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  1. It Finally Happened

  2. You look awesome! I wish I could get that done myself! Enjoy!
  3. Thoughts on chastity as a CD?

    I have a chastity device and wear it sometimes when I am alone. You are living my dream! I would love to find a guy to lock me up in chastity and live as man and woman! When I am locked up, all I think about is cock and really want to submit and please.
  4. I went late this morning to a local ABS. I got into a gloryhole booth and then dressed up in my wig, black baby, Blake thigh high stockings and high heels. I was there about 10 minuets and heard the door open to the booth area. I took a really big hit of my poppers and was hoping to get lucky. The door open up next to my booth and I saw him look at me through the hole. He then left. I thought oh well, his loss. He came back in and put a dollar in the slot to start the movie. He then took out his cock and started stroking it. I waited for a little bit as I did not want to come across as a greedy bitch. I took another hit of poppers and then got on my knees and but my face to the hole. He say me and then turned towards the hole and fed his cock through. I sucked him for a few minutes and then stood up, snapped open my lube and made sure I clicked it closed really loud so he knew what I wanted. I lubed up my hole, took another hit of poppers and placed my ass against the hole. He immediately stuck his cock in and then started fucking me. I was in heaven! It has been my life long goal to be dressed up like a woman and get fucked like one! He then pounded my for five minutes before dumping a load into me. He thanked me and zipped up and left. I put my male clothes back on and headed home. I enjoyed the load dripping in my panties on the way home.
  5. Video Arcade Breeding

    There is nothing like taking cock at a ABS! Nothing turns me on than standing on sticky floors and getting fucked!
  6. Bare Penises Only ?

    Bare only for me!
  7. College hottie

    On Saturday night I went to the ABS on campus here in Champaign. I was hoping to get a few loads in me but it was dead. I figured that as long as I was there, I went ahead and stripped out of my clothes in one of the gloryhole booths. I was watching some twink porn and I lubed up my hole just in case someone might come in. I was taking some hits with my poppers when I noticed a nice cock sticking out the hole. I started sucking him and I then grabbed some lube and lubed him up. I took a really big hit on my poppers and turned around and stuck him into me. He wasted no time in slamming me for all he was worth. He fucked me real good. He drilled me for about 5 minutes and I heard him grunt. I felt his cock spasm 5 times as I started to feel warm in my ass. He pulled out and I put in my plug to keep the load in place. After 20 minuets nobody else came in. I got dressed and as I was leaving the booth, he told me “thanks! I really needed that!” OMG he was so cute! I told him “Anytime you need to get off, here is my number.” Praying that he calls!
  8. Biker gives me 3 loads

    Lucky you!
  9. For me it was when I was 10, visiting my grandma for a week. She never had any granddaughters. We were sitting on the floor playing some board games and then she had a idea. She said come with me. We went to her bedroom and she told me that she thinks I would make a pretty girl. She then told me to undress as she went to her dresser. She got out some panties, pantyhose and a see through nightgown. She then had me put on her panties and then put the pantyhose on me. She then slipped the nightgown over my head. She then applied some makeup on me and had me wear some heels. Feeling all the soft and sexy undergarments flipped a switch in me. I knew at that moment, I was going to dress up as much as possible. Let me hear how everyone else got started!
  10. 40 min ago at Loves travel center

    I need to do that sometime. Sounds like fun!
  11. dressing for sex

    I love to dress up when I get a chance. I have not had a chance to be with a man while dressed. If he would want me to, I would do it in a heartbeat. Being a total bottom, it is my job to do whatever he wants me to do so I can satisfy him.
  12. ABS Glory Hole

    I have gone dress several times and I have always no luck getting any. Since I posted this, I have had several more bare loads and now I’m hooked! I now take a butt plug with me and plug myself afterwards so I get all the cum to get into my body.
  13. dressing for sex

    You are so beautiful!
  14. I’m a closet cd and I’m look to receive a bareback load while dressed. Needs to be local to East Central Illinois.
  15. Sissy vs. Transexual

    I identify myself as a sissy but when I dress it is to satisfy my partner not myself. For me I get off knowing that I just pleased a man feeling like a woman does.

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