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    Talk about food. Share experiences, ideas, pictures and videos. XL cocks, Cum and Piss.
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    Student living in The Netherlands, chastity slave, faggot slut. Not a bug chaser, just a cum craving slut.
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    Cocks to worship, sex, rough anal rape, fisting, pissing, groups feeding me their cum and piss, doms slutting me in clubs, other sluts to cruise with.

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  1. nice posts man!


    1. travelingbi


      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy following my slutty posts. 

  2. Aachen next week!

    1. Kaiyunyun


      What is happening in Aachen?

    2. etha


      I have a meeting for work... I will go there locked in chastity because my master will not open the cage just for a train travel... hopefully I will get fucked after the meeting... even if the schedule is so tight.

  3. Last update: today I celebrate 100 loads dumped in my ass for this year!!! really curious how many I will get by the end of December.

  4. Back from vacations. I have spent last 10 days in Italy with my bf. We had really nice time together and we also had a lot of fum. For this vacations I really enjoyed pimping him out with lot of guys. We started with me fucking him outdoor every night, then one evening we had a 3some outdoor. He liked so the evening after we had two 3somes, one after another ending in a club where he sucked  18 guys one after another... a nice circle around us, with me moving his head from one cock to the following one. For 10 days he was my slut and I experimented how it feels to be 100% top and dominant XD. Nice experience but now that I am back, my ass is hungry and claims his portion.

  5. Sucked a regular this morning. Swallowed his load while he was filming me.

    This afternoon I met with a young master.. he tied me, taped my mouth, ass exposed and then he showed 23 cm of fat dick I couldn't take all in my throat... well not right from the first moment. Luckily I followed his suggestion not to eat at all. I gagged but not puked. That cock prevented any air to go in and the guy was pushing it in my throat stopping only when I was struggling.

    after a while he turned on my ass, Tried to fuck me safe with a XL condom but he clearly couldn't fit it so he took it off and fucked me bare (I guess that was the plan from the beginning) he gaped my ass and left a load inside. He put my bandana as blindfold on my eyes asked about the keys of my apartment and left as planned. 5 mins later his friend (married, that is why he didn't want to be seen) tooke the key from under the carpet, entered in my apartmend and found me tied and blindfolded. He used me as anon cumdump... he asked me to push a bit of cum out of my ass (he knew already) and he fucked me using that as lube. He started cumming while he was entering my hole, I felt the warmth of his load and he pumped the rest in  my ass.

    He untied me but asked me to take out the blindfold after he's gone. That's what I did...

    Today I celebrate

    103 loads swallowed

    93 loads dumped in my ass

    10 full bladder pissed in my mouth and swallowed till the last drop

    and 15 times fisted

    since 01/01/2018

    The day is not finished yet... the months has just started... The year has already 4 months to go!

  6. This Saturday I will be in Amsterdam for the Pride. Two straight friends will be with me and my bf but I absolutely want to sneak out in the late evening. Unfortunately my bf freaks out a bit when he watched me getting fucked like crazy,  so I can't get fucked from all the guys I wish, but for sure we will have fun. I will have him on prep so he can also swallow liters of cum together with me !!!

    The pity part is that he is picky about guys...but I want to suck and swallow lots of loads.  I guess my ass will have to wait for the following weekend. If I manage to be back there I want to be a public slut, fucked no stop and get full of cocks and loads.

  7. This week starts with 3 more loads swallowed (apart from the one I posted already) and 3 more guys who dumped their cum in my ass...plus the last guy came two times.. the first one fucking me.. then the second one to lube his fist in my ass. He destroyed my hole, was (is?) swollen and couldn't help but slowly leaking all the cum I had inside. My second Grindr profile is working great I think I won't close it after the Pride...leaking.thumb.jpg.38b200e9e3b401494574d871d98b2806.jpg

    1. ronnie4u


      So Freaking HOT , Exciting and Beautiful - wishing we were closer - having this experience becoming to happen to me many times - developing my cunt hole  - using butt plugs / stretching - keeping loads up inside me - Multi Loads !  addicted to Dicks and Raw Fucking / Fuckers !    :)  :)

  8. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/fucked-and-loaded-in-the-sling-36537211


    password: lockedfag9

    let me know what you think of it

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. horny4bb


      you are such a hot looking guy.  the vid was amazing. you are such a cum pig I cant believe with the amount of cum you have taken in your ass you are not poz yet.  Is that your goal to finally get pozzed? 

    3. Scottop


      Great vid

    4. etha


      thanks @Scottop

      @horny4bb My goal is to be a cumslut and take lot of cocks and cum because I love being used as slut. I am on prep, I don't really want to get pozzed.

  9. Yesterday started with a regular guy who stopped by my place and fucked me. I kept his load inside and went to the adult cinema.

    There a guy with a huge cock fucked me really hard.. I was trying to keep the other load inside and the more I was tightening my hole, the harder he was fucking me. he also shoot inside and kept me doggy allowing his bf, a Chinese guy to fuck me also. 3rd load was in my ass. 5 minutes later a guy showed up with a hard dick and I didn't wait for a word, went on my knees and sucked a load out of his dick.

    Later in the evening, I was leaving and I receive a message on Grindr, a young guy, 21yo was in the parking slot looking for a bj. I was horny and I was there in 10 mins, swallowed a huge load. The guy looked at his dick and said "you didn't spill a drop" I answer: "should I?" he says "you're good. I want you to suck me more often"...

    3 hours later.. around midnight I go to the park to meet another slut, we split up. a guy around 40 yo comes to me and asks if I have condoms. I say no and he replies "do you like to suck?". We go in the bushes, I go on my knees and he also cums in my mouth... I swallow and lick the dick clean. Two more guys watches me, wait until he leaves, we move in a different area. I go doggy on the picnic table and they both fuck me and shoot their loads inside, leaving without a word.

    This morning I receive a message on Grindr. It is one of the guys who fucked me on the table, he wants to know if I am good at sucking as at bottoming... he shows up in 10 mins, get naked on my bed without a word. He is ginger, young, dick around 19 cm... I fuck him deep teasing him until he grabs my head and gives me a hard face-fuck. he doesn't come yet. again I suck, deep-throat, massage his balls until he says he wants to cum. I start sucking harder and he shoots in my mouth a nice load. He checks his dick, it's clean.... dresses up again and leaves.

  10. Whored out by my master:


    password: lockedfag9

  11. new account on xtube.... finally a place where to store my vids..


    1. mjkuhl


      You don't provide the link, etha

    2. etha


      I will


    3. mjkuhl
  12. He is poz, he is not on meds and he wants to fuck me together with his friends...  why this is so fucking hot? I love being a slut but I am still neg and not willing to change that status. I am on prep though...


  13. this weekend my bf unlocked my dick... I was free to fuck and jerk off but I didn't. I love to fuck and cum especially in a willing ass or mouth but the thought of a dominant guy that forces me to be a 100% bottom and public slut is so appealing. Anyway I had a surprise yesterday, coming earlier from work I found my bf naked, in my apartment. He was doggy in my bed with a complete stranger fucking him. The guy froze when I came in and was even more confused when I pulled out my cock and joined him. I did top my boy and I was so horny I even fucked the other guy. We were busy for 2 and half hours and we had to stop only because my sweet slut had to leave for work and so the other guy. A couple made of two sluts... sounds horny enough. I can't complain.

  14. you are welcome, I hope you are finding all the action you need

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