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    Louisville, KY
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    Daddy/ Boy role play, Water sports, Bare Back, Naked Camping
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Was in an 18 year relationship with someone who was not a real Daddy. I am an older boy now but still looking.
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    Haven't done any yet, but defiantly would.
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    I am looking for my Daddy still. A man who knows what this boy needs. Willing to relocate for the right Daddy. I would love to have brothers, uncles and cousins.

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  1. Mostly the guys who would work on my dad's farm. They would take me up to the barn and bend me over the bails of hay. The first one was 17 when I was 12. He told his other buddies and they would pass me around on a regular.

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