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    Sucking cocks , sperm swallow,used condoms, cleanup creampie male/female.
    i hate wasting sperm
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    At age 8 my neighbour ,60 ish, used me for 5 years and made me a slut, loved it !! i only rejected kissing.
    Now for 8 years i told my fetish for sperm to my wife and she loved it. So now she is my spermcollector at swingersclubs,gloryhole and ABS
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    Sucking old daddys with big hairy belly, used condoms

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  1. Is it possible that Covid19 mutates with HIV and we get an airborne HIV new virus?
  2. I remember the first time i went to a ABS and saw the first gaymovie at age 16. (slut that i was) I saw all those daddys en grandpas stroking their dicks and was horny ass hell. In the first i was nervous to pull my dick out and mastubate , but i had to. And i came and it was abnormal what i shot, i kept cumming , i had a little papertowel and that was not enough, my shirt , pants were soaked. I was a little in panic and thougt is this not stopping? How do i go home with those wet stains? Still have a huge load but never as then.
  3. I prefer clean cocks but i`m not picky. Last week in a gaycinema i sucked an old mans cock, He had a small cock , uncut, smegma, piss and sweaty smell. But i take any cock if i get my reward so after a few licks he was clean and i sucked him off , after 2 minutes he unloads. The rest of the day i had his scent on my upperlip. Love to be a cocksuckingslut
  4. Same here, i`m to tight. So jealous on those loose assholes. i tried for years to stretch my hole but even with the narrowst buttplug it hearts so much after a minute. Although recently in a booth at a abs a scruffy old trucker type entered and was so dominant/ He undressed me and kissed me heavy, i dont like that but he pushed me in a sub role so i accepted my position. He had a thin long cock, he bends me, licks my asshole and then i feel his cock against my ass. i asked are you gonna fuck me bare? Yes offcourse he said. Wow it fits. I had a bare cock fucking me. It
  5. Sucking cock for 35 years, easily 100 a year. So that makes 3500 cocks. Dont know if there are doubles or triples lol
  6. I`ll suck any cock also the little one shoot sperm. No problem some men are picky I`ll take the leftovers.
  7. Not realy hard like crunchy but a gel. Like the innerside of a jelly bean and in size the head of a matchstick
  8. Like sucking cocks ,small, big,white,black,old young.little,big,cut,uncut,hairy,smelly, I want the batter !!! What I dislike is that some sperm has hard pieces. WTF is that????
  9. Molested??? For the dutch law , yes. For me no. I enjoyed every moment. At age 8 we moved in a small village and my neighbor , a farmer, asked me to help on his field and glasshouses. Driving with him on his tractor he started to touch me. First over my clothes but in the couple of weeks he grabbed my litlle boydick. Then started to suck me and masturbate himself. I watched him cum in his handkerchief. I was fasinated. At a moment his cock was so close to me that I touched it and he ejaculated over my hand. So special. In the next years I became his slut and it felt s
  10. i was 8, my neighbour in his 60`s introduced me with cocksucking first some playing and kisses on his cock and later sucking. It didnt harmed me i liked it only i hated kissing (still do). So for me 8 was good. Still misses his cock and attention.?
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