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    Talk about food. Share experiences, ideas, pictures and videos. XL cocks, Cum and Piss.
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    Student living in The Netherlands, chastity slave, faggot slut. Not a bug chaser, just a cum craving slut.
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    Cocks to worship, sex, rough anal rape, fisting, pissing, groups feeding me their cum and piss, doms slutting me in clubs, other sluts to cruise with.

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  1. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/fucked-the-way-i-like-37865511

    He told me  he was looking for a slut to fuck as he deserves.. of course I couldn't miss it.

    password: lockedfag0 for all you perv guys on BZ.

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    2. Pozlover1


      You are cute af with a perfect ass ! 


    3. blnpig74


      sexy fuckslut

    4. 21Perv


      nice vid hope he bred u good


  2. etha

    a hole is a cunt

    Definitely a CUNT. I hate when a top calls my ass pussy... I don't complain as long as they breed me, but sometimes they ask me to say it "breed my pussy" and I always say breed my fucking ass like a man!" I have a cunt and I expect tops to use it as it deserves.
  3. 6,45 am, 40 yo buddy comes to fuck me. He played with my ass, fisted and only then fucked and cummed inside, staying deep until the last drop was dumped. 11,30 he sends me a message, he is coming with another friend of him. We suck each other then the two alternate fucking me until they both give me their loads.

    I am sitting now, my ass full of cum is leaking, making my underwear wet.

    Another fuck buddy just whazzapped me to ask if by any chance I was home. No needs to say I am looking forward for the 4th load.

    Not bad for a Tuesday!

  4. I am also a cum whore. I go to sex parties when possible but this happens not so often. I have my regulars plus some hook-ups from Grindr and other dating sites. I test regularly every 3 months and stick with prep. I got two stds in two years. It is not nice when you have to worn other people to have themselves checked but the circle of buddies I have are also aware that shit can happen to anyone and they still like to come and fuck me, trusting my ass more than any other anon hook-up they can find online (plus the fact that I am super discrete about their private life..).
  5. Amazing weekend in Amsterdam. I spent the afternoon in Drake's, sucking a lot of hot, dig dicks through the glory holes. It is the best place for cocksuckers who love big dicks, full of cum who want to nut and go. After I went to Web bar. I went in the darkroom and let those hands touch, explore, find my holes... let them slide in, fuck, cum, fill 'em. I don't know how many cocks and loads I took. I counted I got fucked at least 12 times, some guys fucked me multiple times before giving me their load. I definitely had not enough. I will come back soon! I hate having to leave early because of the train.

    1. blnpig74


      nice experience ;)

  6. etha

    Ever been filmed?

    quite often actually. I always ask the top to film me and when he doesn't I leave my phone filming from a corner of the room. This spy-cam videos can't go around but I like watching them. I also love when I suck a dick and the top films me, showing my happy my face... I look straight int the camera so the guy can watch it again and make again "eye-contact" with me while he cums in my mouth. Finally, I also had a top who videocalled his friend, showing his dick fucking me and then his cum oozing out my hole.
  7. people come and go. Lot of regulars who fucked me really good disappeared for a while and new guys showed up. I am now the slut of a 40yo  black guy who loves breed me. He has a nice dick, and he is free and horny any time so he comes regularly 3 times a week.

    The only thing I don't like from him is the bad taste his dick leaves in my mouth: he uses some numbing cream to fuck me hard, no stop. On the other hand I am glad he uses it: he knows how to fuck. We change rarely position and my ass gets pounded every time for 30 to 45 mins. He is a great ass eater too! I noticed that he doesn't like my chastity device but I can't help on that.

    What I can improve (and I should) is my body. I am getting so lazy (and fat!). I absolutely need to workout. If any trainer is around, suggestions are welcome: I don't know shit about gym and exercises.



    1. etha


      my first, public, cumpilation... and I received a message from a guy on xtube who wants to breed me and post the vid XD... I like that. It's a new way to get fucked. We agreed that we can post the vid as long as my face is not visible. I don't mind to be exposed among the kinky community. For the major community on the net I prefer to post a vid without face, just one or more dicks pumping seed in my ass, for everyone to enjoy,

  8. He started as total anon fucker, did not wanted to get tapes, seen, by anyone. Every time I was waiting for him doggy, door open, he was checkind the blindfold before and after fucking me and I was allowed to take it off only after the door was closed. no pics ever sent, no profile pic on whatsapp. Eventually he found out I am serious and discrete and a real slut, hungry for cocks and cum... he is now a regular buddy. Eventually he allows me to take out the blindfold... and since a while he started to shoe me pics on his phone of his other slut and other tops who come along to fuck me. This guys is amazing. young, horny, beautiful body, hungry for a used, cum-filled ass. He comes with others fuck me, or asks me to date before letting him in. When is his turn, I first push out a bit of the cum I have in my ass, so he can taste it and also use is as lube for his dick, then I receive his dick and cum as final reward. Today he fucked me and he started a video-called with one of his friends while he was fucking me doggy, to show him that he was not kidding about me. they both commented my ass, the performance... the final load leaking from my ass...I definitely love how this guy fucks me!! With his cum, today I celebrate 150 loads dumped in my ass since 01/01/2018
  9. 33 yo guy, started as anon cum donor, finding me blindfolded on my bed, door open, and became now a regular.

    Eventually he allows me to take out the blindfold... to look at his phone where he shows me pics of other tops he wants to bring to fuck me. This guys is amazing. young, horny, beautiful body, hungry for a cum filled ass. he let others fuck me, then I push out their loads letting him taste them and then receiving his cum as final reward. Today he fucked me and video-called one of his friends while he was fucking me doggy, to show him that he was not kidding about me. I definitely love how this guy fucks me!!

    and with his cum, today I celebrate 150 loads dumped in my ass since 01/01/2018

  10. nice posts man!


    1. travelingbi


      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy following my slutty posts. 

  11. Aachen next week!

    1. Kaiyunyun


      What is happening in Aachen?

    2. etha


      I have a meeting for work... I will go there locked in chastity because my master will not open the cage just for a train travel... hopefully I will get fucked after the meeting... even if the schedule is so tight.

  12. Last update: today I celebrate 100 loads dumped in my ass for this year!!! really curious how many I will get by the end of December.

  13. Back from vacations. I have spent last 10 days in Italy with my bf. We had really nice time together and we also had a lot of fum. For this vacations I really enjoyed pimping him out with lot of guys. We started with me fucking him outdoor every night, then one evening we had a 3some outdoor. He liked so the evening after we had two 3somes, one after another ending in a club where he sucked  18 guys one after another... a nice circle around us, with me moving his head from one cock to the following one. For 10 days he was my slut and I experimented how it feels to be 100% top and dominant XD. Nice experience but now that I am back, my ass is hungry and claims his portion.

  14. Sucked a regular this morning. Swallowed his load while he was filming me.

    This afternoon I met with a young master.. he tied me, taped my mouth, ass exposed and then he showed 23 cm of fat dick I couldn't take all in my throat... well not right from the first moment. Luckily I followed his suggestion not to eat at all. I gagged but not puked. That cock prevented any air to go in and the guy was pushing it in my throat stopping only when I was struggling.

    after a while he turned on my ass, Tried to fuck me safe with a XL condom but he clearly couldn't fit it so he took it off and fucked me bare (I guess that was the plan from the beginning) he gaped my ass and left a load inside. He put my bandana as blindfold on my eyes asked about the keys of my apartment and left as planned. 5 mins later his friend (married, that is why he didn't want to be seen) tooke the key from under the carpet, entered in my apartmend and found me tied and blindfolded. He used me as anon cumdump... he asked me to push a bit of cum out of my ass (he knew already) and he fucked me using that as lube. He started cumming while he was entering my hole, I felt the warmth of his load and he pumped the rest in  my ass.

    He untied me but asked me to take out the blindfold after he's gone. That's what I did...

    Today I celebrate

    103 loads swallowed

    93 loads dumped in my ass

    10 full bladder pissed in my mouth and swallowed till the last drop

    and 15 times fisted

    since 01/01/2018

    The day is not finished yet... the months has just started... The year has already 4 months to go!

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