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  1. So some of you know me from bareback porn as Kyle Lucas and other will know me as Mark w on blakemason. Well it's now official I returned to porn on the 1st of Feb for blakemason my name.mark w will however be getting changed to Kyle Lucas
  2. Thanks for all the great comments guys the month has been set for February for my cumback:-)
  3. Both? There's only one person I just have two porn names one for blakemason (Mark w) where it all started and one for my bareback ones (Kyle Lucas) but thanks anyway I donpreder bareback porn
  4. So. I know I haven't been posting here for a long time. And that's because I took a long step away from the industry to focus on personal and family matters. But the wait is nearly over as yes I have agreed (under my blakemason name Mark w ) to return to the porn industry. Now I don't have a date yet but It will be either jan/Feb and will be a safe shoot for my come back... but hang on because yes I have been asked to return to bareback porn also and I am currently thinking about this....So my bb fans you may once again be able to have me in your front room, bedroom or saunas or on the tube after a long day at work. It's gonna be great being back on film ?
  5. Well mark w on blakemason and Kyle Lucas on dvds uknakedmen loadxxx eurocreme puppy productions seal productions bulldogxxx the reason you o Rob can't find is you won't find many clips only paid for sites and it's called "fans so those who know me not people are jot a fan and after 8 years in the industry 1 person not wanting to join isn't an issue for me buddy but thanks for your feedback anyway
  6. Been told my pink doesn't work for some reason so if you go onto onlyfans and search for kylelucasxxx that's me :-) hope that works
  7. I know have my official fan page About time I started getting back in front of the camera. This is not professional this is my private sex life for my fans and my horny times when alone and horny https://onlyfans.com/kylelucasxxx
  8. So i know have my new fan page set up to start the process of my coming back into porn it's a slow process but I am going to be doing it by myself and see how i do with this set up first then maybe open my own studio https://onlyfans.com/kylelucasbb
  9. Awww sorry buddy but I ain't available for marriage
  10. Good luck I have always thought of applying to them
  11. I would love to do treasure island and have sent emails ocer the years but never had a reply sadly
  12. Well if there are any producers interested send me a msg

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