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  1. Dom Son (33) looking for younger bro to breed/use sub dad while we are visiting. Open to almost anything. Profile on bbrt. Come join the family fun
  2. You may want to consider looking at this study conducted in 1999 on a small group of people. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences of USA http://www.pnas.org/content/96/26/15109.figures-only. Levels returned to greater than 500 copies/ml (vl) within 6 to 15 days (median 10 days) and approached or exceeded pre-therapy levels in all patients within 21 days. From my reading of the study it seemed viral load increased approximately every 2.5 days. So if you start out at vl of 50 then 2.5 days later you would be at 100 and 2.5 days after that be at 200, then 400 after another 2.5 days a
  3. There is a coat check (fundraiser for the MAL event) in the lobby of the host hotel.
  4. Another good place is Washington Plaza Hotel in Thomas Circle. And the Crew Club (baths) is just up the street
  5. Wish i had seen your Annapolis post sooner

  6. Very hot. Love hearing of guys taking their first bb load. You will definitely be taking more. No turning back
  7. Go for it. It is an awesome experience. Do you want to go through life living it or do you want to sit on the sidelines?
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