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  1. jayBB92

    Lab.Oratory Folsom 2018

    This will be my first year at Folsom and my first time at Lab, which my hole is so fucking excited for. My question is what time I should arrive? I expect it's always busy but especially this weekend... Are we talking about arriving 2 hours early or just 15 minutes?? Also, if anyone else is at Folsom and up for group or 1 on 1 fun, hit me up on BBRT at jayBB92 😈
  2. In about a month, a friend is hosting a gangbang with me as the bottom. So incredibly excited to get loaded up at an event where my hole is the main attraction but still thought it'd be worth asking the question on here: does anybody have any tips I should bear in mind for before or during the event??
  3. jayBB92

    Newcastle/North East sex parties?

    Like I said, none of the above remotely fits me so as far as I'm concerned, so is mine ?‍♀️ (*doppelganger)
  4. jayBB92

    Newcastle/North East sex parties?

    And just as an extra comment to my last response to your rude and inaccurate message, I don't accom, ever. So I've no idea who blocked you but it certainly wasn't me. Maybe consider that before you try and taint someone else's reputation for no reason.
  5. jayBB92

    Newcastle/North East sex parties?

    I've never once used the phrase 'this is too much hard work' when it comes to fucking so sounds like you got a little bit mixed up there.
  6. jayBB92

    SBN First Time

    So I'm in London this weekend and am planning to go to SBN for the first time on Sunday. Looking to get loaded up by plenty of guys. Any advice? If you've been, is it any good? Is there somewhere better I should consider? What time should I arrive?
  7. jayBB92

    Anybody else not care for darkrooms?

    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with the exhibitionism aspect. I suppose that's the biggest issue that puts me off — I WANT other guys to see me use or get used
  8. I’ve just joined BBRT, and I’m wondering if it’s worth paying a membership fee? Without it, the photos are way too small to really see anything, and you’re obviously restricted to 35 emails/24 hours (although mine don’t seem to have reset yet anyway...). If you subscribe, would you recommend it? Or even if you subscribed in the past for a period and then stopped, was it not worth it? And, last, I would certainly use a credit card anyway for security, but is it secure and trustworthy?
  9. jayBB92

    Anybody else not care for darkrooms?

    Ohh that's a good point. Totally agree, gloryholes are not my thing either, for many of the same reasons listed above but to the nth degree. I get your views on darkrooms though, maybe I shouldn't dismiss them completely just yet...
  10. Understand that my question isn't about random sex with strangers. That I'm all up for. But although I've embraced the BB scene (read: become a total slut), I still like to see the guy. And that's not to say he has to be fit; often, quite the opposite is hotter. But for me, I'd far rather lie in a sling, seeing all the guys using me and the guys watching. Maybe I'm just a very visual person, but the turn on comes from seeing their face as they fuck me/cum inside me. Spitting in my mouth. The occasional rough slap. I don't get any of that in a darkroom, at least not to the same extent. Plus, I can use the visuals for later wanking/lesser fucks. Thoughts?
  11. I'm currently living in the north east and I'm a touch underwhelmed by the gay sex scene. There are the 2 saunas in NCL that I know of (Number 52 and Base) and they're alright but only if you go at the right times. Outside of weekend afternoons, they're a little lacking in numbers. I wondered whether anyone knew of any sex parties, organised orgies/gangbangs or sex clubs in the north east??
  12. The idea of bareback sex has always been hot to me (why wouldn't it have been??), but I always had anxiety about the risks. Since going on PrEP in August this year, I've come to realise that addiction to BB is genuine. This past weekend I was in Manchester for New Year and spent a good portion of my time at Basement. Anyone familiar with the sauna scene in the UK will know the Basement well, I imagine. The main event was after midnight on NYE, and the place was packed, all shapes and sizes of men and cocks. As I walked in, I was chatting to a gorgeous guy in front of me in the queue so, naturally, we fucked around as soon as we got in, fucking each other, with him shooting inside of me. We decided it might be fun to set me up in the sling room and the instant I lay down, about a dozen guys made their way into the room, each taking his turn on my arse, several of them releasing their loads inside of me as I lay back and and sniffed poppers, encouraging them to cum inside of me, (not that they truly needed any encouragement). The gorgeous guy would occasionally fuck me in between the strangers. That feeling of being used was nothing less than euphoric. I suppose the point of my anecdote is that I'm back in my home city and am already craving the sling. I'm tempted to take another visit next weekend and just lay there all afternoon until my arse is leaking the loads of a dozen or more men. In the past I read bareback sex was addictive, and I remember dismissing such claims as an obvious exaggeration. Today, however, I'd say I'm definitely feeling withdrawal symptoms. Anybody else remember the start of his addiction to bareback sex. Oh, and by the way, anyone in the Manchester area should hit me up. I'm there frequently.

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