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    Talk about food. Share experiences, ideas, pictures and videos. XL cocks, Cum and Piss.
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    Student living in The Netherlands, chastity slave, faggot slut. Not a bug chaser, just a cum craving slut.
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    Cocks to worship, sex, rough anal rape, fisting, pissing, groups feeding me their cum and piss, doms slutting me in clubs, other sluts to cruise with.

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  1. Thanks for the follow!

    1. etha


      you are welcome!

  2. New toy: my second 12 inches dildo but this one is 2.6 " in diameter... tearing my ass apart

  3. Update: level 6 unless they spontaneously put a condom on but I always as at least to let me swallow it.
  4. Three more loads swallowed yesterday in the adult cinema. yum

  5. .. but I have to: " I cannot take it more". This afternoon I had a chance to leave work earlier. Whenever this happens means only one thing: my ass is going to take some good pumping. I was horny as hell and I starte cleaning and playing with my black 19cm dildo. I was so horny that I just turned on my cam on Skype and soon a bunch of guy joined the conversation, enjoying me, playing with my toys. 5 pm I move on my bed and tale with me the 30 cm dildo: I want to give those guys quite a show. I suck no stop my ass with that huge toy for almost one hour. Whenever I felt to stop I did it pushing the dildo as deep as possible and relaxing. I am trying to get my body used to this toy and take it balls deep soon. 6:00 pm. Everyone left the conversation, Mr 30 cm still in my ass. I log in in the chat and leave a message: slut, gaped ass, blindfolded, ready to receive. lots of messages and finally the doorbell rings. I open the door, put on the blindfold and wait naked (and caged) on the bed while someone is reaching my floor. I hear the door closing, a hand touches my ass and I turno horny as hell, pre-cum dripping from my cage. In a second the guy shoves his not so clean cock in my mouth. Was not too smelly but I am too horny to complain. I suck him then he grabs my hairs and put me doggy. He pounds my ass so good before changing position. I am on my back, hands pushing my ass up and my legs firmly pushed against the wall. He is close and asks where to cum. I beg him to cums inside my ass and he makes me happy. He puts his dick in my mouth to get cleaned and in a matter of a minute he is hard again. I suck him deep and he finally make me swallow his second load. He leaves. I check the time, it's 6:45. I am again on the chat. A regular finds me and tells me that he is really horny and into for some ass-play. He comes in 5 minutes and starts playing with my toys. I have to say that I can take them really good when I play alone but is totally different when someone pushed them deep into me. I have to stay focused to relax and let him play with my ass. Hi decides to fist me. lubes his hand and keeps alternating dildos and hands until finally his hand slides in. It is so fucking huge. I am not used to get fisted. He starts moving his hand and I get an anal orgasm, leaking cum, pissing a bit and few seconds later he pushes his hand deeper. I took it 10 cm down his wrist, moaning like a bitch, begging to go easy. He takes it out. I am surprisingly not clean now so we go under the shower. He relax on my bed and I suck him deep until he cums in my throat. 7:30 I say good bye to the guy and hit the shower. I try to clean and use the small dildo but my ass is too sensitive. I decide just to take a shower and relax a bit on the bed while I chat with more people. 8:00 A guy sends me a message, he wants to come and fuck me. 15 minute later I find myself again doggy on the bed and the guy is fucking the hell out of my ass. It is hurting, sloppy hole pounded hard, 18cm fat cock. I almost regret it. Untrue, I loved it, I feel raped, sore, gaped, exhausted. the guy leaves his whatsapp contact, wants to come again. 8:30 I receive a message from the last guy. His friend is in need of a cumdump slut they are outside the building. Married guy, around 45, nice dick, he fucks me on my back while his friend keeps my legs open... He goes deep and i hate and love it at the same time. My ass is sloppy and sore like a pussy after giving birth a child. The previous load is splattered around with every thrust of the guy. He cums and I cant leave the bed. they help themselves in the toilet and leave. it's 9:30 I take another shower. I lay on the bed, take my laptop and I am quite sure that after posting here... i will be online again. Who knows who will be the lucky one to fuck tears out my eyes...
  6. 12 inches dildo almost balls deep...

    1. etha


      would love stay doggy, gaped and a line of men fucking my sloppy hole or just jerking off and shooting their loads deep inside me... not wasting a drop

  7. Thinking about vacations. Where I can go to get fucked 24/7 for a week in July or August?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kaiyunyun


      London perhaps? I thought the most sex-extravagant places being UK, Germany, and Netherlands (not necessarily in that order).

    3. NLbear


      Berlin or Gran Canaria?

    4. etha


      UK and Berlin are so appealing. I don't know places in London but I guess Google will give me an answer

  8. etha

    Posting Short 15 second Videos

    nice the idea of a blog. I tried with tumblr but I get everytime kicked out. seems that you can repost all the porn you want but you're not allowed to upload yours. so I have my fun in kik groups
  9. I left an ads on the dchat... waiting doggy on my bed, door open, fucking myself with a dildo. In 20 mins a top stopped by to fuck and dump his load in my ass; he asked my kik to come back with a friend. Now another two guys asking the address...

  10. I love weekends.

    Yesterday I have been invited by a guy, 20jo to join him into pounding and breeding his young brother... This big bro loves to organize gangbangs when parents are away. The young slut  took 4 cocks and was begging for more.

    Today another young guy, 18yo fucked my throat with 21 cm of cock. Loved it!

  11. where are all the vids?

  12. first guy at my place, 40 yo, fucked me and shoot in my mouth. 

    second guy, anon cock at the local glory hole, sucking on my knees until he shoot ahge creamy load in my mouth. That's how I had the second load.

    Then, I came out of the cabin and my master saw me and pushed me back in where he shoved his dick deep in my throat. A couple of times I risked to puke the cum that was already in my stomach but I managed to keep it inside and as reward, the third load was shot directly in my throat, joining the others.

    Small break, to take a coke and the guy behind me grabbed my ass, opened the door of the other cabin with the mattress and 2 minutes later I was doggy taking his nice cock. The 4th load was also shot in my mouth and the coke is still there waiting to be opened...

    Around 1 am I left the adult cinema, on the way home I was reading messages on kik and one regular buddy was horny and full... we arrived at my place at the same time and I got fucked on the stairs down in the basement. 5 minutes of hard pumping and he left his load was deep in my ass.

    This was just a Friday.. I wonder what more the weekend will offer me.

    1. blnpig74


      sounds like a good start

  13. etha

    Libido problem

    Chastity cages? pretty funny, I love being fucked as chastity slave, get plenty of cocks and cum only at the last... once caged, no top can stimulate me too much if the master doesn't open the cage.
  14. etha

    Incest cum swallowers

    It was during a vacation that my dad's cousin (40 yo) was sleeping in my room. he invited me (20 yo) in his bad to watch vids on his phone. I fell asleep on his chest and I woke up later, when I felt his hand pushing my head, gently, toward his crotch. I found a nice, hard dick, willing to get sucked. It was not the first time I sucked a cock, but I still was not out and not that experienced. It was the first time I swallowed a load though. The night after I also got fucked and few days later the vacation was over. He invited me several times at his place after that vacation and for one year I have been his slut on call.
  15. Love young married guys... they are so nervous and ask a lot of questions to trust you and at the same time the can't control that urge to go like a beast on a faggot slut... They love that freedom to use and abuse a willing perv bttm. This 29 yo guy left his marks on my back.. and a nice load inside.

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