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  1. kindrastockings

    It Finally Happened

  2. kindrastockings

    Video Arcade Breeding

    There is nothing like taking cock at a ABS! Nothing turns me on than standing on sticky floors and getting fucked!
  3. kindrastockings

    College hottie

    On Saturday night I went to the ABS on campus here in Champaign. I was hoping to get a few loads in me but it was dead. I figured that as long as I was there, I went ahead and stripped out of my clothes in one of the gloryhole booths. I was watching some twink porn and I lubed up my hole just in case someone might come in. I was taking some hits with my poppers when I noticed a nice cock sticking out the hole. I started sucking him and I then grabbed some lube and lubed him up. I took a really big hit on my poppers and turned around and stuck him into me. He wasted no time in slamming me for all he was worth. He fucked me real good. He drilled me for about 5 minutes and I heard him grunt. I felt his cock spasm 5 times as I started to feel warm in my ass. He pulled out and I put in my plug to keep the load in place. After 20 minuets nobody else came in. I got dressed and as I was leaving the booth, he told me “thanks! I really needed that!” OMG he was so cute! I told him “Anytime you need to get off, here is my number.” Praying that he calls!
  4. kindrastockings

    Biker gives me 3 loads

    Lucky you!
  5. kindrastockings

    40 min ago at Loves travel center

    I need to do that sometime. Sounds like fun!
  6. kindrastockings

    ABS Glory Hole

    I have gone dress several times and I have always no luck getting any. Since I posted this, I have had several more bare loads and now I’m hooked! I now take a butt plug with me and plug myself afterwards so I get all the cum to get into my body.
  7. kindrastockings

    ABS Glory Hole

    I went to one of our local ABS on Sunday with the intention of sucking off a few of the college guys who had just moved in, as the semester had just commenced. I was in a booth with a glory hole sucking a nice cock when the guy on the other side asked "Mind if I join you over there?" "Come on over," I replied, unlocking the door. Within seconds he entered the booth and I went back to work on his cock. After I had blown him for a few minutes, he reached down, and helped me to my feet, and once standing, he had me turn around. Now, my usual practice, when sucking guys off, is to drop my pants and underwear so I can play with myself while sucking. This occasion was no different than most other occasions. When I turned around, I heard the sound of a bottle of lube being opened, and I briefly thought 'I hope he has some condoms'. My usual practice is to play safe. In any event, the guy gestured for me to bend over at the waist and, once I was in position he lubed my hole and began pressing into my ass. As a bottom who is very familiar with the sensation of being fucked by a condom-covered cock, I could feel this occasion was different. The top slid into me and I immediately realized he was barebacking me. He got into a nice rhythm and, after several minutes of zoning out on the pleasure of his cock, I heard his breath picking up as, simultaneously, his cock swelled-up, getting real hard. Then he grunted and I felt him blow his load inside my ass! It was the best sensation I had ever experienced. However, before I could formulate my response to being barebacked, the guy had zipped up and left the booth. I was still bent over with my ass exposed and the door was still open. Apparently the other guys had heard what was going on and another guy took advantage of my position to enter the booth, and slide his dick into my ass - in record time, nutting and then splitting as had the first guy. Before I left the ABS I took six raw loads. Oh, and now that I have been been fucked bare, I'll never again use condoms.
  8. kindrastockings

    Adult Book Stores

    We are lucky to have 3 bookstores in our area all with gloryholes. I have had many fun times at all 3.

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