dick of this regular sweet guy... He came to my place, fucked me twice, no lube, dumping his loads deep inside me. We decided then to take a shower, I go first. I was getting out, he bended me over the toilet and emptied his bladder in my gut. 

    Won't you kiss amd whorship his dick and balls after such a treatment? I want him to be my boyfriend

  13. Coming off the toilet, where my horny 18yo student ordered me to wait for his cock. I swallowed a nice load and also few sips of his piss (it took him time to push it out, he is not used yet to piss in a mouth). Back to work.

    1. jaybird


      that's a good day at work!  ;->


    2. etha


      It is, really

  14. thanks for following!

    1. Mikeyd1111


      Great pics and videos ! 

    2. etha


      thanks man!

  15. I started yesterday afternoon, jerking off a guy in the train... then he fucked me dumping his load inside me... after that I went to the club, 3 more guys fucked me. Once back, the same guy from the train dumped his second load in my ass. We fell asleep, this morning I was in the toiled.. he came in fucked my throat and then my ass again... this weekend was so fucking horny...  6 loads.. want more

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jaybird


      sounds like a hot night .. from beginning to end :>


    3. etha


      check next vid and see if if was hot enough XD

    4. jaybird


      FUCK YEAH .. hot enough .. :>

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