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  1. Damn, that's one well kept up older man 予
  2. Commercial real estate in ATL has changed dramatically post coronavirus. No more outrageous rent increases thanks to open spots everywhere due to small biz closures. This will probably cut their fixed cost and make their business more viable when the plague is an unpleasant memory
  3. What's your screen name on BBRT? Tocohillguy here.
  4. Very good analogies. Can't force folks to do what they don't want to.
  5. Turns out Teva Pharm will be the only generic Truvada manufacturer for one year. No cost out yet. Don't expect big price drop until this window closes and more competitors enter market -> [think before following links] https://www.poz.com/article/generic-prep-arrive-september-2020-will-big-savings-follow
  6. Amen! I'm still bi but after getting fucked bb by men I started drifting away from females. Once you had uninhibited m2m bb that's all you fantasize and think about
  7. "I don't pay them for sex. I pay them to leave". -Charlie Sheen
  8. Sept 30, 2020 is effective date for generic Truvada -> [think before following links] http://www.gabionline.net/Generics/General/Gilead-s-Truvada-will-face-generics-competition-in-2020
  9. With the plethora of commercial lease space available due to business failures it's a buyer's market. Should be able to get a good spot cheap
  10. True. My remark more general advice than specific. My experience come from a career in financing real estate and seeing all the drama from these types of living situations....particularly after you are old enough to make it financially on your own.
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